Bills pluck a player from the Packers' practice squad

With Buffalo Bills right tackle Brad Butler out for the season, the Bills needed to add a body to take his place on the active roster.

In such situations, teams often turn to the practice squad.  Their own practice squad, not the practice squad of another team.

But the Bills have announced the acquisition of offensive lineman Jamon Meredith from the Green Bay practice squad.  Meredith was a fifth-round pick of the Packers in the 2009 draft, and he has experience playing guard and tackle.

Teams may sign at will a player from another team’s practice squad.  It’s unknown whether the Packers, whose offensive line has struggled through the first two games, offered Meredith a spot on the Green Bay active roster in an effort to keep him.

27 responses to “Bills pluck a player from the Packers' practice squad

  1. Jeez, the guy was a turnstile at Left tackle all pre season so how bad do you have to be to get a spot on the Bills?

  2. YES! Another rookie for the Bills o-line! Ever feel like you’re building a brick wall out of pancake batter?

  3. I feel like that all the time actually. The bills constantly seem to take players and turn them into great offensive linemen. It’s rough.

  4. This guy is going to be a backup’s backup this year. No reason to panic. The Bills have turned lesser-skilled tackles into Pro-Bowlers (Peters), and have 3 rookies playing above-average right now.
    I trust their judgement on this one.

  5. Abe Froeman says:
    September 22, 2009 5:14 PM
    The team acquiring a practice squad player doesn’t have to compensate the other team, right?
    Right they are like free agents free to sign with anyone.

  6. Although they are free agents effectively, the signing team must keep them on the roster for a set period – 3 weeks IIRC. No doubt Florio has the rule book to hand (hint, hint).

  7. Dude’s a developmental player. He needs a year in the weight room. But he’s gonna be a good ‘un.
    I’d imagine the Packers were just about ready to call him up, depending upon how Clifton’s ankle looks tomorrow. It’s a blow to the Pack to lose Meredith.

  8. Yeah, dont know why some of youze goofballz are mocking the bills for this move.
    Almost every pre-draft website had this OT going in the 2nd or 3rd round with character issues being what dropped him so low. His play this spring, chalk it up to inexperience, horrible peer-play and poor oline coaching.
    If there are only 3 things buffalo does well ((save the jokes)) they’d be Special Teams play, Drafting lots of DB’s and moulding young-inexperienced oafs into decent linemen, as long as they are drafted after the 4th round.
    Pancake Batter…
    yea, i like it… Pancake Batter is a great nickname for Eric Wood! Considering those are the two things he’ll be doing best to your teams DT’s… and if you dont already know who that is, you soon will. I billeve ya’ll are gonna bare witness very soon.
    Child Please Getcha Popcorn Ready

  9. Stealing an offensive lineman from the Packers’ practice squad is like trading for a QB from the Raiders.. It’s just not a position of strength. Good luck with him, though.

  10. The guy won’t help the Bilss this year but in a year or two he might become a player.
    That’s why he was drafted.

  11. i thought the player had to stay on the 53 man roster for the balance of the season … but could be wrong .. maybe Fl-oroe will set us straight and some news we can actually use for more than 5 minutes …

  12. Bob Nelson says:
    September 22, 2009 9:30 PM
    The guy won’t help the Bilss this year but in a year or two he might become a player.
    That’s why he was drafted.
    Good thing the Pack is so deep at every position, right Boob?

  13. The Packers should of never cut Jamon Meredith. He had potential to become a starter for us in a few years. Instead they decided to take loser Jarrett Bush over him.

  14. “packers4life says:
    September 23, 2009 12:39 AM
    The Packers should of never cut Jamon Meredith. He had potential to become a starter for us in a few years. Instead they decided to take loser Jarrett Bush over him. ”
    Yep. Bush should go.

  15. This just goes to show all the naysayers how difficult it is to protect against NFL Defensive Linemen. There is no good help left. There is a reason Tauscher isn’t playing for anyone. Stop calling for Tauscher. He is not ready

  16. Hydra, It’s good enough to have the Leading rusher. It’s good enough to be 2-0 and winning said games by 2 touchdowns per. They have a rookie at RT and a 2nd year center. At least they aren’t giving them up 3-4 at a time like the Pack.
    Also, I will take Favre taking coverage sacks any day over throwing it up for grabs.
    Get over it, the Vikes are good this year, worry about how in the hell the Pack is only 6.5 point favorites over the Rams. Worst team in the NFL and the oddsmakers don’t think the Pack can even cover a touchdown spread….too funny.

  17. “Get over it, the Vikes are good this year”
    and so are the Packers. Quit making predictions with 14 games still to go.

  18. Yep, good teams lose to the Bengals of the world!
    The Packers are a middle of the road team. Bengals were 10 POINT DOGS in that game. There was no excuse for them to be even close, other than the fact that the Packers are simply not that good. Packer fans blinded by preseason stats…..hilarious

  19. Ummm… Chickenfoot, I hate to tell you this, but the Vikes beat the Browns and the Lions – the two worst teams in football last year. I wouldn’t talk so tough so fast. Packers beating the Bears speaks more than the two Vikings wins. Just sayin…

  20. ” I’m just saying”…I’m not bragging about thier wins. I said they beat 2 teams they should have by more than 2 tds per.
    You packer fans say they are cupcakes, I agree.
    That is why they should have won handily. The Pack on the other hand, had a cupcake beat them.
    How does the Pack beating the Bears by six, with 4 ints, speak more? That they barely won with all thos turmovers, speaks volumes? How?
    Keep yout grren n gold glasses on, you are in for a very big disappointment.

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