The Browns offense still belongs to Brady

It didn’t take long for Brady Quinn to face questions about his job security this season.

And, in a rare moment of transparency, it didn’t take long for Browns coach Eric Mangini to confirm that Quinn remains the team’s starting quarterback.

Mangini said Quinn “definitely” will be the team’s starting quarterback in Baltimore this weekend.   “[Quinn] works at it, which is the most important thing,” said Mangini.

We’d argue that scoring points is the most important thing, but Quinn’s work ethic obviously has earned him respect with the head coach, as it should.

Derek Anderson seems unlikely to solve the many problems on Cleveland’s offense, and the Browns need to find out this season if Quinn is someone they can build around.

The early results are not encouraging, and Quinn is struggling to escape his reputation as the newest incarnation of Captain Checkdown.  Quinn is averaging 5.5 yards per attempt, and rarely looks to stretch the field. 

Quinn probably has more time to work with than outsiders think, but he’s not giving the Cleveland faithful much to believe in thus far.

30 responses to “The Browns offense still belongs to Brady

  1. Quinn/Daboll. Daboll/Quinn. Chicken/Egg. Egg/Chicken. Regardless, both suck. At least with DA, we threatened to put up points. Brady’s completion % is around 50. DA’s about 56%.

  2. It took Matt Cassel half a season to get sharpened up and complete some deep routes on a regular basis.
    After seeing how he progressed, I’m convinced most quarterbacks aren’t given enough of time.

  3. Is it true that Quinn took a hammer to his own knee when he found out he would still have to start for the Browns?

  4. But if Mangini names Brady as the starter ahead of time the Browns might not be able to score a garbage time TD against the Ravens like they did against the Vikings.
    You saw naming Brady as a starter backfired against the Broncos.

  5. Will the following visitors please report to Coach Mangini’s office for your interview?….Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, And Jimmy Clausen.
    Thank You That Is All.

  6. I believe Quinn is a quarterback the Browns can build around, not exactly like he’s surrounded by top tier guys. Absolutely no running game, only one legitmate reciever in Braylon Edwards and even he is extremely inconsistent. They need offensive playmakers, and they need the right side of the O-line to not suck.

  7. So, will he always get to keep the job as long as he works at it? After all, that is the most important thing. Mangini is the undisputed King of the Pudwhacks.

  8. Mangenius will look like he is 80 years old and his hair will be falling out by week 17 after watching this offense operate a full season. And the defense sucks too.

  9. Over the past two weeks, Quinn has had the league’s slowest release. He makes the pass protection seem a lot worse than it is.
    Jeez, at least Derek Anderson got rid of the ball quickly. Wether he knew where it was going is another story…

  10. Damage88,
    How about doing some fact checking before quoting stats. Quinn’s completion percentage this year is over 59%, last year Anderson’s was close to 50%.
    If his receivers (ie Cribbs) didn’t drop a half dozen passes a game, it would be even higher.
    P.S- It’s time to end the Cribbs experiment as the #2 WR. Put him back on kick coverage and let him run few wildcat formations per game. It’s time to let Robiskie or Massaquoi have there shot at the starting lineup. Isn’t that why they used second round picks on them?

  11. They need to let Quinn start every game this season and for the next 10 seasons. Also Cleveland needs to keep Mangini around for 10 years. Its obvious that firing coaches and QBs doesnt help the situation. We need some continuity.

  12. as a lifelong Browns’ fan who is perpetually optimistic to the point of retardation…I have to say that Sunday’s game was one of the most pathetic offensive performances I have ever seen.
    I know we need to display some patience with the coaching (and I don’t think this is Mangini’s fault), but I don’t know if I can take this garbage. Maybe we should have taken Mark Sanchez?

  13. “P.S- It’s time to end the Cribbs experiment as the #2 WR. Put him back on kick coverage and let him run few wildcat formations per game. It’s time to let Robiskie or Massaquoi have there shot at the starting lineup. Isn’t that why they used second round picks on them?”
    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!
    They burn a #2 pick on Robiskie, then deactivate him to dress a special-teams player because their kick/punt return coverage is so bad, because their best gunner (Cribbs) is being shoehorned into the WR2 spot that they spent two #2 picks trying to fill.
    Cribbs looks lost running his routes out there. Let him go back to what he’s good at, being a special teams tackling ace, and let’s find out what the kid (Robiskie) can do.
    And the same goes for Quinn. To all the mindless Browns fans that are shouting for DA: is putting DA in going to get us to the Superbowl? The playoffs? Seriously. They can start Quinn all season to see if he develops. They can start DA, get the same general end result as Quinn in the W-L column, and find themselves at the draft next year still wondering if Quinn could get it done. FIND OUT NOW. They aren’t winning this year either way. I can’t be the only one that doesn’t want to see another QB “competition” next offseason. It’s time for Quinn to sink or swim.

  14. As a die-hard Browns fan that has defended them year in and year out, I’m absolutely disgusted by what I saw yesterday. That didn’t look like a professional football team. Cleveland has sold out that freakin’ stadium every home game since the Browns came back in 1999, and what have they given us? One playoff trip, which of course was ripped from our souls as we gave up a large lead in the 2nd half to fall to the Steelers. Wanna make yourself sick? Go review all the drafts from 1999 to present, look where the Browns drafted in the 1st round, who they selected, and then scroll down to see who the could’ve had……………enough to make you want to swallow the business end of a revolver.
    I’m a Quinn backer, but the debate is futile. The right side of the offensive line is weak. And there are some hard truths that the Browns coaching staff needs to come to terms with. Josh Cribbs is a freakin’ stub KR/PR, can be very useful in the Wildcat and, perhaps, as a slot receiver. He is NOT a No. 2 receiver in the NFL. Further, why in the hell would you spend two, TWO second round draft choices on Robiskie, and Massaquoi, and then not play them in favor of Cribbs. Also, Jamal Lewis this year so far looks like he’s half blind and runs about a 6.8 forty-yard dash. I doesn’t help either when yesterday against the Broncos, the Browns ran what seemed to be about 88% on first down. Uh, if I can notice this pattern sitting on my couch, I’m guessing the Broncos are catching on.
    I do have one thing to say about the Quinn/Anderson debate. It doesn’t matter. I’m so sick of everyone complaining about Quinn not going downfield, checking down, etc. Dude, this is a coach who monitors and fines players for the time they check into the hotel the nights before home games. He micromanages every aspect of everything. Do you really think Quinn is ALLOWED to throw downfield? Do you not think he’s been specifically instructed as to what he can and can’t do?
    All I know is, the Browns owe the city and their fans a hell of a lot more than what we’ve gotten over the past 10 years. Hell, let the fans take turns calling the plays, can’t be any worse than what we’ve seen so far. At least give the jobs to people who CARE about the Browns. Randy Lerner (the owner) is more concerned with his soccer team. Mangini just seems to have a stick up his ass, one of those people who always seems to need to “prove” something. It can’t get any worse, why wait till the end of the season, or the next? Fire Mangini now, and talk to Gruden or Shanahan, someone who KNOWS HOW TO RUN A FOOTBALL TEAM!!
    ok, whew, I’m done now, comments and opinions please……….and as always, GO BROWNS!!

  15. fleet10,
    That part about Mangini telling Quinn he can’t throw downfield is hilarious. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are right. Anyway, I said before that DA should be the starter and nothing that has transpired so far has changed that. The Browns are pathetic. Even the Rams only lost by 2 points. I guess the Browns are even worse than the Rams.

  16. @ fleet10
    great post.
    i agree that Cribbs should be a ST’s guy and then bring him in and move him around in the backfield, in the slot, anywhere to create mismatches.
    im niether a quinn nor da guy. im for whoever gives the browns the best chance at winning games. i think DA got a bit of a bad wrap but quinn is the starter and think we need to see what the kid can do and go from there.
    i was shocked when we hired mangini. i would give my thumbs to have romeo for 1 more year and then have a shot at the 3 or 4 coaches who would be doing a better job then mangini next season.

  17. Cleveland you should of Given Modell a new Stadium.
    The old Browns are going to the playoffs. While the new Browns are going 0-16.
    Nice move.

  18. I don`t think Quinn is the real deal for Cleveland,kinda sick & tired of getting it right next year all the time. Mangina looks like an underfed Romeo on the side line with little emotion. shouldn`t take long for him to get up to Remeo`s size just standing there with he hat on cocked. Browns look like crap!!!

  19. Quinn reminds me of another ND great–Joe Montana, wait I mean Rick Mirer, who put up stellar numbers in the NFL and led his teams to an astounding 22-44 record. Also, between 1993-2003 he threw an amazing 50 TDs. And yeah I know weaker QBs like Manning only threw 49 (although that was in 1 year). I believe that Brady has only 1 obstacle and that is getting to 22 wins. At the rate that he is going (1 every other year) he should accomplish this feat in the year 2051, at the ripe old age of 67.
    As long as the Browns coaches and front office organization continue to stand behind their superstar, I have all of the faith in the world that the Mighty Quinn will do it.

  20. @ lanche:
    Quinn is completing 59% of his passes this year, 50% last year. I don’t consider 59% great because he’s completing about 80% of that 59%to the TE’s and RB’s for 3 yards. 2 of the passes hit threw to BE were better catches than throws. It’s brutal.
    In 2007, DA had 2 or more TD’s in 10 games, threw a TD in 13 games. DA faced 3 of the top 5 defenses to begin the season. we were 3-4 and had a chance to beat baltimore. Edwards’ drop lost the game.
    Tell me, who gives us the best chance to win a game and/or get the ball in the end zone?
    You’re right. Cribbs is not a #2 WR. And yes, Quinn should be given more time. But he regressed against a worse team.

  21. Damage88:
    Saying Quinn completed only 50% of his passes last year is a bit misleading. He was named the starter for Denver 3 days before the game, and then played essentially a game and a half with a broken finger on his throwing hand before going on IR. And Anderson wishes he could complete the shorter passes at such a high percentage as Quinn.
    We all know what we have in DA. An inconsistent QB who throws a a very pretty deep pass. Decision making and protecting the ball? Not so much. Touch on short and intermediate passes? No. Leadership in the huddle and managing the game? Not really. It takes more to be a successful NFL QB than the ability to chuck the ball down field and hope that Edwards can run under it or out jump the defender.
    What’s especially troubling to me so far this year is the play selection. Am I alone in noticing the Browns seems to run about 95% of the time on 1st and 2nd down?
    Here’s one of their typical offensive series.
    1st down – inside run, 2-3 yards by Lewis
    2nd down – inside run , -2 to 1 yard by Lewis
    3rd down – pass incomplete
    4th down – punt
    They are constantly in 2nd & 3rd down and long, and the defense now knows they are throwing the ball. There have actually been quite a few plays when they were 2nd and 13 / 3rd and 11 where they tried to run a third time! They have been so predictable in their play selection I was scanning the sideline to see if I could spot Maurice Carthon calling plays again. Was I the only one screaming for them to throw the ball into the end zone when they got the gift of the ball on the Denver 22 to start the game? You’re on the road, take your shots, maybe someone can make a play. Sure is better than settling for another damn field goal.
    I am starting to wonder if Quinn is afraid to throw the ball down field because of making a mistake because he knows Mangini is grading every throw, or if he’s being instructed not to make those throws. In the preseason, he was quite effective completing throws in the 10-20 yard range. During the first two games, he’s not even attempting them. Speaking of the preseason, what happened to all those screens that seemed to work pretty well? And if you’re going to throw to a TE 10 times a game, you either should have Rucker out there or have not gotten rid of K2 in the first place. Robert Royal is here for his blocking, he is not a receiving TE.
    I have been disappointed in Quinn so far, but I think it’s a lot more than just him. The run blocking has been poor, the pass blocking even worse, and I’m tired of seeing Cribbs catch (or attempt to catch) passes well short of the sticks on 3rd down. There have been at least a half dozen drops per game by his receivers. Those drops end drives prematurely and put the defense back on the field.
    I actually like Ryan’s defense, moving guys around and blitzing from anywhere. It’s nice to see after years of vanilla bend and then break nonsense. But the D gets gassed by the 4th quarter because the offense cannot stay on the field and eat up clock. The Browns defense gives up most of their points and long plays in the second half and look nothing like the defense early in the game, primarily because the offense never keeps the ball for any length of time. Where is Alex Hall?
    One more thing before I get down off my soap box for the day.
    The team needed a hard nosed leader after Club Romeo, but I think Mangini has taken it to the extreme. There are reports he has fined more than one player like $1700 because they didn’t pay a $3 hotel surcharge. If this is true, it’s outrageous. There’s being a desciplinarian, which the team needed, and being a D!@K. I had no problem with the music, the running of laps, the rookies on that bus trip, etc. But if he’s fining them a thousand dollars for stupid things like a $3 movie fee at a hotel, he’s going to lose the team. He’s being a control freak, and he will not win hearts and minds with that kind of crap, he’ll get a team that resents and gives up on him.

  22. so i am a die hard browns fan who lives in va. every year its the same old thing a qb that cant throw a crappy running back a dumb head coach an owner who has no clue and a team that cant win. the washington redskins of the north is now what i call the browns i am tired of the losses. every year they just dissapoint i agree lets see if brady is worth the money we all know da cant do any better he had his chance and failed. browns fan i have come to the fact we will be 0-16 so mangini will be fired this year and we will start all over again. until we get a new owner just like until they get a new owner neither team will go anywhere. the reall browns win year after year have a superbowl a real qb and a real d we have no chance against the real browns (ravens) this weekend. i am so tired of the decade of losing i am considering changing to the real browns to stick it to cleveland i am heart broken and i dont want to give up on my team but its been ten years of doing nothing with the same ten years from now. same thing every year it gets old hell i no nothing about playing calls but i bet i can call better calls then the coaches there . we cannot win with this team we will be 0-16 we will be lucky to go 1-15 it is getting real old real fast and all the losing just makes me hate football and angry it gets old. getting piked on every time i wear my browns jersey and i m 32 they and the lions are the laughing stock of the nfl. and now agents are promising to keep there players away from the browns what the hell fire mangini get a real coach and blow up the team all new players

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