Favre has a bent fingernail

The good news is that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre emerged from Sunday’s game with no trauma to his taint.

The bad news is that he has suffered an injury to one of the things with which he might scratch it.

Favre’s hand injury from Sunday is actually a bent fingernail, according to the Associated Press

He injured the nail while throwing a pass late in Sunday’s 27-13 win over the Lions.  Though Favre is expected to miss no time, he now has another potential excuse in the event of a second straight late-season collapse.

Despite generating fairly pedestrian statistics, Favre has been praised for providing a calming influence to the offense, which has been methodically steamrolling substandard foes after slow starts.  In each game, the Vikings trailed at halftime.

66 responses to “Favre has a bent fingernail

  1. Wow Florio, you must have had some pent up vitriol you had to get out today. Suprised even you could take a story that simply should have read “No serious injury to Favre, nothing more to report” and turn it into several paragraphs slagging a 2-0 quarterback. If you’ve watched the games at all, they are a completely different (read: confident) offense under Favre. Stark contrast to last year when you watch every play praying Tavaris or Gus don’t “f” it up.

  2. Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
    Put him on IR! Hey how come the jets got fined for not disclosing favre’s injuries but the chargers didn’t for river’s acl injury for the afc championship game in 08

  3. You need to report the whole story. What really happened was that Favre was kidnapped by Jim Schwarts before the game, who was desperate to finally win one. He threatened to tear out Favre’s fingernails if he didn’t tell them the Vikings playbook for the week. Unfortunately, Brett had no idea what the Vikings plays were, so he had to suffer quite a bit of pain and injury in the fingernail region before Schwartz finally gave up and released him.

  4. @thehydrapart2
    Taint yo balls….taint yo ass. Commonly referred to as a “Nacho” or “Grundle”.

  5. Give it time. He will not be able to hold up after getting bounced around like he has. When does the Vikings season start? Lions-Cleveland….ugh. I wanna watch this team against someone good.

  6. Providing a calming influence? For only $10mm a year? Wow! That’s a good deal. I usually pay more for that stuff.
    Good thing the Vikes didnt need a guy to get the ball downfield reliably.

  7. Geez Florio…why dont you stop b***ching about Favre and the Vikings and report on a newsworthy story. Your biased articles lately have been lame at best. I am sick of your backhanded compliments towards anything the Minnesota Vikings do or say. They have a 2-0 start with no turnovers by Brett himself. Enough said.

  8. Florio, maybe if you spent a little quality time with Favre’s taint, you wouldn’t be so angry at it. It doesn’t have to be candles and a bottle of wine or anything, maybe just a nice long talk, a little cuddling, see where things go from there.

  9. Timeout- broke a nail! Put him in lingerie. Maybe he will be in the SB this year, the halftime show on whatever network has the lingerie bowl.

  10. This has to be the funniest thing I have seen all day. The funniest part of it is that its true.

  11. And what’s your excuse for beating this to death? PMS? Menstrual cramps? Take some Midol and give your taint a rest.

  12. Fairly pedestrian statistics? Thats his role on the team and he has accepted it so give the guy a break. Just like madmike said, he gives confidence to an offense that last season was nervous with each snap T-Jack took. Brett is a game manager now and its exactly what the team needs. What next Florio? You gonna hate on kickers for only being able to score 3 points for each FG?

  13. “Yeah, I got a 5 inch taint.” – Mr Show w/ Bob & David. Look it up on Youtube. Also look for “Wicked Scepter”. Classic.

  14. At least now there can’t be any scandal or fines for non-reporting of a Favre injury. More specifically THIS Favre injury. On the other hand, (pardon the pun), only in the NFL is this classified as an “injury”. My grade school teacher wrapped scotch tape and Kleenex wads around worse and ordered us back outside for more ice fights.
    I have to think the Geez will not make anything of this, even to excuse poor play, Mike. You’re stirring the ash of a single dead match, Florio. “Nothing to see here. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along.”

  15. Thanks Florio for proving me right. I said you would use *ANY* lil thing you could to say something bad about Favre and/or the Vikings. You did exactly that!
    “Though Favre is expected to miss no time, he now has another potential excuse in the event of a second straight late-season collapse.”
    So what are you going to say about Favre/Vikings when they go deep into the playoffs?

  16. If/when Favre leads the Vikes to the Super Bowl, I am going to send in a comment every day that will include the text of each Favre bashing story that has been posted until I run out. At this rate, it might take about 3 months.

  17. Favre must have nailed your wife in college Florio? The guy can’t win with you or most of the other “my life is a failure wannabe’s”. All he has done is what has been asked of him. Those “pedestrian” statistics by the way have him the second rated QB in the league right now….just behind Drew Brees. When he desperately heaves up 4 ints in a game then you will really have something to rip him about. After two weeks you must be really disappointed.
    Favre has never looked for an excuse. Start appreciating the fact that the man plays every single week for 17-18 years. He doesn’t need excuses you bitter old man.

  18. cause no one reports injuries for afccc or nfccc
    favre will milk the bent nail for all it is worth!

  19. kilo….do you even watch football? Put him on IR? Are you an idiot? Try and guess when the last time Favre was on IR.
    I swear you must be that little feminine looking dweeeb that does the videos with Florio.

  20. He’s playing a complete different game with the Vikings then the Packers. Before He had to do all the work, now he gives the work to Peterson… that is why his stats are down from the usual, no other reason.
    I’m sure if he wanted to he still could be having 400 yard games, but then the complaint would be that he had 2 int. So no matter what you’ll have something to bitch about.
    Who has now “another potential excuse”? That would be you!

  21. hahaha trauma to the taint
    ESPN bottom line:
    Chris Mortensen reports Vikings QB Brett Favre is doubtful for Sunday’s game vs. Steelers due to trauma to the taint.

  22. “How does he still get respect in the lockerroom??? HOW???”
    Because an NFL lockerroom is full of a bunch of men that know what it takes to have done and continue to do what he has done. It is not full of a bunch of basement dwelling dicks reading all the hate printed by jealous nobodys.
    But hey Florio will print anything he can get on Favre because he sells. He sells tickets he sells jerseys he sells website hits.

  23. Its people like Kilo that prove the theory that most teams are now scared of what Favre and the Vikings bring to the table!
    Favre is doing **EXACTLY** what he was brought to the team to do. Manage the game. He doesn’t have to throw downfield constantly as he did with GB and the Jets. He can hand off to one of two talented running backs, he can dump the ball to an outstanding TE, he can pass to one of 3 decent WR’s. In other words, he has lots of options, not just a couple.
    I would rather have a QB that has those options instead of throwing the ball constantly and hoping its caught! No need for 3-400 yard games anymore! Interception prone? How many int’s has he had so far? I rest my case…….

    Easy schedule? The Pukers steamrolled in the PRESEASON, got very lucky against the Bears and choked against the Bengals. Next week, the Pukers play St.Louis. Somehow that is tougher than the Niners?
    Look at the schedules before putting foot in mouth.

  25. I just realized what Florio’s problem is with Favre. Favre has had one job for almost 20 years now. Florio couldn’t cut it as an atty, he is quickly proving he can’t handle being a sports reporter/blogger so he rips anyone that has a job longer than he has.
    Anyone got a better reason?

  26. Let’s all keep in mind the Vikings have HORRIBLE receivers and AWFUL pass protection. Therefore, to expect Favre to play QB AND play WR AND play O-line is futile and foolish.
    The Vikes will go however their O-line and WR’s can improve. Favre can work with a bit of sligh ‘o hand, but he, like any mere mortal, cannot pull rabbits out of hats.

  27. Hey Florio…..what sport did YOU play? You have a lot of nads bashing the new Ironman of professional football. Favre will play at least another year after this one….and he may even lead the Vikes to the Super Bowl. Shades of George Blanda….only thing Favre doesn’t do is kick field goals.
    I think Florio should challenge Favre to fight since he feels that Favre possesses anatomical features of the female of the species.

  28. lbpackfan…yeah an easy start for the Vikes..I guess they were lucky they didn’t get the powerhouse Bengals? Jeez, then Favre could have really been banged around like Rodgers did. I think the chances of Rodgers going down soon is probably more likely than Favre’s. Rodgers has had knee, shoulder and foot injuries in the past and the way he’s being chased down I’d worry if I was a Packer Backer. Very worried.

  29. Did anyone, including Florio, read this article or pay attention to the career of Favre at all? Has he ever missed a game due to an injury? Has he been the perfect QB at all time? For all three of those questions, the answer must be no.
    First off, it was Childress who said this probably after getting a report from the medical staff, just like any other player. I am sure if someone has a bruise that is also reported. The only reason Favre was mentioned is because he’s an important player on the team.
    Second, if you have watched Vikings football since 2004, you will notice that they have not had a good QB since Culpepper went down. Favre can see the field very good and he has made good decisions. Do I expect the INTs, Bad Passes, Etc…Of course. That’s what you get with Favre. But the Vikings will not make or not make the playoffs due to Favre. It will be due to a team effort. If the Vikings can make it with Gus/T-Jax, then they should be able to make it with a QB who defenses have to worry about.
    Last, Florio, Are you just hoping that Favre will go down so you can say you were right? Even if you are, no one will care.

  30. Florio has to comment on everything Favre, his site needs the hits so NBC doesn’t pull plug. Favre’s a gold mine to guys like Florio with limited writing skills.

  31. What will be next, damaged beard follicles! Thanks to Favre, I am getting a weekly lesson on the human anatomy!

  32. Though Favre is expected to miss no time, he now has another potential excuse in the event of a second straight late-season collapse.
    Florio, you are starting to sound like a kid in Grade 3 who just discovered what an erection is used for. Give it up already. This shit is getting lame.

  33. If by fairly pedestrian you mean posted the highest completion percentage of his career, ripped off a fat QB rating (Which comes under fire on this site numerous times) and now sits atop of the list for highest completion percentage in the NFL with 77%…just sayin…
    linkz to backz up my statzz lol

  34. This horse was beaten to death a long time ago. It wasn’t funny in the first place. Now it just borders on absurdity. Hey Florio, you are NOT funny. Your pathetic attempts at humor are just that. Stick to engaging in rediculous speculation and random, unsupported, unsubstantiated, uncorroborated conjecture. I love how virtually non of your presumptuous nonsense ever comes true. Whether its Thigpen being run out of KC or Kolb being a roster cut in Philly, your hypothesis/pipe-dream tree never bear’s fruit.

  35. So people are ripping Favre for being a vagina, yet he himself said that it is a Non-issue and not a big deal. BTW, he just set the record for most consecutive starts you imbosols.
    Am I missing something here are are you all just that completely retarded?
    I suppose Florio’s man boner to write anything negative Favre doesn’t help. Speak on florio drones! Maybe you can all live together and your colony would resemble the movie “idiocracy”

  36. “I’m sure if he wanted to he still could be having 400 yard games, but then the complaint would be that he had 2 int. ”
    Your formula is a bit off. In order to get a 400 yard game Brett would now throw 8 interceptions. Possibly 9 with his injured fingernail and all.

  37. I heard Chill-pill actually bit it off, in a moment of sweet hot passion between the two of them…
    Speaking of…
    Funny, but do us all a favor and keep your
    Favre-orite fantasies to yourself.
    You nevermind the nay-sayers, and keep up the Favre-bashing, however “petty” or redundant his apologists and taint-worshippers claim it to be…
    Truth is, most of the free world ENJOYS seeing that wishy-washy primadonna attention-wh0re sell-out get knocked down a couple pegs.

  38. Florio, give it a break. It is not Favre reporting on this stuff it is you. By the way did any QB have as high arating as Favre yesterday. Find another ax to grind. Maybe you are the has been. He is still starting for a potential Super Bowl team. What are you doing?

  39. I seriously considered retirement. I wasn’t sure I had anything left to give. Tears were running down my cheek.
    Bus came by with a nail clipper and snipped it for me. Dr. Andrews just gave me a clean bill of health. So, I figure I’ll just keep loving the game, gun-slinging, and earning $12M while telling you to buy Wrangler jeans. Well, until next week when I contemplate retiring again.

  40. “…# WNYhell says: September 21, 2009 3:56 PM
    “Yeah, I got a 5 inch taint.” – Mr Show w/ Bob & David. Look it up on Youtube. Also look for “Wicked Scepter”. Classic…”
    You need to find a new hobby.
    ..or a shrink.

  41. Hey depack,
    Are you serious? You have to be the dumbest guy in America because you cannot tell when someone is being sarcastic. You must be a high school dropout that works at Burger King.

  42. It’s not about whether any of Florio’s stuff is real, it’s all about the page hits. The more he stuffs us with Favre crap, the more we react…….holy S— !I’m reacting aren’t I?

  43. seeing as how brett seems to know more about what defense the opposition is going to run before the snap than the rest of our guys do after, i’m thrilled to have his poise and leadership in the huddle. all of these idiot reporters can take a hike with their “schisms,” because despite A slow start(adrian’s fumble wasn’t brett’s fault despite the fact that many of you would like it to be), the entire team seems to be locked on a common goal, and appear to be finding a groove.
    what if his body craters 3/4 of the way through? i’m certain tjack and sage are learning every bit as much, if not more, learning from favre as opposed to tjack jump passing or deer in the headlighting his was through tough situations.
    not to mention that chilly would definitely bench brett if it ensured him a better chance of keeping his job.

  44. Lord knows I have no fan of Favre or Chilly but the sheer amount of Bs that you throw at Brent is even over the top for a guy like me.
    Let’s wait till later in season when the Biqueens are facing a little adversity and a team with more talent than the Lions before we start to pick on Brent again.

  45. “Despite generating fairly pedestrian statistics”
    Lets see.
    37 completions versus 48 pass attempts (77% completion %).
    3 TD’s versus ZERO INT’s.
    110.2 passer rating (# 2 in the entire NFL behind Drew Brees).
    Yeah. Right. What does it take to impress you?

  46. Weird, because from every source that doesn’t slam Favre on every pass, it was reported that this was an injury to his non-throwing hand, and does not matter. But of course, this is about what I expect out of this site now, so I shouldn’t be surprised.
    Even though you are basically reporting what other bloggers and news sources post, I still have to GO to those news sources for the full story… pretty annoying.

  47. Er, what? Pedestrian numbers? The Vikings won both games by 14 and were up even more before late scores after the games were out of reach. They are averaging 30.5 points per game which is good even against crappy teams on the road.
    They are a defensive, run out the clock type of team. If required to throw deeper passes they probably can and will. But for now there is no point.
    And bent fingernail is a non story. This guy just set the career consecutive starts record and you are worried about him getting hurt and a fingernail. I know it is “satire” or “comedy” apparently but why even bother equating a bent fingernail to a torn biceps tendon in terms of excuse level.
    He was shaking his hand and in pain after the last pass before they took him out because they were dominating so much. Turned out it was nothing worth mentioning. Florio, it turns out it was nothing worth mentioning.

  48. You act as if he is going around or has a history of going around making excuses. He doesn’t. If Reggie Bush, Tom Brady or any other player are reported as having a minor injury you don’t rip into them as if they are planting an excuse for later. You are an a$$hole Florio plain and simple. Get over yourself.

  49. Florio, why don’t you go spoon with fellow hater Rodney Harrison. It’s too bad that both of you have to try to make names for yourself by trashing Favre. I don’t know you from dirt, so your comments mean nothing to me. Harrison on the other hand trashes Favre for the way he left G.B. and N.Y. If I remember correctly Harrison’s departure from San Diego was far from amiable. Amazing how this juiced up (suspended by league) head hunter/cheap shot artist now has some sort of perceived legitimacy to make comments regarding a first ballot hall of famer that has the ability to control his own destiny and go out on his own terms. Jealousy from a guy that couldn’t do it on his own and had to cheat with roids to be any type of force on the field. Neither one of you could carry Brett Favre’s jock strap. Guess you and Harrison can visit the hall of fame if you buy tickets.

  50. Quick! Somebody report it! Brett Favre has heartburn but he’s on Prilosec OTC. He’s listed as probable for the game vs the 49ers

  51. A nail clipper should fix that up. I’ve had a few of those. Once it’s unfolded and clipped, it’s a done issue.

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