After two dropped touchdowns, Jags dump Nate Hughes

Though two missed field goals might not be enough to get kicker Jeff Reed cut by the Steelers, two dropped touchdown passes were enough to spell doom for Jaguars receiver Nate Hughes.

Per a league source, the Jaguars have cut Hughes.

Hughes, an undrafted free agent who joined the team in 2008, climbed the ladder throughout the offseason, training camp, and the preseason and invaded the receiver rotation.

He failed to secure back-to-back throws in the end zone, at a time when a touchdown plus an extra point would have cut Arizona’s lead to seven points with roughly four-and-a-half minutes to play.

“The first one, the pass hit my arm,” Hughes said. “The second one, I don’t know, I just missed the second one.”  (Actually, the second one hit his helmet, which apparently means that Hughes has been hanging out too much with teammate Troy Williamson.)

Hughes had three catches in two games, for 15 total yards.  He’ll be subject to waivers, so basically he’ll be trading teal for Honolulu Blue.

24 responses to “After two dropped touchdowns, Jags dump Nate Hughes

  1. And here it is. The article that will somehow justify the jags losing to the cards. Florio has been digging all night for something to justify it.
    And this is all he can find. Sure sounds like it was written by someone with an agenda doesn’t it?
    It’s Nate’s fault. He did it. The cards played great, earned their victory, but it’s all Nate’s fault. Too funny.
    Have a good day yesterday florio? The league saw to it for the second week in a row, that those of us in AZ had to watch the pats, cowboys, steelers. But they all lost. And the cards won. And Favre won, Pack lost. This must have florio in a bunch today.

  2. Question to danlinker,
    Why do guys like you, who obviously dislike Florio, spend soooo much time on his website?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Holy Crap danlinker where did you read into this story he was saying that’s why jacksonville lost. Were you there? I was and if the kid catches the ball the Jags are down by 7 with 4:29 to go. That’s all Florio said. He didn’t say the Jags would have won the game. You Cardinal fans have serious inferior complex issues. The fact is those two drops cost the kid an NFL career. I feel bad for him, but it is a business.

  4. WTF danlinker?? I think the article may have been read by someone with an agenda. dude dropped two TDs and got cut. that was the point of the article.

  5. @danlinker- I’m as big a Cardinal honk as the next guy, but to say Florio wrote this blurb with an agenda is one of the dumbest things I have ever read.
    Not to mention, the Cardinals played great? Child please. Kurt played great, everyone else played like crap for the most part.
    There were 9 total fumbles in the game, 5 by us. Beanie with 2, Boldin, Rolle, and Toler with 1 a piece.
    There were the two boneheaded punt return/no returns by Antrel. Leinart was 3/6 for 22 yards in 1 1/4 quarters of football. Not to mention, we almost allowed the Jags to come back into the game.
    We were only 2/9 on third down conversions, T.O.P. was almost equal, 7 penalties, and I’m sure I’ll find more when I watch the game again later today.
    Cardinals played great… Did you even watch the damn game?

  6. Jack, you cut Matt Jones because he was lazy, but he could hold on to the ball.
    You are the next one to go.

  7. I was afraid Nate Hughes would be cut–I was rooting for him too. What a disastrous game for him.
    It was a tough game to watch for Jag fans, to be sure. Clearly, the Jags are rebuilding and are not ready for good teams like Arizona. On the bright side, the team didn’t lay down–they rallied and had either of Garrard perfect passes been caught by Hughes, they would have been down only 7.
    Negatives: the Jag pass rush is even worse than I feared it would be. Troy Williamson is looking like a non factor after a great pre-season, and Nate Hughes had a nightmarish performance (hence the cut). The rushing game wasn’t particularly strong.
    Positives: Despite the 4 sacks, I thought the Jag O-Line did a little better in pass protection this week. The rookie tackles did okay. Lewis (after a slow start) and Sims-Walker had good games. Garrard played pretty well considering the sacks and the receivers dropping passes. The defense played better in the 4th quarter (granted it was against Leinart).
    Suprised me: Leinart does not have an NFL arm. He is a complete bust. The Cardinals were going to put Warner back in the game had the Jags scored at the end.

  8. This guy will probably get signed to help the Browns O… At least he had an opportunity to catch two tds….

  9. I watched it. 31-17.
    The fake “cards fan” response is funny. Transparent, but funny.
    And, I DO have an agenda. To support my team. Same as the rest of you. Problem is, my favorite team gets disrespected harshly on this site. So I try to counter Florio’s veiled attempts to water down their victories. It’s what he doesn’t say or write as much as it is what he does say or write. When you’re busy adoring a darling team, cards fans get disrespected. I suppose if I jumped ship to the Pats or Girls I may get some support.
    Any articles by florio about warner’s excellent performance? I doubt it.
    NFC West champs again, our AZ Cardinals. And I have as much right to say that as any other fan. Deal with it.

  10. Coming to this site to bash on Florio is one of the stupidest things on the planet.
    Yes, bash on a guy who writes an NFL blog for a living.
    Get a life, stop being so pathetic, and *sobs* LEAVE FLORIO ALONE.
    (but seriously, I don’t get the people that come here to talk shit to him – seriously retarded)

  11. $50 says that danlinker punched his wall on both of Kurt Warner’s incomplete passes. Settle down, dude.

  12. Danlinker is dead on with everything he posted at the beginning of the comments.
    Florio does have an agenda. He constantly puts down the teams he doesn’t like, he says only positive things about the teams he likes.
    Read some of his past blogs. He says nothing bad about the Jags, the Redskins, etc yet finds any little tiny thing he can to say something bad about teams/people he doesn’t like. This pertains to the Cards, the Vikings, etc.
    He cannot find it in himself to say one single thing positive about teams he doesnt like. The entire article about Nate Hughes makes it sound as if the Cards would have lost had those catches been made. Granted, the Jags might have had a chance, but the game did NOT hinge on those passes as Florio makes it sound.
    Notice there is not a single decent thing said about the Vikings game yesterday. The ONLY thing Florio and his cohorts could find to say was that Favre hurt his hand and it needs to be listed on the injury report. Nothing about Percy Harvin having a decent game, nothing about Favre being absolutely consistant in what needs to be done for that team. Oh wait, he did post an article about the Vikings “roaring” back in the second half, but even that article bashed the team first and really said nothing else other than the Vikings came back to win.
    Florio’s excuse is that it is a blog, he is not (obviously) a reporter and doesn’t have to stick to the facts. He can make up stuff as he goes, and do what he can to make it sound as if it is fact. There are people like Danlinker and myself that have absolutely no problem calling him out when this happens. I have done it many times. Its pure stupidity to say things like Favre has polio, has Swine Flu and all that.
    Florio has said outright that the Cards going to the super bowl last year was a fluke. I personally think they got damn lucky in a couple games, but it was not a fluke. They were a good team and deserved to be there.
    With that same kind of luck, my team, the Vikings will make it this year, no matter what Florio says about Favre.

  13. You see? Twiz has it right. And yes, Florio does hate on specific teams. A lot of people would like it if the fans of those teams sat quietly by, but we will not. That’s why they call us fans.
    Twiz and others like us actually try to read between the lines and not just the headlines.

  14. Further proof I am right, Florio has now gone off about Favre (again) in his latest so called blog.
    “Though Favre is expected to miss no time, he now has another potential excuse in the event of a second straight late-season collapse.”
    He just can’t miss one chance to hammer on someone or a team he doesn’t like……

  15. @Eddie Drycleaner
    You go right ahead Eddie and call me and others that think the same direction a moron. If that makes you feel better, it works for me.
    I bet you are one of those people that cheer for a team only because it does well. As soon as that team starts to lose, you go buy a whole new wardrobe cause you and your friends gotta cheer for a “good” team. In other words, you are nothing but a band wagoneer.
    Keep listening to ppl like Florio, who doesn’t know how to pull his head out of his azz and you will go far in life. We need ppl like you that are afraid to stand up for what you believe in and will only do as told. Thanks for proving yourself a lemming!

  16. So again the question begs, if you guys think this website is so one-sided and biased, why do you bother to read it? You hate getting hit by cars right? Well, do you go out every day and stand in the middle of a busy freeway? Probably not. It’s the same thing.
    Or do you somehow feel that it’s your “mission” to come in here and stick up for your team that you psychotically think Florio is dissing? If that’s the case, you’re sticking up for a team that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you on a website that you don’t like.***WEE-IRD***
    That’s one hell of an interesting life you’re living. Do yourself a favor and try to find a more worthy cause.

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