Vikings-Lions one-liners

Despite a 27-13 win at Detroit that pushed the Vikings’ record to 2-0, coach Brad Childress says people want to see QB Brett Favre throw the ball down the field.

Still, Favre has no problem with the fact that the offense is built around Peterson.

The Vikes were pleased to hold Megatron to only 67 total yards.

Former Vikings DE Jim Marshall, who held the record for decades with 270 straight starts, wasn’t present for Favre’s 271st straight start because Marshall was celebrating his first straight year of matrimony.

The Vikings realize that they need to turn it on before the third quarter.

Despite the fact that QB Matt Stafford has thrown five picks in two games, coach Jim Schwartz isn’t thinking about sitting the kid down.

They say Schwartz is really smart, but doesn’t the fact that he took the Lions job contradict that view?

After gaining only 20 yards on 15 carries in Week One, RB Kevin Smith churned up 83 yards in 24 tries against a typically tough Vikings rush defense.

K Jason Hanson realizes that, despite a new attitude in Detroit, the Lions need to win one quickly.

Nicholas Cotsonika of the Detroit Free Press thinks that the victory will come next week against the Redskins.

23 responses to “Vikings-Lions one-liners

  1. Jim Marshall at DE streak>Favre standing around as a QB streak…qb can be placed in there with the Kicker/Punter consecutive starts stats damn near

  2. If you really think you can put a QB in there with a kicker/punter you must have the lowest football IQ out of anyone I know! If this were true there would be A LOT of QB’s with that streak!! Taking sacks/hits from some of these defensive lineman all year for 18 years without missing a game is pretty amazing no matter how much you try to say its not, and you’d be a moron to think that Favre has never taken any hits. If you need an example you can take a look at Brady to see if it’s just “standing around”. And also not to mention that he’s been good enough to maintain a starter for so many straight years!

  3. You’ve gotta be a moron. Defensive ends don’t take any hits. QBs get drilled to the ground on a weekly basis. The whole goal of the defense is to kill the Quarterback. Favre’s played through more injuries than Marshall has ever experienced.

  4. Wow, lots of ripping on the Lions. Am I suprized that you choose to make fun of them? Not really. You usually choose to kick someone while they’re down, it’s your typical writing style. Here, I’ll do some one liners off of your one liners.
    Here we go.
    Farve thanks god that the offense is built around AP; he couldn’t throw deep all season, it’s not rocket science.
    The Vikes were pleased to hold Megatron to 67 yards, thanks to the 50 yard reception that was brought back from a non existent illegal block call on Gosder Cherilus; two years in a row the boys in black and white gave some presents to the Vikings.
    The Vikings will turn it up in the first half when they play a team that warrants it.
    Schwartz isn’t going to pull Stafford because he’s already said this isn’t an internship or job interview, he’s the ’09 starter.
    Schwartz is smart FOR taking the Lions job. What other coach has got a job with less expectations; you’re in idiot Florio, acting like the Lions have had to overpay for FA’s or something. FA’s actually came to Detroit this year.
    The Redskins can’t seem to score on anyone, so yes, the Lions have a fairly good chance to break the streak this weekend; so Cotsonika isn’t that far off base.

  5. Marshall was celebrating his first straight year of matrimony.
    Were the other years not straight?
    Anyway congratulations to Brett Favre who has started more consecutive games than any other player in league history.
    Brett Favre also set the record for games games won by a QB.
    Brett also set the record for most touchdown passes, most completions, most passing yards, etc.

  6. Hey chocolate chicken star!!
    I see your cinnamon swirl was jackhammered again with that BS pulled out of it! Nice punctuation! Qb’s are hit less but are in way more compromising positions when they are! Favre broke Jaworski’s QB streak in 1999. That says it all.

  7. faulkn22 said:
    “The Vikes were pleased to hold Megatron to 67 yards, thanks to the 50 yard reception that was brought back from a non existent illegal block call on Gosder Cherilus; two years in a row the boys in black and white gave some presents to the Vikings.”
    Ain’t that the truth.

  8. Any QB , or any football player for that matter, (excluding K/P) who starts 271 consecutive games is phenomonal. It’s a pretty violent game and Favre has taken his share of them. Hell, as a Packer fan I’ve wished from time to time I could have administered a few myself. With the Vikes O-Line he’s gonna take a few more too. You gotta give the devil his due.
    And I’ll say it before anyone else does–yes, if he were starting behind that Pack’s O-Line this year he would probably have never survived the first two games thus not getting the record.

  9. @ Osterhouse
    Thats the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on this site to date. You should be banned for having the IQ of a dead person. I’m surprised you are even alive with a brain that stupid. I don’t think it’s physically possible to be alive and that dumb.

  10. Hey look, Bob’s alive. I thought that loss to the Bengals on Sunday had literally killed him, It seems he only went into hiding. At least we have someone to credit Favre for everything the Vikings have done, all while hating on the rest of the team. There aren’t a lot of posters on here dumb enough to properly handle that.
    Rulz-We all know Viking fans disappear midway through the season, and don’t buy tickets even the one year they manage to MAKE the playoffs.
    Ragnar’s just doing it all the earlier so he can get the best ice fishing hole. There’s only so many lakes over there, you know.
    Good riddance.

  11. Dickcheesesoup: I didn’t go anywhere, I’m right here. Looks like you are just as guilty of lumping me in with all Vikes fans as you accuse me of doing to you Pack fans.
    You know, when your argument is ticket sales, you’ve lost the battle. I can’t help they don’t sell out, I live 3 hours away, it’s not like i’m in the TC area. Good riddance, you wish, you’ll be listening to me all year, How bout them Bengals? WHo dey?
    Hydra? You still typing? What did I tell you about my Swirl? Bad girl!!!! Look I don’t know how much plainer i can make it. I’m into females.
    Your fixation with my asshole is quite odd.
    But, my idiotic fellow poster, if anyone is having their brown eye turned blue, you are the logical choice.
    Dickhead, you really need to quit posting, you are a fool and basically a laughingstock on this site.
    Rulz- you are one of the sane ones!

  12. Chickenfoot-Go back and read, I said RAGNAR disappeared, which he has. Unless you’re him, don’t get all offended. I didn’t say a damn thing about you, you’re not even on my radar yet.
    Also, I do have a lot of arguments against your team, but ticket sales works too. I myself live over 3000 miles from Wisconsin, so you can complain about your measly 3 hours to other Viking “fans”, who, like you, think that’s too far to go to support your team. Us REAL fans don’t think 3 hours is even far.

  13. I am Ragnar, you dolt, why else would I answer you?!
    You live 3000 miles away? Are you trying to say you are a season ticket holder? If not, your argument holds no water. What, you go to 1 game every other year? Give me a damn break. You are probably a guy that goes to game where neither team is the Pack, take shit from the fans for wearing that lovely cheesehead, and wonder why.
    There is at leat 1 good reason to hate the Packers. thier freaking ignorant fans. Try spinning this teams demise if they lose to the Rams, it could very well happen.

  14. Ragnar/Chickenfoot-
    Why you change your name? Get in trouble with the last one? Or maybe look like a fool too many times? Hmm.
    Damn right I’m a season ticket holder, why else would I say it? And I use them, though it’s usually hard to go to Monday Night games with my job. I even go to Detroit and your hellacious dome to see them play there too when I can. Seems I buy more tickets than Viking games than you do. If you were a fan of any other team, That would be pretty pathetic, but in your case I’m not surprised.
    Oh, and I don’t own a cheesehead. I don’t like them. They typical hat-and-jersey combo works fine for me, and I have a lot of Packers jerseys/hats/etc. As stated, I’m a fan; I support my team.
    I’m sorry to hear about your three hour drive though.. That must be very hard. It’s people like you that are making that team a strong candidate to move to LA (or London)..

  15. I find it VERY hard to believe that you make a “6000” mile round trip flight to GB 8 times a year. But, You can say anything you want on hear, so, I’ll not shatter the dream you are obviously living. Yeah, had to change the name, obviously some poor babies cannot handle trash talk, or the truth, so they must have complained.
    I did have a bit of a following, ragnar hater screen names and such. I do find that comical and quite flattering actually.
    I have hats and jerseys too, I support the team, I have been to the dome numerous times.
    After losing my job, and going back to school to get a degree, I didn’t have the luxury of spending $200 dollars to go to a football game. Not that it should be any of your concern. There are reasons that people don’t attend games, that doesn’t make them any less of a fan.
    By the way, the Vikes aren’t going anywhere.
    You can out that dream away also. Why would you want your biggest rival(no it isn’t the Bears anymore) to move? Afraid of losing to them?
    Probably won’t see you here tomorrow huh? You gotta fly to St.Loius for the game? Idiot, I bet you go to every Brewer home game to huh? Bucks?
    If you go to 1 game per year in Lambeau, you’re lucky. Unless that is you are lying about the 3000 miles and you live in GB. Seems more likely.

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