Could Knox be starting for Bears soon?

The Bears didn’t plan for fifth-round pick Johnny Knox to have such a big role so quickly: not when they drafted him, not even two weeks ago when the season began.

But Knox outplayed third-round pick Juaquin Iglesias throughout the summer, showing incredible speed and enough savvy to overcome his small school status.  (Knox went to Abilene Christian.)  Knox was expected to start the year as the team’s fourth receiver, but had to step up because Devin Aromashodu was sidelined with a strained quad.

Now the Bears may not take Knox off the field for a while — perhaps four years or so.  The Chicago Sun-Times says that Knox could pass Earl Bennett as the team’s starting split end in the coming weeks. 

Knox played ahead of Bennett often in Sunday’s win over the Steelers, and he came through with six catches for 70 yards and a score.  Knox also had a 68-yard catch in the season opener against the Packers.

While Devin Hester and Greg Olsen have been uneven in the season’s first two weeks, the emergence of Knox as a consistent threat would make the Bears offense much tougher to deal with.  They haven’t successfully developed a pure wide receiver since Bernard Berrian.

Knox is yet another example of how unpredictable drafting wideouts can be.

The 140th overall pick of the 2009 Draft has produced 122 more receiving yards in the first two weeks than the combined efforts of Jeremy Maclin, Darrius Heyward-Bey, and um, Michael Crabtree.

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  1. “They haven’t successfully developed a pure wide receiver since Bernard Berrian.”
    I wouldn’t exactly classify Berrian as a top-flight receiver. I was all too happy to see the Vikings throw millions of dollars at him … Johnny Knox, Rookie-of-the-Year.

  2. Wow those Bears definitely have an intimidating receiving corps.
    Just plain scary, all that talent on one field.

  3. It has been a lot longer than Bernard Berrian.
    Berrian is a nobody that can’t play very well and is only a #3 NFL receiver on most teams.
    You have to go back decades.

  4. I’ve been reading this site for probably 5 or 6 years now, and I think I’ve figured out your allegiance is to the Vikings. I have no problem with that, because you seem to hate all teams equally now that Favre is in Minny. But how about this: he has 45 more receiving yards than Maclin, DHB, and Harvin combined. Gotta throw your boy Harvin in there since he’s played some games.

  5. I have to admit, I thought the Bears were gonna follow their usual pattern with new draftees:
    Let them sit idly on the roster while they alternate between inactive stagnation, sporadic special teams contributions, and/or flashes of utter excellence…(all punctuated by inexlicable de-activations).
    Then, just as they FINALLY start to emerge as an effective, productive NFL player, ship them out or let them go to another NFL team where they immediately become solid, stable, viable starting contributors.
    Bernard Berrian
    Justin Gage
    Mark Bradley
    Chris Harris
    Cedric Benson
    Bobby Engram
    and more…
    (Bobby Wade doesn’t count, b/c he never amounted to sh1t, except as a diarrhea-mouth…)
    Anyway, I love that Knox is emerging as a great burner–Bears have found some real gems at Abilene now.
    Who would have thought Hester would play the possession receiver role to someone even FASTER in the burner role?
    I wouldn’t write Bennett off just yet, either–it’s been one game.
    All bets are off about the look and style of this offense until it really gets settled in…that is, once Forte is featured/productive.

  6. Tomb says:
    September 22, 2009 4:05 PM
    Wow those Bears definitely have an intimidating receiving corps.
    Just plain scary, all that talent on one field.
    I know, right!!!!–and what’s even better, they didn’t have to completely sell-out on their entire identity as a franchise and betray the majority of their locker room and fanbase in order to get a starting QB/faulty Messiah from a rival franchise, either!!
    Isn’t that awesome!?!?
    Nor did they have to steal their only viable WR threat from another division rival, either!!
    Don’t you just LOVE the Bears, Tomb!?!?
    Plus, they hardly ever have scandals, no threat of being sold to L.A. like some two-bit rental wh0re team, no problems with unimaginative and crappy and hated coaches (since Wanny at least), no pending court rulings over banned substances, no crumbling faggy indoor stadium for the fans to hate, no metal poles to the head, no obnoxious, braggart fans and delusional media, no season after season of failure and disappintment, no high seas boating adventures, no ticket scalping from the head coach, no multiple DUIs and cheap shots to the knees, no divided locker room, no Wizzinators, no pot busts at the combine…it’s almost like they actually CARE about football and do it as TEAM, rather than as a collection egomaniacal individuals!
    Plus–and this is the BEST thing so far–no YEARS and YEARS of playoff futility!!!
    They’ve only LOST one Super Bowl (winning another *wink*), and that was only a couple years ago!!!
    (which means at least they’ve been winning their division more often than ONCE this past decade…)
    Also the league’s oldest franchise and one of it’s founders, countless league Championships prior to the Super bowl era, more HOF players than any other franchise…and on and on…
    Isn’t GREAT to be Bears fans, Tomb?
    Not only am I so glad you can recognize their newfound talent at WR, but I’m glad we could share this moment, Tomb, I really am.

  7. Knox deserves the position.
    Bears have a LOT of young talent on their offense!
    Not feeling so bad about giving up all those 1st rounders for Cutler after all…

  8. Wow kodiak, you have a lot of pent up energy and angst. Didn’t mean to strike that nerve there big boy.
    What’s the over/under on AD rushing yards the next time the Vikes and Bears meet?
    After the game, we can compare notes, and bond yet again. I look forward to it.

  9. If Johnny Knox is the only Bears viable receiver we have a problem. He’s good but he isn’t consistent. He dropped a lot of passes these two games.
    But, looking down the depth chart there is no one better… (sigh!).
    It’s funny to see how wrong the national media is about the Bears. They’re to caught up on the Pats, Eagles, Saints, & Colts nuts that they forget about the other teams that have potential and just assume they know whats going on without doing the research. Same with the 49ers.

  10. As a fan of a division rival, even I’m forced to admit that so far, Johnny Knox looks like he has all the makings of a late round draft keeper with a huge amount of potential.

  11. Tomb,
    “big boy”?–are those stories getting out about me again?
    No, I think 200 might be AP’s projected career fumbles, or the longest number of minutes played by him consecutively without injury, or possibly the total number of times he’s been removed from the field on 3rd down because of his inept pass catching/pass protection skills…
    But I DO look forward to sharing another special moment/comparing notes/bonding moment
    (assuming that’s not some little homoerotic euphemism for you or anything like that)…
    Of course, and only as long as that note-sharing can include a bunch of other statistical comparisons, culminating in the ONLY one that *really* matters:
    Wins & losses. In the playoffs. 😉

  12. I get it, Kodiak, you’re that Asswound guy being all sneaky and “incognito.”
    My but you’re crafty.
    Tell you what, let’s pick this conversation up when we get to the first round of the playoffs. Hopefully we both make it, eh?
    That’d be fun.

  13. Bennet got his spot by being Cutler’s college buddy, if he doesn’t pick up his performance look for Knox to take his spot.
    Knox is listed as one of the NFL’s fastest players isn’t he? Maybe he was fastest at draft combine, either way he is a burner. With Hester improving on the other side and Cutler able to throw 80 yards off his back foot while falling down I am mildly impressed.
    Da’ Bears might have a potent offense again.

  14. Ever since they drafted Knox (with the 5th round pick Denver sent along with Cutler, BTW) I’ve been a big fan. I called him a replacement for Berrian’s, but with good hands. You see, Berrian was never anything that special, just a good guy to stretch the field who knew his routes. Not worth half of what the Vikes paid for him.
    Anyhow, I didn’t see him coming on this fast. It sunk in when he burned Charles Woodson for that almost touchdown in week 1, and the Steelers couldn’t do much to slow him down either. Great pick for once, about time we snag a late round sleeper on offense. Almost makes you forget about the David Terrells of the world.
    49ers upset the Vikes this weekend. Talk about an overrated team, they looked like they were going to lose to Detroit for the first half of that game. Lions should pick up their first win also.

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