Nick Barnett quits Twitter

When Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco did it before the start of the regular season, we knew it wouldn’t last.

Now that Packers linebacker Nick Barnett is bailing on Twitter until the 2010 offseason, we have a feeling it will stick.

In announcing to his 17,000-plus followers that he’s signing off for now, Barnett acknowledges that:  (1) he’s emotional; and (2) he often forgets that “everything is public” on Twitter.

The move comes a day after he very publicly invited all who booed him for celebrating a tackle during Sunday’s 31-24 loss to the Bengals to “KISS MY ASS.”

Barnett also says that he made the decision without talking to anyone from the Packers.

We have a feeling he won’t be the last one to pull the plug on his Twitter page, during the season if not permanently.

18 responses to “Nick Barnett quits Twitter

  1. I’m a Pack fan, and commented at the time what the hell was he celebrating like that for, he had not done squat in either game up to that point. I would have understood if he had just killed Jarrett Bush, or made a block for our offensive line.

  2. Muhahaha. These idiots realize who pays their salaries? Its the fans and sponsors, beware of biting the hand that feeds you.

  3. He does deserved to be booed because one his team lost, and two, his samurai chop celebration looks incredibly stupid. Did he ever see himself?

  4. I’m over 50 and feel like I’m living in some kind of a bizarro world. I’m so glad I grew up and lived in a time where the emphasis was on the games, whatever the sport.

  5. he often forgets that “everything is public” on Twitter.
    huh ? that’s what Twitter IS !
    NOTE TO NICK: The Samurai-douchebag act has been really old for some time

  6. LOL poor Nicky.
    He has always celebrated mundane tackles like nobody else could have made that play. Here’s some advice Nicky, save it for when you actually make a big play, not one that you’re suppose to make.
    I.E. Ray Lewis timed his blitz perfectly stopping Sproles dead in his tracks saving the game for his Ravens. That would be a time to dance.
    Besides, the way the Packers D has been playing with the exception of Woodson you have nothing to celebrate.

  7. Maybe the whole team can follow his lead and quit talking and start performing. Preseason will not get them into the playoffs

  8. This whole cult of celebrity is way beyond my understanding. If you want to be famous, do something to earn it. The Packers did not do so Sunday.
    Actions speak louder than words.

  9. He was boo’d because on the previous play he missed a tackle that would have made it 4th down. Next play, 1st and ten, he makes a tackle for a 2 yardloss and acted like he won a Superbowl. Jackass.

  10. At first I thought that his celebrating was ridiculous, but then I thought maybe he’s trying to get his team fired up. They weren’t out of the game and the D needed to make a big stop.

  11. Barnett (AKA Dwayne Rudd) is a complete douchebag. I can’t believe that packer fans actually defend this guy. Hell, he doesn’t even defend for his own defense. He makes one play, not even that great, and does his “look at me, look at me” dance. It won’t be long and he will right next to Rudd, flippin’ burgers. Maybe he can do his little dance…. and then ask “would you like fries with that?”

  12. Isn’t Dwayne Rudd in trouble for not paying child support? Lets hope Barnett doesnt do that at least. Suck at football but not at life completely.

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