Redskins linebacker tees off on fans

And the misadventures with Twitter continue.

According to Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post, Redskins rookie linebacker Robert Henson didn’t like the fact that fans at FedEx Field were exercising their First Amendment rights to demonstrate displeasure with the return on their investment in the price of a ticket to a football game by shouting “BOO!” at the home team during a sluggish 9-7 win over the Rams.

So Henson went off, Twitter style.

Steinberg has consolidated Henson’s Tila Tequila-style stream of rants.  Here’s a condensed version of it.

“All you fake half hearted Skins fan can .. I won’t go there but I
dislike you very strongly, don’t come to Fed Ex to boo dim wits!!  No I
didn’t play but I still made more than you in a year and you’d [gladly]
switch spots with me in a second
, I was talking to the fans [who] said
the crazy stuff, I’m use [to] heckling but I’ve never been booed in my
own stadium. . . .  The question is who are you to say you know what’s best for the team
and you work 9 to 5 at Mcdonalds. . . .”

Robert, please tell us how you really feel.
Henson, a sixth-round pick in the 2009 draft, later apologized.  “Listen Twitter family I was really upset about being booed and things
being thrown at us and I said some things that were out of line,” Henson wrote.  “So
keep supporting us and we will keep playing hard for you all again I’m

It remains to be seen whether the fans forgive and forget.  Or whether the team will still have a place for a guy who insults the paying customers — or whether he’ll soon be relegated to a career of working nine to five at McDonald’s.

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  1. In a related instance, Nick Barnett went off on Packer fans who called him out after his ridiculous “tackle for a loss” dance late in the game.
    I’m thinking that Twitter + Athletes is going to result in hilarity for sportswriters and fans.

  2. Thats funny. First off, he works in the NFL, where football contracts are not guarenteed. Second off he isn’t even on special teams, and never plays. Third of all, since he didn’t do anything, technically the fans were not booing him. This kind of thing is what gets those extra players who don’t play released. And then the guy at mcdonalds will definately be making more, since you will be out of work. And for your information Robert Henson, you dumb ass, the fans were booing the fact that the Redskins barely beat what was considered by many as the WORST team in the league, at home… As a die hard skins fan we will definately take the win, but it was ugly. Very ugly…

  3. Just in case you were wondering what the players really thought of fans.
    Fans who idolize players are suckers- these guys hate you, and if they could somehow make the same money without you, they gladly would.

  4. That’s exactly the kind of stupidity that turns a 6th-round pick into a 9-5 McDonalds worker.
    Watch out who you tee off on, they may be your boss by mid-season.

  5. “It remains to be seen whether the fans forgive and forget. Or whether the team will still have a place for a guy who insults the paying customers”
    Well if not the Redskins there’s always the Eagirls. McNabb and Vick love to insult the paying customers.

  6. You can find these tweets by doing a google search for “Robert” and “Hensen” or “douche” and “bag”
    That’s right, I called Robert Hensen a douchebag, and I’d say it to his face… provided there was a glass partition between my face and his

  7. If I was a Skins fan and I had a seat near the tunnel, I would have a bag of McNuggets, sweet and sour sauce, and a Byron Leftwich windup on standby.

  8. If the fans get a load of this, Henson is done.
    He could make up for it by making plays on the field. Problem is…he’s not good enough to get on the field.
    Henson needs to STFU, and realize that those fans pay his “I make more than you” salary, and we have a right to boo.
    I was there, in the stadium. I wasn’t one of the boo-birds, but how dare Henson say something like that?
    And Henson needs to realize, McDonald’s workers can’t afford to go to those games. And that some of us DO make more than he does. So again…he needs to STFU.
    What a frikkin’ idiot. If it was Campbell, or Portis, or London Fletcher? Fine…but Henson!?!?!?!?
    Who the F is he?

  9. don’t come to Fed Ex to boo dim wits!!
    Well there sure as hell aren’t any Einsteins out there to boo!

  10. Is Henson so out of touch with reality that he thinks people who work at McDonalds can afford a ticket to a Redskins game?

  11. I Dont think the people that work 9-5 @ McDonald’s can afford a Sunday afternoon at an NFL stadium…

  12. Barnett just claimed to have quit Twitter now after his tirade.
    NickBarnett: Hey everyone.. I done somethinking and I have decided to stay off Twitter unroll next offseason.. I am a emotional person and sometimes
    NickBarnett: With this Twitter thing I forget that everything is public.. Sometimes I feel I am talking to my freinds and just talk.. So I am going
    NickBarnett: To pull myself away from that.. Thanks to all the people who supported me thru my rehab and tough times and for the haters well god loves u
    He also claimed it was his decision and didn’t talk to anyone in the Packers organization before he made it.

  13. So what were your former jobs before sitting on a bench and bragging about how much money you make? Are you so idiotic to think that the 90,000+ fans at the stadium are paying huge amounts of cash and putting up with one of the greediest/shadiest owners in the league to support a team they love to return to a McDonald’s job on Monday? All of the fans who actually work at McDonald’s can’t afford to do anything at the stadium but work in the concession stands. The Redskins in turn put out a crappy product, sell tickets under the table to scalpers, sue their own season ticket holders during a recession, add illegal parking charges to tickets etc. etc. You represent the Redskins to the fans and right now you are pretty much on par with the rest of your organization. Kuddos! This is the biggest news you will ever make with the team because the fans all hate your guts and will hopefully run you out of town.

  14. I guess Id give him a pass- Henson was just another fan watching the game and he didn’t like other fans booing.

  15. Henson I hope you read this. I was shocked when I heard you made the team. In the fourth preason game you made many mistakes and committed penalities- one of which was a personal foul. You are a rookie who barely made the team. I am very suscpicious that the reason you did make the team is b/c you gave oral pleasure to Dan … oh excuse me “Mr. Snyder, while Vinny was watching and taking care of his own business.
    Bottom line is I hope you get cut and never play in this league again. Then you can take my order when I pull into the drivethru at McDonalds. The redskins deserved to get booed. Dan sucks, Vinny blows, and Jim Zorn needs to hip hip hooray his ass out of town”
    You arrogant f–k

  16. I especially liked his typo with “don’t come to Fed Ex to boo dim wits!!” Does he realize what he just called himself?
    Otherwise, he can be paraphrased as saying “We all make more money than you and I’m not even good enough to make it on to the field. But thanks for wasting your minimum wage paycheck so you can watch us millionaires play horribly.”

  17. I see no problem with what he said. Their fans are dimwits and I know for a fact the dude who gave me my McGriddle this morning is a Skins fan.
    Kudos to Rob for telling it like it is!

  18. Maybe Mr. Henson Redskin fans are fed up with an underachieving team, barely squeaking by a below average squad that had no business being in the game late. Maybe three trips to the redzone and knocking on the goal line and not scoring isn’t a way to keep winning games. Maybe the players need to shut up and worry about getting better.

  19. Yeah well Dan Snyder’s got a huge waiting list for tickets and the ‘Skins haven’t sued anyone for 48 hours so I’m sure Robbie will find his adoring “I wish I could be you” admirers next home game.

  20. The question is who are you to say you know what’s best for the team and you work 9 to 5 at Mcdonalds. . . .
    McD’s employess would spend a months salary to attend a game.
    This fool is more likely to work at McD’s if he wasn’t playing ball, should watch what he says.
    In a related instance, Nick Barnett went off on Packer fans who called him out after his ridiculous “tackle for a loss” dance late in the game.
    Kinda silly to do a dance when you’re losing/struggling against a perennial doormat. I can see trying to get people hyped, but there is a time and place for that.

  21. Funny how some of these sports divas always think they make more than the “fans”. I am sure there are some fans that make plenty more than that moron, and won’t walk like a cripple in 5 years, AND still earn.
    Jokers like Henson will be broke and toothless in the near future.

  22. Wow~ maybe this rookie who will be out of the league should realize that almost every NFL player goes bankrupt within 2 years of being dumped on their butts by the league. Sooooo he shouldn’t be making fun of his future employer, Mickey D’s. (I love how he just completely yelled at his own fans and tells them how he’s better because he makes more money than them… Daniel Snyder won’t be too happy and will probably fine his dumb ass.) I hope he plays in one game- the Eagles and gets a nasty stiff arm from Westbrook, falls down, breaks his face, crys, and then proceeds to be dumped by the Redskins for sucking.

  23. Does anyone find it a little funny that these supposed pro-atheletes do not have any gumption or bravery on how to say things until they get home and put it on twitter,far away from the fan’s verbal wrath? does this idiot who appears to what you’d call a college degree think that anyone who lives in D.C. and has tickets to a redskins game actually works at Mickey D’s? Once again an athelete who obviously has no common sense or reasonable education(he must have to Miami U) and should keep his trap shut until he actually plays a down!!!!!!

  24. WOOOW that was brutal. It is one thing to think that “I am better than you”, but it is another thing to say it. That is basically what this guy said. He is better than everyone because he is a millionaire and they work at McDonalds.

  25. wow…what an a**hole.
    I’m a diehard fan but I’ve got a bad feeling they’re going to lose to Detroit. 9-7 @ home against STL? Seriously?

  26. Welcome to the big leagues Robert!! Unfortunetly fans pay your salary. Without us there is no league. Welcome to the Washington as well! I’m going to bring you up to speed Henson! As a skins fan, we have been sailing the seas of mediocrate for close to twenty years now and we still ROOT for our skins. We bust our ass 9-5, Monday through Friday so we can try and afford to help support your lifestyle! We are out here strugglin with our bills and still find money and time to buy jerseys, watch our skins, go to the stadium, eat in our local restaraunts and bars just for the sake of having a Sunday where we feel an ownership to the team we grew up loving. Your not in Texas anymore. Do your homework! We were 6-2 a year ago and quickly became an 8-8 team with play that looks very similar to yesterday! 9 points WILL result in a loss in over 90% of games we will play this year.
    When you lose we lose!! There are thousands of fans that don’t have much going for them in everyday life and look forward to Sundays where we can relax and forget about our everyday struggles for 4 hours a week.
    We will let you be you and you let us be fans. This is our job! Don’t forget, those people busting their ass working at McDonalds help pay your salary.
    Hopefully this is just a case of a rookie putting his foot in his mouth!

  27. Hey, I’m trlling my mom on you guys!! What is this guy, like 12 years old. Welcome to the NFL kid. Enjoy your stay in D.C. Hahahaha.

  28. This really takes balls from a guy that just made the team and has a grand total of “ZERO” career tackles. So it sounds to me like he has yet even earn his paycheck.
    So Mr Henson, shut your mouth while grown folks are talking!!!

  29. And Robert Henson is who again???
    Oh yeah, a guy who is apparently intelligent enough that he will undoubtedly secure a high paying job once his extremely brief NFL career ends. Good luck Robert!

  30. They have to put these things in those Coors commercials instead of the coaches going off. Because this is waaaaay more priceless than Dennis Green.
    “No I didn’t play.” lol.
    I bet after this McDonald’s wouldn’t even accept his application.

  31. This guy is WAY off base…
    All the Redskins fans that work at McDonald’s are only part-timers.

  32. Who exactly is this a$$hole? I didn’t even have a clue until I looked him up on the roster.
    Hey Rookie Boy, it’s not smart to bite the hand that feeds you. Be proud of “making more in one game than most of us fans make in a year”…. for however long it lasts. The team should fine your ass for being rude to the people who pay your salary. Oh, and being drafted 186th overall isn’t exactly much to brag about, either. Your reality check is about to bounce. See you on 10/4. We die-hard fans will be waiting for you….

  33. I got to admit, as a Browns fan, the Twittering rants of athletes are AWSOME! Hey, it beats the hell out of watching my team on the field.

  34. it will be even funnier when he’s working at mcdonalds next year and realizes he can’t afford game tickets.

  35. “The question is who are you to say you know what’s best for the team and you work 9 to 5 at Mcdonalds. . . .”
    Irony here? If he wasn’t a Redskins backup, he’d be working 9 to 5 at McDonalds, too. Hey kettle, meet pot.

  36. Way to ruin your career Robert! I sure you are just as intelligent as most other NFL players… which meand that NFL minimum salary will be gone weeks after the season on hookers and blow. You will be bankrupt after playing 3 years in the NFL riding pine. Some people are truly ignorant.

  37. We can only hope the Redskins fans tell him to take his half assed, PR written apology and shove it. We all know how he really feels..
    How will he feel when the FANS do stop showing up at games and all the money that goes towards his paycheck and the overpaid fatass in the middle of the defense suddenly isnt there.
    Then who will be working at McDonalds??

  38. Henson was absolutely right! We all know that both the Deadskins and Capitals have the biggest douchebag fanbase in all of sports. Dude is just telling it like it is.

  39. Katmanduu says:
    Henson was absolutely right! We all know that both the Deadskins and Capitals have the biggest douchebag fanbase in all of sports. Dude is just telling it like it is.
    HA! This comment coming from the biggest douchebag walking….

  40. I do like it when the Washington Racists and their fans get into it. If I were unlucky and stupid enough to follow that team, I would have booed too. Moreover, if I were playing for the team that just won a game and the idiots in the stands were booing me, I’d want to tell them to shut the hell up too.
    I enourage this team and it’s Dallas-esque mob of idiot fans to keep up the bitch fight, it’s great fun for the rest of football fans.

  41. Re:
    realitypolice says:
    September 21, 2009 10:27 AM
    Just in case you were wondering what the players really thought of fans.
    Fans who idolize players are suckers- these guys hate you, and if they could somehow make the same money without you, they gladly would.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Exactly. Fans are only there to buy their obscenely overpriced trinkets food and drink items, fawn over the players’ exploits and provide piped-in sound (cheering, of course).

  42. Yeah, like what EaglesHonk says, wait until next week at Detroit. I predict Matthew Stafford going off on the Redskins.

  43. Hell, people who work at McDonalds probably can’t afford to get cable TV to watch the game, let alone tickets.

  44. twobags95 says:
    September 21, 2009 12:13 PM
    Shame on you “EXTREEMSKINS” they have deleated all threads talking about this issue.
    ExtremeSkins is a shell of its former self, from back in the day when we started that place. It used to be a good place to speak your mind…but not since Snyder bought the site. Then it became as pitiful as the radio stations that Snyder bought.
    I have been a member from when that site started, but recently, I think I’ve been there about 5 times in the last 2 years.
    The board has become a Pansy Posting Site, where people with opinions get banned. Never been banned myself…but know it happens. Look out for one dude named “Capt. Kaos” if you go there…he’s broken some sort of record for reporting violations (according to one of my friends, and fellow original poster, that’s a mod there now).

  45. Robert Henson? 6th Rounder? 186th overall? #51 Redskin Roster. #3 Depth Chart MLB.
    Game 1 vs NY Giants-Nothing
    Game 2 vs St Louis-Nothing AGAIN!
    6′ – 242# – 23yrs old.
    Bobby Crumpler (Player Development) has got a whole lot of work to do. But then again, when RH was at TCU, he probably never saw a book, let alone a class. You just can’t teach a idiot like him.
    He is just a redshirt rookie. If he ever did get in, he would have cleat marks on his back from the QBs, RBs, FBs, WRs, TEs, Tackles, Guards, and probably even his own teammates. Jerk to the 10th power?
    Here you see it folks. This may be the last time you hear about this dimwit-misfit.

  46. Red Storm fans need to prepare and update all those wonderful Skins website.
    Your name is coming to an end via Pocohontas
    Washington Redstorms 2012!!!!

  47. Robert, I sat there at FedEx on Sunday in the hot sun, having paid over $200 a ticket (plus the seat licenses) to watch the most pathetic display of football skill I’ve seen at the professional level in a long time. And you are upset because fans are irate at this team? Who do you think pays your “above McDonald’s FOR NOW” salary?
    Devin drops a TD. Sellers drops a TD. Santana fumbles deep in STL territory. Golston gets a stupid holding penalty…ON DEFENSE. DeAngelo plays so far off a receiver that a wheel chair senior citizen could make the catch.
    Let’s face it. YOU “As in TEAM” stank! You stank! And I paid a lot of money to see stupid mistakes, low levels of effort and playcalling that was sub-Pop Warner. You really want to go there?
    When I do a bad job, I hear about it from my boss, our customers, our employees and even my friends. You want to whine about a few boos?
    I did not boo, but don’t think that I’m going to be interested for much longer in shelling out top dollar for a team that could easily help the Lions break their losing streak. And clearly, many others in that stadium felt the same way.
    And Robert, if you ever actually improve enough to get on the field, I just might decide to boo someone.

  48. Get used to being booed son and quite possibly having things thrown at you as well. The ‘Skins fans are getting a bit restless to say the least. LMAO!
    I’ve lived in the DC area for the past 22 years but was born and raised in the greatest football city on earth, Pittsburgh PA. So it’s needless to say, thank the football gods, that I’m not a ‘Skins fan.
    I’ve never seen the negativity toward the ‘Skins as I’ve seen this season. Without Gibbs, Synder has no one to hide behind, this is going to get interesting.

  49. There is an ignorance in many fans no matter what team plays. No apology was necessary. He said the right words to them. Yes, many young people work at McDonald’s because they can’t get hired in a better job. They have to take what they can get and like it. Players are making millions of dollars that thousands of fans will not make in their lifetime and many of them drink. If I was a football player I would close my ears to all boos and consider the source of where it comes from. And most parents don’t know how to raise their kids today. They busy in their own world.

  50. Fellow Redskins,
    I have served in the US military; I have fought for our constitutional rights, including free speech. But come on: this is our house; the Redskins’ house. Nobody should boo the Redskins in their own house. Nobody. Support your team. Those are our players, and we are their fans. If you’re not happy with the team- stay home, but don’t boo my ‘Skins on their own turf. They get enough of that when they go to NY, Philly or Dallas. Anyone who boos their own team in FedEx field should be ashamed of themselves.

  51. He told them to not come to Fed Ex to boo dim wits? Who are the dim wits? The losers on the field or the even bigger losers who sit on the sidelines in uniform not good enough to play?
    All you guys need now is TO.

  52. “What The question is who are you to say you know what’s best for the team and you work 9 to 5 at Mcdonalds. . . .”
    What a complete dumbass. I work at Burger King, and it’s from 8-4. Damn rookies…

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