Browns change tight ends

When the Browns traded a third-round pick to select Martin Rucker in the 2008 draft, there was much excitement in Cleveland about the catch-first tight end.

Just one year later, Rucker is looking to catch another job.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Rucker was waived Tuesday by the Browns, who claimed tight end Greg Estandia off waivers from the Jaguars.

Rucker is known to struggle as a blocker, but he’s probably talented enough to get interest elsewhere in the league, if only on a practice squad.

14 responses to “Browns change tight ends

  1. Yeah, Phil Savage was a real genius.
    Guaranteeing roster bonuses, handing out draft picks like candy… but at least he was a great talent evaluator, right? Right?
    Thanks for nothing, Phil.

    was PO’ed when they jumped buffalo to draft this kid… glad he was a bust & that the browns grabbed him in front of us

  3. Estandia is a beast he will help the run game. He got called for a bogus procedure penalty and the hatchet man (gene smith) cut him. Going from the Jags to the Browns is no upgrade though.

  4. A-HA!
    That’s why the Browns passing game sucks! Poor blocking by the tight end!
    For a minute there, I was beginning to think that, you know, Brady Quinn just sucked!
    Silly me!

  5. They need a blocker to the right of RT John St.Clair. St.Clair gave the denver DE a career game on Sunday.

  6. Dear Cleveland Browns
    Thanks for paying as much for St. Clair as we did for Kevin Shaffer.
    As bad as he was this past weekend, picture him at left tackle.
    yep. that was the Chicago Bears last year

  7. Its no wonder the Jets said goodriddance to this character. Rucker was the only TE with good hands. He will comeback with some team (see Bengals) and kick the Browns a..

  8. Robert Royal has made some pretty solid catches this season and he’s a great blocker, Rucker wasn’t seeing the field ever so I dont see how it hurts to cut someone who never played anyway. Maybe estandia can find a way to contribute.

  9. Royal is underrated, unfortunately he got a bad rap b/c the most noticeable thing about him were his drops. Great blocker though

  10. Martin Rucker was going to turn this from an 0-16 season to….oh, THAT’S why. This new guy probably won’t help matters. Don’t worry Detroit, you will only live in infamy for one season!

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