Bucs defense in disarray: Phillips hurt, Adams slumping

The Bucs wanted to play Jermaine Phillips at linebacker this year, but they had to move him back to safety when Tanard Jackson was suspended four games to open the season.

Now they won’t have Phillips at all, as the eight-year veteran is expected to miss 6-8 weeks with a broken thumbm according to the St. Petersburg Times.

Tampa’s defense has given up a lot of big plays in the first two weeks, and this injury won’t help matters. Also not helping: the lack of a pass rush from the man taken three spots ahead of Adrian Peterson in the 2007 draft: Gaines Adams.

Bucs coach Raheem Morris was highly critical of Adams in comments Monday, and alluded to possible lineup changes if Adams doesn’t improve. 

“We have to hold [Adams] accountable, and it is tough right now,” Morris said.  “He is not
getting it done. There are no excuses. There are no explanations.
Gaines is not getting it done right now.”

Morris thought Adams wasn’t giving the same effort as he did to start last year.

“I don’t see that same fire. I don’t see him playing the same speed as
how hard he played last year. We got to get that back. We got to get
that back from him. If we don’t get that back it is going to be a long
season for Gaines, and us.”

A nation of Bucs fans just silently nodded their heads. 

19 responses to “Bucs defense in disarray: Phillips hurt, Adams slumping

  1. Derrick Harvey sucks too. Another high round “pass rusher” that can’t even get close enough to the quarterback to tell what number he wears. And Harvey was a big holdout for zero, zilch, nada in performance. At least Tampa hasn’t had 6 years and counting first round busts straight like Jax.

  2. Jesus, another modern day NFL p*ssy. A broken thumb and he’s out for 6-8 weeks?? Can’t he put it in a cast or chop the thing off? What a p&ssy.

  3. People who call out typo’s when it’s clear you know what the author meant are stick-up-the-ass-d-bags….

  4. “to miss 6-8 weeks with a broken thumbm”
    I know in the NFL world no cares the least about spelling, but if you are paid to be a professional writer you should at least take 10 seconds to run these short posts through some sort of a spell checker. Its like a NFL player not wanting to do the little things, like a QB not following through with a play fake.
    This site has become particularly bad with roughly one thousand posts a day.

  5. rickyr:
    The Bucs play up huge in Honduras man… that’s technically a nation. And I heard there’s a sizeable faction in the country of Chad from a buddy who is a stat tracker for DirecTV and their NFL ticket viewers.
    Don’t doubt the Bucs masses! LMAO.

  6. Jack in the Jack,
    Tampa has a VERYYYYY long history of 1st round busts. J-Ville has a ways to go to catch up.

  7. This franchise is being run into the ground on purpose.
    Smells like a move to L.A.
    Los Angeles Buccaneers????
    Sounds good.

  8. Gains your on really thin ice, The Bucs are like dolphins buts when it comes to money ( water tight) and you haven’t had a solid season yet 3 years and counting your gonna find your self on the unemployment line soon. and judging by your interviews i think its safe to say you wont be going to where all the good buccaneers go ( ESPN)
    more like the CFL or UFL step your game up son get pissed off and do something.. to think we could have had AP and passed on him for you..lol

  9. did his thumb just break or did it break off and get lodged in his ass? soon the whole secondary will be out 8 weeks.

  10. Dollar corn wants Gruden back and they know that was the biggest mistake they have made. Recently. You know he wants to come back, he knows you want him back, a lover scorned or what? Ship is sinking in TB.

  11. UFL rules the NFL,
    If anyone is going to L.A. it will be the Jags. The Glazers care too much about their stake in Man U. to bother with sending the Bucs to L.A. and lose out on all the money the spent in renovations to One Buc Place.

  12. I hear Sapp, Lynch, and Brooks are still available. Can’t be any worse than the jabronies back there now.

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