It's the first official UFL trade

Though we’re not quite sure how a trade actually works in a league with one ownership group and one G.M. and four teams, a trade has happened.

The UFL has announced that receiver Koren Robinson has been traded from the Florida Tuskers to the New York Sentinels.

The Tuskers have received in exchange “future consideration.”  Whatever that means. 

Sentinels coach Ted Cottrell served as defensive coordinator in Minnesota during Robinson’s first career rebirth.  He signed with the Vikings and made the Pro Bowl as a kick returner.  Poised to become the team’s No. 1 receiver in the first year of the Brad Childress era, Robinson was cut after playing a real-life game of Need For Speed:  Mankato Mile.

Robinson resurfaced in Green Bay, served a one-year suspension, returned to the Packers, and spent a portion of 2008 with the Seahawks.

He was a top ten draft pick of the Seahawks in 2001.

The UFL also has begun to cut players, including former NFL defensive back Curtis DeLoatch.

Also, the UFL has added former NFL running back Michael Pittman to the Florida Tuskers.  His arrival has been expected for several weeks.

36 responses to “It's the first official UFL trade

  1. He will be a stand out in the UFL. If he could have kept his act together he would still be producing in the NFL. Not exactly a top notch receiver, but he has talent.

  2. I’d like to see more UFL and CFL news here. With the big lockout/strike coming up, that’s about all we’re going to have in football.
    Even if the NFL keeps playing, the game of football could benefit by having a “minor league” of pro football that actually lasted for a while.

  3. “I thought this was supposed to be Pro Football Talk”
    This is profootballtalk, first, w/ no spaces.
    Second, “Pro” implies “Professional”, Not just NFL.
    I’d much rather hear about the UFL (or Arena League or Canadian League or European League or any other once thriving but now defunct or never thriving & soon-to-be defunct-league) than receiving endless twitter updates.

  4. That is PROfessional football. Chile, please. The guy made the Pro Bowl and played some great ball at NC State.
    I wish the NFL would just invest in a minor league and stamp their name on it, it would be best for everyone.

  5. That’s cool.
    But who I’m feeling for is Curtis DeLoatch. Dude got cut from the UFL before the season began.
    I guess the football universe is trying to tell him that his professional football dream is officially over.
    I hope he got his college degree and resume together.

  6. This is lame football talk. I cant wait until the next post, I am dying to read Florio’s opinion on how the cowboys served hot dogs to fans who expected filet mignon, and how the sorry pathetic Redskins are gonna win a super bowl, with their fictitious waiting list. Come on Mike F. give us something good, and not just UFL trades and your dumb stupid opinion that means nothing.

  7. SmackMyVickUp:
    That’s exactly what this site is… not NFL Talk, PRO FOOTBALL TALK…
    The UFL is a professional league that pays its players, not to mention the past or present NFL ties to 5 people mentioned in this article alone…
    If you aren’t interested in this article or future ones like it, then I have a simple solution – Don’t read it!
    It never ceases to amaze me the complaints from some people on this site…
    If you really need an outlet to complain about nothing, then start your own blog!

  8. Curtis DeLoatch – you still have a special place in the hearts of all Saints fans after scoring the biggest TD in Saints history.

  9. i care about the UFL. this is news, and i’d love to keep hearing about it. When they start up, i will be watching games.
    you’ll have professional level of play with the kind of heart & desire for football you see in college. These guys aren’t playing for huge multi-million dollar checks, they’re just happy to get their chance to play.
    so college football attitude on a professional level.
    I love this and look forward to it. As chugs pointed out, it IS professional football, just not NFL. seems we have a lot of PFT internet cops here

  10. Why did Gruden and the Bucs keep Michael Pittman on their roster for so long even after he attempted to harm his wife and kids?

  11. nationalcapital10 – why do you read this site if you don’t care to hear florio’s opinion? this is an opinionated rumor blog, and you’re saying you don’t care to hear rumors or his opinion?
    simple solution would be to not read it, and definitely not post in it…

  12. Personally, I want to see the UFL games. I will be watching them, if Directv ever get Versus back.
    See, I like watching real football (not gimmicky football like the XFL.) I watch youth, high school, college, NFL, UFL etc. (CFL is a little too different for me, though. So was Arena ball- even though I did sit down and watch some of it.)
    But if the rules are so similar that you have to watch a few downs to see the nuances, and if it is basically the same game, I will watch it.

  13. I, for one, look forward to the UFL season. As it picks up speed I hope that it will eventually become a d-league for the NFL.
    Hey, It could happen. A lot of the people involved with the UFL have old NFL exec ties…

  14. I’m too young to know , but 50 years ago were football fans talking this same sh*t about the AFL? That league seemed to do okay.
    The UFL may or may not succeed, but as football fans, what exactly is the downside here? Why all the hatred?

  15. The UFL will surpass the NFL.
    The UFL is simply superior.
    Redwoods Vs Locomotives
    Or Raiders vs Steelers.
    The answer is obvious.

  16. “Though we’re not quite sure how…” and “we” are not going to make any effort to look into the story because the site is called ProFootballTalk and it would not generate any web hits. but if Brett Favre were to join the league you can bet “we” would be on it 24/7.

  17. I dont quite understand why some people are leaving comments on how this shouldnt be on Profootballtalk. There is a reason the people running this website give you a headline. It is so you know what you are about to read. If you dont find it interesting, dont read it and dont comment on how you didnt want to read it.

  18. SmackmyVickup was just being sarcastic.
    Jesus, relax.
    What are you guys all employed by the UFL or something, part of its new marketing blitz?

  19. I just did my first trade, effective after this post. Traded Florio for a new sports blogger who didn’t sell out and start posting worthless blogs just to get the daily blog quota.

  20. What the hell is the UFL. lol
    Thought this was Profootballtalk.
    Florio must be trying to make a few extra bucks..

  21. the UFL is pro football, and honestley with the impending lock out coming up (after an uncapped year) it might be the only football we get for a good while, i would not be surprised to see a whole year lost, kinda like in the NHL. only i think it will be worst next year is gonna open some doors we don’t want to see opened. i’ve come to realize everyone involved with the nfl is a egotistical greedy punk, there will be no cba without a cap, and after players get to taste that un capped greed well they won’t want to settle for anything less than uncapped greed.
    another less grim point why i would like to see the ufl flurish is there are players out there that are to raw to make a roster out of college the ufl will give these guys a chance to get more polished and possibly become very good nfl players. i don’t see why a lot of u ppl are against a possible minor league that could make the nfl better in the long run

  22. Technically, if you are paid to play a sport your are a professional. But for some reason, so many college players dont get that title…

  23. I care about the UFL, I’d like to catch a few of these games. Anyone who thinks the NFL is the only PRO football or the only quality football surely lives in a box and I feel sorry for them

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