X-rays on Chad Clifton's ankle are negative

A lot of times, we hear that x-rays are negative on Sunday, only to reveal more negative consequences on Monday.

But for now, Packers fans can breathe a sigh of relief that x-rays on left tackle Chad Clifton’s ankle came up negative after Sunday’s loss to the Packers.

Of course, that doesn’t guarantee Clifton will be ready to play next week.  And even he does, it’s worth noting that Bengals defensive end Antwan Odom didn’t get all of his five sacks against Clifton’s backup Daryn Colledge. 

We think Odom had two sacks before Clifton left, although we’ll let the commenters let us know if we’re wrong.

No matter what Clifton’s status is next week, the failure of Green Bay to keep Aaron Rodgers upright is shaping up to be the Packers’ biggest problem to open the 2009 season.

18 responses to “X-rays on Chad Clifton's ankle are negative

  1. “No matter what Clifton’s status is next week, the failure of Green Bay to keep Aaron Rodgers upright is shaping up to be the Packers’ biggest problem to open the 2009 season.”
    How about…lack of a consistent running game or complete absence thereof a player worthy of being termed a “running back”?
    Oh yeah, and “coaching staff with enough mental fortitude to trust players of the offensive line variety to play effectively the position they initially were selected as”. Colledge is a tackle. Leave him at that position and quit trying to make him a guard. Barbre is a guard. Leave him at that position and quit trying to make him a tackle. Anyone else see this as trying to fit a square peg into a round hole? This isn’t rocket science, guys.
    As a team fan, I’ll gladly take a loss if it exposes these deficiencies on an embarassingly national stage. Ted, I like ya, but you’re starting to run out of excuses, and are draggiing a good coach down with you.

  2. “But for now, Packers fans can breathe a sigh of relief that x-rays on left tackle Chad Clifton’s ankle came up negative after Sunday’s loss to the Packers.”
    Yeah, the Packers pretty much did beat themselves

  3. The Pack is back… to the bottom third of the standings! I’m sooooo impressed with the Packers. That offence will light you up, and that defence — THE DOM CAPERS 3-4 DEFENCE THAT WILL MAKE YOU SHAKE IN YOUR BOOTS!!! — will stonewall you, just like all the know-nothing “experts” in the media predicted it.

  4. “uwgbphoenixphan says:
    Yeah, the Packers pretty much did beat themselves””
    Don’t they do that pretty much all the time anyway?

  5. uwgb:
    The next time a packer fans gives another team credit for a victory…..will be the 1st time. EVER.
    Get over it, your team is not that good this year.

  6. Hydra, Glad to see you are taking the loss so well.
    What I’ve seen in the 1st 2 weeks is a below average Packers team. Vasher doesn’t stumble on his civerage and the Safety doesn’r misread the play and your team is 0-2! Paint it any way you want it, the pack just isn’t very good.The O- line is nothing, how do you give up 5 sacks to 1 guy?! This is a Bengals team that was befuddled by the Broncos for Pete’s sake!! I don’t need to be in the leauge to know when a team is not that good. I’m not in “hey der Minnesota either asshat, I’m in Wisconsin, and I’m loving all the crying going on here. Weren’t you the one that siad the Pack wouldn’t be tested until after the bye week? YOU THINK YOU KNOW, BUT YOU DON’T KNOW!! Typical Packer fan idiot is all you are.

  7. Chickenfat,
    You don’t know. that’s the whole point. This season will not have an identity until week 12. Ten is 0-2 and so is Carolina! Cincy may be a playoff team. YOU don’t know. Chicago got beat by the champs and we beat Chicago. See what i mean? You hide behind your computer and call me a idiot if you want. You don’t strike me as the type with the balls to do it to my face. What youve seen as a below average packer team is your opinion and it doesnt matter because all you are is a siteclown. You have no credentials and your opinion means squat.

  8. Chickenfoot-
    The “clown” is right in that there is no way we can tell who is good and who isnt at this point. Teams you beat winning against other teams holds no water. I don’t know about week 12 but by week 8 we will know who the contenders for playoff spots are. That was a poorly played game by Green Bay but I thought Cincinatti was damn tough. At least they were yesterday.

  9. Also,
    Driver and jennings don’t drop td passes in your example (bear game) and Green Bay blows them out. Cant use ifs like you said.

  10. Hydra: Don’t come back with garbage. You were the idiot on here 2 weeks ago proclaiming 12-4 for the Pack. Not getting tested until the bye week, and now you want to take a wait and see approach? Bottom line, if the pack is soooo good, they should not be losing to teams that they are supposed to beat. Cincy was what 9.5 dogs to GB?
    Super you want to call them tough? Yikes, whatever makes you feel better about it I guess.
    Hydra, are you actually going to try to argue that the Packers are above average? You strike me as the type that would, just because of all the inane garbage you post on here. There is no way with that 0-line you can expect playoff football in GB.
    It;s like a freaking jailbreak every pass play. Here’s a bit of news for ya, “technique issues” is coachspeak for i have no clue why. Clifton is having “technique issues”? My ass.
    What are you going to do if they lose to the Rams? I actually give the Rams a figjting chance after that debacle yesterday. By the way Hydra, the Packers sucking isn’t opinion, it’s fact. As for balls in your face, I’m not that kind of a guy, if you are tho, that’s ok.

  11. Green Bay will be just fine once they correct the pass protection. I was referring to you calling me a idiot to my face. I dont want your ballz in my face. TheHydra is straight.

  12. How long does it take to correct that? Barbie did all right and the other side of the line implodes.
    Face it, it’s going to be a long year in GB this year.
    What is that line going to do with Allen and the Williams wall if they can’t stop a journeyman like Odom? Karen has to quaking in his boots at the thought of that. The Hydra is straight? Are you sure? You were sure the Pack wouldn’t be tested until after the bye too.

  13. First off, you better expect the Viking idiot fan base would come out in full force after that effort. Just ignore them, their season has yet implode and when it does, it will be on scale unseen since 1998 (talk about choking).
    The offensive line is in deep do do. I tend to blame it on the coaching, they can’t seem to ever get it right while the Bengals start two rookies and run for 150 yards, you figure out the reason why.

  14. Can you please keep yourself and your ridiculous evaluations that come right out of your cinnamon swirl on the Viking threads Chickenhead?

  15. Jimmy you keep predicting that implosion and train wreck. The only implosion I’ve seen is fro your offensive line. How many times are you going to comeback on here and get made an ass out of, before you just give it up? You are a freaking joke on this site, you do know that don’t you? As for you Hydra. I wasn’t the 1 predicting 12- 4 for my team, and not getting tested until after the bye week, was I? How did this juggernaut lose to the Bengals?
    I have never predicted 16-0, never. If that poor o – line is supposed to be corrected in a week, shouldn’t they have not given up 5, count em 5 sacks to 1 guy? As for the trophies comment, that is a sure sifn of a Packer fan losing an argument horribly. Must we, when the Packers suck like now, always have to hop in the way back machine,Sherman? Dude, i thought you said you were straight. For a straight guy, you sure spend an inordinate amount of time talking about my cinnamon swirl. That actually scares me.
    Why is it you want me off the packer threads, tired of losing all your battles with me? Yes, slapnuts, i am going to continue calling you names, it amuses me and irritates you. Why stop? Sorry poopypants, I have work to do. I’m sure your reply will be stunning, just please, leave my choclate starfish out of it, it hasn’t done anything to you, and I certainly don’t want you trying to do anything to it. Must be a california thing huh?

  16. NO. Your “chocolate starfish” is for your own pleasure I am sure. I just think you pull your posts from there and you must pull them from said starfish after it has been jackhammered by some Minnesota queer cuz your spelling and overall punctuation is usually a trainwreck. Along with your “knowledge”

  17. shadowGM, I think you should re-examine your belief that Thompson is “dragging a good coach down with (him).” McCarthy isn’t showing me much. His teams are heavily penalized year after year, and it’s not from being mean SOBs, it’s from stupid mental mistakes over and over again. He is the one who should be eliminating that but he doesn’t. He keeps trying for long pass plays when it’s clear that the O line can’t protect the QB long enough for the plays to develop. He hired a D co-ordinator (Sanders) who wasn’t ready for the job, then allowed the defensive staff last year to bicker with themselves, and finally “solved the problem” by firing most of them. He keeps saying that various problems will be “cleaned up” but they never are. I don’t know if either Thompson or McCarthy will be left standing next year if this team goes into the tank again, but I actually would shed fewer tears over losing McCarthy than Thompson. Teams generally are reflections of their coach. McCarthy should be seeing fugly right now when he looks in the mirror.

  18. Chickenfoot – Odom got three of those sacks when Colledge moved out to tackle when Clifton went down. One loss isn’t a big deal, it pisses me off that it happened but it’s not anything to get too worked up over…When Raji actually plays it will be a big boost to the defense, he will be able to rotate through all positions and give breathers to Jolly, Jenkins and Pickett which will make the defensive line play more effective late in games. Receivers are uncharacteristically dropping balls, that ship will be righted. Bottom line is the Bengals outplayed Green Bay on Sunday. Too early in the season to push the panic button.

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