Favre downplays hand injury

The Vikings’ come-from-behind win over the Lions on Sunday, which featured a 27-3 finish after Minnesota fell into a 10-point hole, included an injury to their starting quarterback.

Brett Favre made his 271st consecutive start, breaking former Vikings defensive end Jim Marshall’s all-time record.  At the finish, however, Favre banged up his hand.

“It’s all right,” Favre said of the injury to his throwing hand, which came one play before Favre threw a short touchdown pass to Percy Harvin.

Coach Brad Childress also reportedly “dismissed” the notion that Favre’s hand was damaged in any way.

Still, given the fines imposed last week for the Jets’ failure to disclose Favre’s arm injury in 2008 and a vow from Childress to list every “mucous membrane” on Favre that might be injured, it’ll be very interesting to see whether Favre’s hand is listed on the this reports that will come in advance of next week’s home opener against the 49ers.

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  1. Using Childress’ vow, Favre should be on the injury report every week.
    Contusion to Favre’s EGO!

  2. Let’s give credit when it’s due:
    Thanks, Mr. Florio for a simple, objective report about Favre. If he acts like a dingbat, have at it, but if not, its nice to just read the news instead.
    What Mangini failed to understand, and what Childress probably does, is that the NFL wants all injuries listed, regardless of a player’s game status. In this case, that should be: Brett Favre – hand – will play.
    Then there’s Dan Hampton’s system, who said the categories should be reduced to three, and should be: squirreling out, wimping out, and pussing out.

  3. Well, I have to admit, this is what we have all been waiting for…let the games begin to see whether or not Favre is the missing link on the Vikings. And it is beginning to appear that he is. Their victory over the Lions was very business-like and Favre (I have to admit) played a very good, steady, mistake-free game. If he can maintain this type of effort throughout a long season, the Vikings just may have what it takes to win it all. The Bears should have beaten the Packers and the Packers appear to be overrated (to date.) Barring injuries, the Vikings could be the elite of the National Conference, not just the North Division.

  4. Stir the pot some more.
    If you watched the end of the game, after Favre’s “injury,” you saw shots of him on the sideline with his hands grasping his jersey above the number (the classic Favre stance). There was no ice nor any bandage on his hand. Love him, hate him, but admit that you don’t start 271 consecutive games in the NFL unless you have a warrior’s mentality (or you’re the Black Knight and “tis but a scratch”).

  5. Favre threw a TD the next play. Not exactly evidence that he’s injured.
    Stupid story. Are you going to claim every player that has a stinger, limps a few steps before walking off discomfort, gets up slowly or just shakes their head after being on the wrong end of a big hit is truly injured, but their team is hiding the real injury? If that’s the case all 32 teams cheat with the status of almost every player on their team.

  6. There is a simple way to settle this stupid injury report once and for all.
    If a player goes to a dr for ANY reason…..sore hand…….hurt foot……coughing too much, he gets listed on the report. If he doesn’t go to the dr, any so called “injury” is just part of the bumps and bruises of football.
    Players have sore legs, neck, hands each and every week, but they are not listed, cause its NOT even potentially serious!

  7. I wonder who’s feeling more pain today, Favre or Green Bays Karen Rodgers ? For the second week in a row Rodgers has been pummeled more times than a Tiger Woods golf ball. I wonder if the Packers are still talking about the great pre-season they had ?

  8. Brett looked good. It will be nice to see how they play against some real competition. Not to take away from their 2 wins….road wins too nonetheless.

  9. His hand isn’t an issue, it was a fingernail, and his hand and nail looked just fine at the post-game press conference. Now we’re reporting on Favre’s hangnail, sheesh. Well, that’s better than reporting on the way all the longhair Pack defender’s manes twisted in the wind as the Bungals repeatedly broke through their lame attempts at tackles Sunday.

  10. Favre is just a dink and dunk artist now. After 2 games he’s 30th in the league in yards per attempt. It’s easy to go 24-27 when you’re just throwing little 3 yard dump offs with the reciever getting you another yard after the catch. You telling me Rosenfels couldn’t have done that? Please.

  11. An objective, non insulting report about one of the greatest players ever. I think our Florio is finally growing up.
    Diva or no diva, how can you not be a fan of this guy!? On the field he’s got no equal…..

  12. There’s no doubt fan-of-four that Rodgers is feeling the greater pain this morning. He’s had the crap beat oput of him for the last 2 weeks however, he’s made every play as QB since assuming the role, such as his predecessor. That would be a good reason for folks to drop the Karin/Erin BS–he’s proven himself to be a warrior despite a woefully inadequate line.
    It is beginning to appear that all they GB hype during preseason was misguided. Same old problems as last year. No consistency, no O-line, weak running game (thanks to that O-Line), pourous defense, and a weak kicker. Seems it’s about time for the TT/MM era to come to a halt.
    Lucky to go 8-8, probably 3rd in the division again and absloutely no chance against the Vikes. I understand the “On any given Sunday” thing but judging fron the first 2 weeks performance it would be an absolute fluke for them to beat any other divisional opponent again other than Detroit and I’m not sure that they don’t end up being the ones to give Dettroit their first victory if they don’t get one prior to playing GB. Gotta put that on the front office and the coaches. Too much talent to be consistently mediocre.

  13. @footballrulz
    One mistake you made……Aaron Rodgers hasn’t proven anything cept that he can take a hit. Kinda reminds me of the record set by David Carr when he was drafted #1 by the Houston Texans. He holds the record for sacks in a season. Where is he now? Oh yea, backup to Eli Manning in NY. Its time that GB realizes that they have nothing but a career backup QB!

  14. # CaptainFantastik says: September 21, 2009 10:32 AM
    Favre is just a dink and dunk artist now. After 2 games he’s 30th in the league in yards per attempt. It’s easy to go 24-27 when you’re just throwing little 3 yard dump offs with the reciever getting you another yard after the catch. You telling me Rosenfels couldn’t have done that? Please.
    I say no, not necessarily. I understand Favre is not lighting it up and winning games with magic throws, but from watching the Brown’s game, he made the easy throws look easy.
    I like Sage more than TJ, but last year I had to hold my breath every pass play. This year not so much.
    At some point, we’re gonna have to throw the down field — then things will get interesting.
    Don’t count GB out yet — its only two weeks. Seems like they have some problems, but things can get fixed as the seasons rolls along.
    Lets get some more data points before we call anyone’s season a bust or boom.

  15. Well, would ya look at who’s 2-0 right now? What, no mention of another solid NFL QBing performance in Brett’s 115 rating yesterday???
    Classic – Favre and Chilly supposedly “downplaying” a hang-nail. The man’s played with broken bones and MCL sprains – you name it, yet he’s now suddenly “downplaying” something as menial as a torn thumb nail???
    Wow, how the mighty are falling.

  16. ‘Scuse me there Twiz–he’s made some very good throws, used his feet, played all last year with a bum shoulder–toughed it out just like Favre would have. He’s an excellent QB, understands the reads, he’s just never had a line in front of him. There are a few QB’s I’d take over Rodgers but I’ll have to say that I’ve thrown a lot less things at the TV over the past 2 years because of the QB’s play than I did the last 2-3 years Favre was here. The Vikes are getting exactly what they should out of Favre right now. Excellent game management. He’s still got a very accurate cannon, one of the best at reading defenses, still fairly mobile for his age–just hope they don’t get behind and he feels like it’s all on his shoulders. It’s a sick feeling to see him throw up a game/season ending pick. Trust me, I know.

  17. “Favre is just a dink and dunk artist now. After 2 games he’s 30th in the league in yards per attempt. It’s easy to go 24-27 when you’re just throwing little 3 yard dump offs with the reciever getting you another yard after the catch.”
    It’s called controlling the clock. I’ll take an 8 minute TD drive over a beautiful 90 yard TD pass ANYTIME you’re not trying to come back from a big deficit.
    Can he still gunsling? Don’t know, thus far, he hasn’t had to. I’m sure we’ll find out eventually.

  18. @ hauschild
    go play in traffic.
    He gripped his hand a couple of times, the camera made sure to capture it, and the NFL just gave out fines for $125k due to injuries he had last year. Wouldn’t you maybe want to be a little proactive in resolving the issue? They went over it to make sure it was clear exactly what was going on. Chilly isn’t real big on the concept of deception for competitive advantage.
    As for the dinking and dunking, why would they do anything else unless they had to? AP gets good yards, harvin looks alot better than expected, and the defense, although not in mid season form, is more than solid enough to do their part.
    You idiots (i.e. hauschild and his ilk) keep comparing favre to how he was in the mid 90’s, the vikes are more talented than the packers so favre has to do less. Less work = less risky passes = fewer interceptions. He is a cog in the machine instead of being the entire machine himself.

  19. I hope everybody understands how truly average Minnesota’s potency on offense is. If you do not understand this, you are missing important aspects and you will be the FIRST ones bashing Favre when things go South.
    Minnesota is a good run-blocking unit, but their pass protection appears to be some of the WORST I’ve seen in 2009. Now, that wouldn’t be so bad if they had receivers that could gain separation and consistently get open, but they have difficulty in these two regards. This spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E down the road if the Vikings face a powerful offense that can put up points and also possess a defense that can shut down Minny’s run.
    Because, at some point, Favre will have to begin to “wing” it to keep the game close. Have you seen his reads the first two games? His downfield receivers are awful – so, who in the HELL is he going to throw it to? Is it reasonable to expect Favre to take sacks when his team is behind? I don’t know – you tell me.
    I keep hearing talking heads talk foolishly about how great Minnesota’s offensive line is and it is a crock of crap! Wake up, people!
    BTW – the administration of this site is really rinky-dink at best, but alas, it’s NBC.

  20. @ Hauschild —
    “This spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E down the road if the Vikings face a powerful offense that can put up points and also possess a defense that can shut down Minny’s run. ”
    Have you seen their schedule? Pittsburg, maybe the Giants–who else? Chicago might give them a good game if they play like they did last night. Again, I realize that have to play the games & on any given sunday yada, yada, yada….but they look to be in pretty damn good shape. I certainly can’t see the Packers giving them a game & remember, I’m a Packer fan. It’s just that my glasses are clear, not rose colored

  21. Look idiots critizing the Vikes Pass defence, yes the Vikings gave up 7 sacks. But if you watched the game instead of the stats on NFL.com you’d realize Brett Favre stands in the pocket too long and thats where most came from. He hasn’t even thrown it away yet. He just takes the sack. Eventually it collapses.

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