Incidents at Bills' homes highlights player vulnerability

After the lawn of Bills cornerback Leodis McKelvin was vandalized last week, his teammate Kawika Mitchell struck a threatening pose on his Twitter page.

“With all the safety issues in the NFL, it’s not funny at all,” Mitchell wrote (we cleaned up the original 140-character missive for clarity).  “We have family at our homes to protect.  If you show your face on my property, I’ll make sure I do everything to keep my family safe.  It’s my job to protect my home as it is the job of all home owners.  Don’t push the limit.”

Well, as we told you earlier, someone went over that limit in the Western New York hamlet of Hamburg on Sunday.  The home of Bills safety Donte Whitner was robbed of $400,000 worth of jewelry.

Bills players have long had a unique relationship with the fans of Buffalo.  It’s similar to Green Bay, Wisconsin in that the players are seen as part of the community, not entertainment providers.  There is no “love-hate” relationship between the majority of Bills fans and their team.  They seem to love them unconditionally (witness T.O. being given the key to the city when he was signed in March, and no changing of the locks, yet).

But the incident at Whitner’s home just six days after the trashing of McKelvin’s lawn is going to put Bills players on high alert.  And you can assume that, at least for the foreseeable future, it will be difficult for Bills players to pull out of their driveways and drive down the street without wondering if their property is next. 

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  1. Relax Plex has a few extra guns he no longer needs
    $400,000.00 in jewelry they make these new things called safes and security sytems
    Who the hell keeps almost a half a million in jewelry laying around the house ???
    That is a hell of a lot of chains and earings

  2. It’s definitely unfortunate that this sort of thing is happening, but in all seriousness– if you have $400,000 in jewelery in your home, you should have adequate home protection at all times.
    Heck, $400,000 alone could probably buy a very nice home in the Buffalo area. There’s really no reason they shouldn’t live in gated communities with maximum protection.

  3. These people are not PFT caliber. If they were, they would know to make two rights and a left and look for a Dodge Ram. That guy is waiting for someone to show up.

  4. As a Bills fan, this is horsecrap. This is not an indication of all Bills fans. The REAL Bills fans rallied around McKelvin and helped raise money for his charity. Whomever did this hopefully will be caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  5. Lock the door, turn on the alarm, you don’t have an alarm? It was probably well known that he had 4oo large in jewelry, athletes like to brag you know. Kids didn’t pull this off and it had nothing to do with the fact he is a Beefalo william

  6. Maybe instead of investing in guns some of these guys should look into an alarm system…especially if you have $400,000 in your house, that’s apparently not locked in a big safe.

  7. No matter what, win or lose, I always end up being pissed off on a monday as a Buffalonian… What a horrible story.

  8. This was NOT a burglary, it was a larceny. Hamburg Police are on the record saying that the perp was someone who was invited into Whitner’s home.

  9. No wonder 80% of ex-NFL players are bankrupt within a couple of years after retiring. 400 g’s on jewelry? NICE! Have fun slappin’ together pizzas at the local pizza joint in 2015…..

  10. Shocker…a diva WR moves into town and things start to go South!! In SE Asia, they called this “Bad Karma”!

  11. Oh yeah folks, let’s blame the victim here.
    Whether or not he had security is irrelevant. Someone went into a home that was not theirs and took jewelry that was not theirs.
    Pro Athletes are particularly vulnerable as was pointed out after the Sean Taylor shooting. Their salaries are published, people know where they live. This time it was just jewelry taken, it cost Sean Taylor his life.

  12. For the sake of accuracy…
    Hamburg Detecive said the following…
    “At this point we’re calling it a larceny,” he said. “We can’t even call it a burglary because we don’t know the specifics. This might be a person who was invited into the home.”

  13. Bills fans tried to portray the McKelvin vandalism as an isolated incident, but this just shows that the Buffalo area is no longer safe for players. The comissioner should step in and immediately order the team moved to Los Angeles, for the safety of the players!

  14. Did that poster actually refer to himself as a “Buffalonian”????
    No wonder that town sucks.
    Seriously though playuh, lock up the bling would ya? Break-in or inside job, this is avoided if dude lock’s up. And what’s up with a player of his caliber having that much in jewels in the first place? He’s not going to play for long, dude needs an IRA or somethin’.

  15. As typical, morons draw BS conclusions about the Bill’s fans which this had nothing to do with, nice job Florio, you lead these idiots into a frenzy without an edit to the fact that this was not a break-in but a larceny (as in some that was a family of friend of Donte Whitner), correct your mistakes, be responsible.

  16. There are ways you can protect your home when you are not there. Luckily every NFL player makes more than enough money to take advantage of this. For those on the lower end of the pay scale there are these things called alarms, and these other things called safes. The safes protect your valuables while you are not home. The alarms alert security and police when people break in.
    For those that make a lot more money, and therefore have a lot more to protect, there is such a thing as private security that you can hire to watch your home while you are away.
    Thanks to the modern age of technology, there are even MORE ways to protect yourself. You can put cameras in your home to record what happens while you are not there. All sorts of funky ways to help you out. Sure, you may have to buy one less piece of bling, but it is worth it in the long run.
    When you have that much money and don’t even invest in an alarm system to protect your home. Well, I don’t want to say you deserve it, but you won’t get a whole lot of sympathy either.

  17. Well, $400k IS a lot to have laying around. $40k isn’t unusual, and inflating losses to insurance companies to get a big fat claim check isn’t uncommon, either. Not that any NFL player would file a false claim, but it does happen with people of lesser character. A football player might shoot himself in the leg or punch a ho or threaten a police officer, but file an inflated insurance claim? Heaven forbid that 🙂

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