Cowboys might be rethinking the decision to pass on Ray Lewis

As Jerry Jones processes the reality that the Cowboys not only lost the last official game at Texas Stadium but also dropped the first one at the North Texas Football Cathedral, there’s one thing that might get his mind off last night’s defeat.

Sort of.

If Jones sees highlights of the Ravens-Chargers game, featuring a Baltimore team that Jones had hand-picked in 2008 to close out the old venue like a cream puff from the glass case at Schnitzer’s, Jones will realize that he should have forked over the money necessary to lure Ray Lewis to town.

Though there was no one key situation in Sunday night’s game similar to the moment at which Lewis rocked the NFL by zooming through a gap in the line and blasting one of the most elusive tailbacks in the league on a decisive fourth-and-2 play, it’s hard not to think that Lewis could have, and probably would have, single-handedly made the difference between the 33 points scored by the Giants and the 31 scored by the Cowboys.

Lewis, who was an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career after the 2008 season, supposedly wanted to play for the Cowboys.  But the Cowboys weren’t interested, the Jets and former Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan weren’t interested, and so Lewis ultimately stayed in Baltimore.

Of course, the impediment might have been that Lewis wanted way too much money at first, and that he then tucked tail and accepted the best deal from Baltimore after the other offers dried up.

Still, yesterday’s performance against the Chargers shows that Lewis deserved whatever he wanted.  And if his highlight reel when he was on the market had included that final play against San Diego, Lewis would have gotten it.

And the Cowboys might be wishing they had given it to him.

48 responses to “Cowboys might be rethinking the decision to pass on Ray Lewis

  1. Ray Lewis wanted to use the Cowboys to leverage more money out of the Ravens. The Cowboys were smart enough to not play the game. Lewis was going nowhere.

  2. simply the best MLB to play the game. sorry cowboy fans the karma was for him to retire as a Raven. Once again JJ shows just how little he knows about football. Your team is doomed to suck as long as he is the GM. Meanwhile, Ray is Ray. His passion for the game is unmatched. His football IQ is unmatched. He is the best MLB to play the game that I have now been watching for over 40 years.
    Cue the murder comments…. It’s all you can say about him.

  3. Are you high already this morning?
    Dallas stopped the Giants rushing game just fine.
    Lewis would have made no difference, since it was Romo that threw the picks and the Giants that lucked out with the 3, yes THREE lucky bounces/tips to their players.
    Giants suck, and this just showed it. Dallas will have no problem handling them later in the year, and everyone knows that NY is vulnerable.
    But what could be expected from a noted Cowboy hater like yourself. How’s that support for the only blatant RACIST team going? Still think they are Superbowl bound?

  4. You gotta calm down Florio. That hole in the Chargers line was so big and wide open that Jerry Lewis could of tackled Sproles.

  5. Actually…..I kind of agree with Jones in not overpaying for Lewis.(WTF is wrong with me?) All of Baltimore is happy until theyre stuck with a fat contract for a player with no trade value in a couple years. NewsFlash:People grow older not younger, And Ray is 34 years old with 14 years of experience. For once Jerry kept his money in his pocket instead of going Pac-Man on everyone and it will more likely than not pay off in the long run.
    BTW….Congrats Jerry on the Christening of the new Mosque. May you and your franchise have many more in the years to come…..FAIL.

  6. Jerry Jones might have thought that if he hadn’t remembered Nov 16, 2008 when the Giants shut down the Ravens defense.

  7. Forget about Ray Lewis. After yesturday’s performance I’m sure Jerry Jones is rethinking his decision to pass on anyone not named Tony Romo. Worst QB in the NFC East.

  8. Oh, how great is it that those bastards lost in that glorious symbol of excess? $1.15 billion dollars later, 105,121 people got to see the Cowboys lose. How does that feel, Jerry?
    Almost makes the Eagles’ self-destruction in the 2nd half of yesterday’s game palatable…almost.

  9. “Rocked the NFL?” Mr. Florio, you’re entirely too impressed by Ray Lewis’s unremarkable ability to make a tackle when completely unblocked on a run up the gut. He made an adequate play at a fortunate time; it was more a San Diego blunder than anything else.

  10. Run defense is not a concern for the Cowboys. They proved that much when they stuffed the supposed elite running game of the Giants. No defense can overcome 4 turnovers and multiple lucky bounces. What is a problem is Garrett’s playcalling. Romo’s having a bad game, why do you force the pass when you have perhaps the best running game in the NFL running all over one of the worst run defenses in the NFL? Cowboys could have hung 300+ rushing yards on them if they’d stuck with it.
    Flukey game. The real story here is that Romo had a bad game, the Giants got every lucky bounce, they were +4 in turnovers and still struggled to win the game. They are who I thought they were.

  11. Hopefully Vox Veritas is nowhere to be found today, and will shut his dumb ass mouth for awhile. Doubtful, but you never know.

  12. Hey Jerry thanks for the nice game last night
    I do wonder how the party was afterwards
    Nothing better then seeing JJ as the clocked ticked down to one
    Must have been one hell of a party in big D
    They set the record for the most pissed off fans sitting in traffic after the game last night
    JJ hire a GM and stay out of the team or better yet keep putting your hands in its worked well so far
    The record book for the house that Jerry Built
    First points scored NYG
    First defence points scored NYG
    First Turn over Dallas
    First Win NYG
    Now romo is choking in Sept getting a head start on the season

  13. “Hopefully Vox Veritas is blah blah blah”
    You bitches bitch when I post, bitch when I don’t post. That’s how I know that you’re just bitches.

  14. I’m confused how Ray Lewis could have helped a defense that gave up 97 yards on the ground and 330 yards in the air. As I watched the game, I thougt I noticed the Giants being mostly average rushing the ball and were outstanding moving the ball through the air. Good thing I don’t have a website because I might suggest the Cowboys improve their pass rush or coverage vs. getting a run stuffer. I’ll be sure to keep reading Florio so I can keep learning what is important in a football game. Oh, one more thing, would the price of Ray Lewis do anything to the salary cap of the Cowboys when they have Demarcus Ware to sign?

  15. You’re a moron! Lewis never wanted to play for the Cowboys. In his own words:
    : Were they just rumors when there was talk about you wanting to play for the Cowboys and the Jets?
    (LEWIS) “I would call everything that was out there a rumor, if I’m sitting here, just being realistic. Like I said, if there was some substance, then there would have been something done. I would’ve [taken] a trip. I would’ve flirted some different type of ways. But there wasn’t. And that’s just how flat it was. To be brutally honest, I had more contact with my organization than I had with anybody. Ozzie will tell you. I told him, ‘Ya’ll deal with it, and we’ll figure it out.’ Steve – me and him talked the same way. We’ll get it. We’ll get it. Whatever it is – and that’s always been my stance. So when you hear all of these rumors, just like me and my kids sitting there and then my daughter, she’s so freakin’ smart, Diamond – she says, ‘Dad, how is everyone speaking for you when you’re right here?’ ‘Hey, that’s the media.’

  16. Not sure if anyone should have paid Ray his money, but the reality is….he is an incredible football player.
    Unless you are a Raven fan, you won’t really understand what Florio is trying to say. Ray makes the other 10 guys better….he demands perfection and the rest of the team plays harder because of it….bottom line

  17. To Vox and others:
    It’s not only what RayRay does on the field physically, like blowing up Sproles, it’s what he brings to the rest of the team.
    The leadership, the desire to win, the passion and the willpower.
    This is exactly what the Cowboys need, because they definitely don’t have it.

  18. Its amazing how everyone is riding Ray Lewis for making that 4th and 2 tackle at the end of the game. It doesn’t take an all pro to wrap up a tiny man in the backfield when you are not being blocked while running through a large gap in the line. In fact, if he did miss that tackle, everyone would be talking about how he has lost a step. I rather focus on the 12 tackles overall (10 solo’s including 3 TFL’s). With that being said, we all saw how Ray Lewis was overmatched in last year’s Raven’s Giants game. So put down the cool-aid florio.

  19. Fact is the Cowboys lost. I dont care why or how.
    Oh yeah – and 4650 days since they won a playof game!!! But hey, they have a nice stadium……oh yeah, so do the Pittsburgh Pirates.

  20. VoxVeritas says: “They are who I thought they were.”
    And Dallas is who we all know THEY are – choke artists that can’t win the big game. Absolute failure in spite of the refs clearly being in the tank for Dallas. Thank God for instant replay or that game would have been stolen outright. BTW – you assholes paid WHAT for Roy Williams??? You got rid of TO for that? Roy sure did make Mario Manningham look like a real bargain last night. Nothing sweeter than watching your idol, Jerry, having his big day ruined by NY – AGAIN! Say it loud and proud Vox, first home game in the new stadium won by the NY Giants. All of Jerry’s money can’t erase that stain. It’s permanent. If NY loses every single game from this point on, it still was a pleasure to watch the disgust and pain on Jerrah’s botoxed face. So, where do you think Wade will be working next year? I can’t believe that Jerry will ever forgive him for last night.

  21. @doublestuffflorios & Lucky5927
    well said on Ray Lewis. Glad to see some people aren’t buying into the hype of a guy who’s career has been made by the credit-less people in front of him and the system he plays in. As for the story on Romo, he should take some of the blame, but he doesn’t play in that awful secondary that continually gives up big plays and allowed Eli to look like Peyton. Let’s not forget holding the coaches accountable for terrible playcalling on both sides of the ball.

  22. ppdoc13 says:
    September 21, 2009 8:30 AM
    Cue the murder comments…. It’s all you can say about him.
    Lololol- ALL we can say about him is that two of his friends, in his presence, brutally murdered two other men, followed by Lewis lying to the police to cover it up. Yup, that’s ALL we can say about him.
    Geez, we make is sound so terrible. lolololololo

  23. How brave of you to open your yap AFTER the dust settles, east96st. That’s ok, it was pure luck that gave the Giants the win and the best part of that is that you know it as well as I do.

  24. “The leadership, the desire to win, the passion and the willpower. ”
    That didn’t matter all that much when the Ravens went 6-10 or 5-11 in that creampuff division, did it? Let’s face it, half of their division doesn’t even belong in the NFL. I’m talking to you, Ohio.

  25. cantgetenough,
    i guess your still a little upset that the Ravens D shut down the Giants in the Super Bowl, sorry if they spoiled it. That was the biggest spanking in super bowl history. hahahahahaha

  26. VoxVeritas says: “How brave of you to open your yap AFTER the dust settles, east96st.”
    At least, I’m HERE when the dust settles. You have an uncanny knack of going missing for about a month after season ends. I know, I know, it’s when your “vacation” is. You’re not really hiding, you’re just enjoying the beach. BTW – feel free to look back at my old posts. I said Dallas was a dangerous team that I felt could be very successful if they relied on their run game and short passes. As for luck, yeah, over three hundred yards passing is strictly luck. Driving down the field against Dallas’ D with time running out, a phantom holding call is made, and the largest crowd in history screaming at the top of their lungs and still getting it done – all luck. Poor Vox. If it wasn’t for bad luck, I guess Dallas would have won the past four Super Bowls, right?

  27. VoxVeritas says:
    September 21, 2009 10:18 AM
    How brave of you to open your yap AFTER the dust settles, east96st. That’s ok, it was pure luck that gave the Giants the win and the best part of that is that you know it as well as I do.
    poor defense, poor playcalling, and 3 interceptions is pure luck?

  28. # slutnuts says: September 21, 2009 9:27 AM
    airline guy: help me understand how the giants are RACIST?
    First, get your “name” off your chin. Second, visit the site more often so you know what is going on. Third, learn to use all the words I write…sort of a context clues type of situation.
    You are clueless, so leave the posting to the big boys that know what is going on Slutnut.

  29. It’s funny to hear all these cowboys fans talk about how “lucky” the giants were to win and how they are vulnerable. You must not have watched the game because the Giants were moving the ball all day on Dallas, the only thing stopping them was Kevin Gilbride’s red zone play calling. Oh by the way the Giants were also missing two starting corners, Chris Canty and both safeties were banged up! Keep talking Cowboys fans, let’s face facts here…you aren’t going anywhere with Tony Romo!

  30. Sorry Vox, it’s hard to argue your way out of this one. Cowboys shutdown the run but the giants beat them with the pass.

  31. “pure luck that gave the Giants the win”
    That or Eli Manning torching Dallas’ pitiful secondary for 330 yards and 2 TDs with no-name receivers…
    Or Golden boy Romo throwing 3 picks, the clutch player that he is…
    Or that Dallas had zero sacks for the second game this season… Did Ware even play?
    Thanks to Jerry for inviting 105k people to see the Giants beat his Cowboys on his biggest stage!

  32. well, i didnt see the cowboys game so idk if Ray would’ve helped them last night, however, when you have a 10x pro bowler/2x defensive player of the year on your defense, it obviously makes it better. And about Ray’s stop in the final seconds of the game… if some of these ppl commenting knew ANYTHING about football then they would’nt be saying “oh, anyone could’ve brought him down in the backfield if they had a clean shot”… it’s not about the tackle(eventhough it WAS a beautiful hit), it’s about his preparation. He read that play from the time they broke the huddle to the time Sproles was laid on his a$$. That’s what makes him and Reed(in particular) GREAT players… and that’s why he’s getting praises this Monday morning .

  33. Having Lewis would probably help, but there are a lot of players you could say that about. Overall, the Cowboys line did just fine last night (apart from the terrible, porous job on the Giants’ final drive, when they were probably worn out).
    What killed the Cowboys on defense, in my opinion, was their secondary. Huge, gaping holes and lots of deep pass completions by the Giants. It kept happening all night, and it’s been happening for years. It’s the one glaring, killer Achilles heel in the Cowboys defense, and has been for years. Time and again it bailed out Giants drives that were set to sputter out.
    Some of it is probably less-then-stellar play by individual players. And maybe the blitzing isn’t working well enough (Eli didn’t feel much pressure last night). But after this long, it has to come squarely down on the shoulders of coaching. The schemes, the positions, the lack of appropriate gap-filling and backups–it’s just a mess. Whatever this damned zone nonsense the Cowboys have been running for years, it simply isn’t working. Every good passing team they play exposes it.

  34. Funny how every week there’s another PLAYER talking about how they idolize Ray Lewis and try and study how he plays the game…
    Funny how it seems 99% of all players and coaches consider Ray Lewis to be one of the GREATEST MLB’s of ALL TIME…
    Funny how because Ray Lewis didn’t have a career day against the Giants last year proves that he is not as good as people think…
    Funny how a guy sitting in front of a laptop can ignore everything the people who actually PLAY THE GAME say about the man…

  35. “…it’s hard not to think that Lewis could have, and probably would have, single-handedly…”
    Florio- you really have to make a new category, or change this one to “Latest News, Romors and Speculation Designed to Gain Web Hits”
    And I agree with the multiple posters here, the Giants run game was not stellar, it was not what did the Cowboys in. The Cowboys did not need Ray, they could have used some corners that were not toasted or pass rusher who took the game over.

  36. It’s hilarious to hear some of your morons talk about how the Gina’s weren’t lucky and then to talk about Romo’s INT’s.
    Yeah, the ball that bounces off Wittens foot and sticks to the defender wasn’t lucky at all…it was all because Tony sucks.
    Keep laughing. Dallas will be in the playoffs and the Gina’s won’t.
    PS neither will Florio’s pick…the SKINS

  37. Dick Winniberg says: “i guess your still a little upset that the Ravens D shut down the Giants in the Super Bowl, sorry if they spoiled it. That was the biggest spanking in super bowl history. hahahahahaha”
    Wow, going a little far back aren’t we? Should I be taunting Buffalo fans over Norwood’s missed field goal in Super Bowl XXV? It’s 2009, Dick! BTW – the biggest “spanking” (dick, sore ass, I see a pattern here with you. hahahaha) would belong to the Niners who won Super Bowl XXIV by 45 points.

  38. Vox,
    I’m no fan of the Giants, but the last drive was pretty impressive. It’s not good for the Giants that they had so much trouble punching it in in the red zone, but it’s far worse that Romo is sitting shmoopy faced on the sidelines watching his team cough up another loss – and it’s only week 2. Usually he doesn’t do that until after Thanksgiving.

  39. Why would you want to play for that joke of a team?
    I guess the knowledge that you’re hands down the best player on the team might have something to do with Ray Lewis wanting to come down there.

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