Marcus Fitzgerald tries to clean up his mess

The younger brother of Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald hasn’t been blessed with the same degree of football skills. 

But, by all appearances, Marcus Fitzgerald (who is on the preseason roster of the UFL’s California Redwoods) didn’t make up for the relative lack of physical prowess by acquiring an abundance of smarts.

Larry Fitzgerald has consistently shown that he knows what to say and what not to say when the public is paying attention.  In one afternoon of frustration, however, Marcus has thrown a wrench into that carefully constructed image.

Last night, we pointed out that Marcus posted a stream of messages on his Twitter page during and after Sunday’s Cardinals-Jaguars game.  The tweets expressed frustration regarding the fact that not enough of the 24 completions on 26 attempts from quarterback Kurt Warner were going to Larry. 

Some of the posts clearly indicated that Larry himself expressed frustration — both via a halftime text message and a post-game phone call.

Never mind the fact that, you know, the Cardinals won the game by 14 points.

According to Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic, Larry’s in-game demeanor suggested that he was indeed frustrated.  After the game, however, Larry claimed that he was simply exhausted (apparently from not catching all those passes).

So Marcus didn’t delete the tweets from his page.  Instead, he has posted half-hearted (hoof hearted) apologies, explaining at times that he was kidding and at other times that he “was just frustrated” for his brother.

But that’s the point.  Marcus was frustrated, and Marcus mentioned during his frustration that Larry was frustrated, too.  If it was all a joke, we’re still searching for the punch line.  (We now understand how many of you feel when reading our stuff.)

With the poo impacting the propeller, Marcus has deleted since last night the problematic tweets, along with others that undermine significantly the notion that Marcus was only kidding.  (To find them, go to and enter “Marcusfitz1.”)

Here’s a couple of deleted entries that were gone by the time we found the ones we mentioned last night.

“Ok another drive & kurt doesnt throw 2 larry.  YOU OLD ASS MAN, THROW HIM THE DAMN BALL.”

“Bout time kurt!  I almost had to come to jacksonville & strangle his ass lmao.”

Assuming that Marcus and Larry communicate on a fairly regular basis, it’s not a stretch to conclude that the attitude Marcus is projecting toward Warner reflects the tone and content of some of the things Larry has said privately. 

So, yeah, there’s an apparent problem here.  And it’ll be interesting to see what Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner do to deal with it moving forward.

37 responses to “Marcus Fitzgerald tries to clean up his mess

  1. Polamalu goes down for 6 weeks with a significant injury. Now This. The Madden Curse is working its magic.

  2. This twitter thing is out of control. Do these guys think no one can read what they put on there? Did anyone hear Mike Greenburg this morning rip into that inactive guy from the Redskins who made fun of people via twitter for working at McDonald’s? It was pretty funny. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him go off like that.

  3. Marcus doesn’t even have a simple understanding of the game if he thinks its all up to Kurt who gets the ball every play.
    The only good thing about Twitter i can see is it does a great job of showing what dickheads some people are………what a dolt.

  4. Twitter is the stupidest thing to come around in a long time. What I can’t figure out is how they make money considering Twitter has to supply all it’s members with a new pink dress and high heels. That’s right I’m implying that those who use and support twitter are in fact fancy boys and little girls, most of whom are just self centered narcissist. Please stop giving it attention and maybe it will fade away.

  5. isn’t there a rule against texting during games, even during halftime, or does that only apply to twitter?

  6. Nice job collaring Larry with his brother’s stupidity. As if Larry condoned these messages.
    What’s the point?

  7. So what? The guy can post what he wants. Why are people even concerned with this? People have a right to free speech. So what is the issue?
    I’m so sick of people complaining all the time.
    “You can’t celebrate.”
    “You can’t tweet.”
    “You can’t show emotion.”
    Sooner or later this great sport we call football is going to be so freakin’ boring. You can’t do anything without some guy with a stick up his ass having something to say. I’m sick of it.

  8. The world would improve if Twitter went away for good.
    I hate the living holy hell out of Twitter.

  9. Marcus doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the box but I am not sure why you assume that his feelings accurately represent Larry’s.
    Sometimes I think you try to hard to stir the pot instead of provide good solid football news.
    The media should not be the news and they should not create the news and it seems like you want to do both.

  10. “Assuming that Marcus and Larry communicate on a fairly regular basis, it’s not a stretch to conclude that the attitude Marcus is projecting toward Warner reflects the tone and content of some of the things Larry has said privately.”
    assumptions get people in trouble.

  11. Atlanta Love said: “I’m so sick of people complaining all the time.”
    You mean like Marcus Fitzgerald was in his tweets?

  12. As Honest Abe said: “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”
    All young people (or folks of any age) must do to avoid such problems is ensure the brain is in gear before putting the mouth in gear.

  13. Marcus is just making sure he never ever gets a shot in the NFL. What an idiot providing us more insight to his brother. Larry once again showing us all that matters to these guys is money and stats.
    Wasn’t it Fitz that complained the attitude of the team was different this year. Maybe he should check his ego at the door and get on board with the program. He got his 10M/per now shut the F up and go win a superbowl.

  14. Atlanta Love says:
    September 22, 2009 9:40 AM
    So what? The guy can post what he wants. Why are people even concerned with this? People have a right to free speech. So what is the issue?
    He does have the right to say what he wants. There are however repercussions for saying things like that in a public forum. By the same right, people can and will comment on what he said and judge it as they see fit.

  15. Warner needs to throw deep to Fitzgerald at least 2-3 times every game. Larry is nearly impossible to stop on those long jump balls and it also keeps the defense honest, opening up the running game and underneath passing game. If they hadn’t thrown downfield to #11 so often in the playoffs last year, they never would have gone to the Super Bowl. When you have a weapon like that, you have to use it. After this mini-controversy, I’ll bet that the Cards go deep to Larry early and often in Week 3.
    PS: For the sake of all that is decent, Twitter must be destroyed.

  16. You’re right, Mike. Jerry Rice never complained about not getting the ball. I know Michael Irvin never said anything to Troy Aikman about being open. I mean, Troy Aikman with all of his one 20+ TD season certainly never got a harsh glance from Irvin, who could’ve had much better numbers with another quarterback. Mike, you’ve spent so much time in the huddle and on the sideline with the greatest receivers to know that this is the first time an elite receiver was frustrated with not getting the ball.
    Simply put, Anquan Boldin (first) and Larry Fitzgerald are the best receivers in the NFL. The best receivers want the ball at all times. I see this frustration as being not much different than when someone like Boldin yanks off his chin strap and stomps off the field when there’s a sack or incompletion. All the yelling from T.O. resulted in Donovan McNabb’s best statistical season and a trip to the Super Bowl. Also missing from this article is the fact that Kurt Warner yells at his receivers for being out of position a lot. He and Haley used to yell at each other a lot. I’m not a superstitious person, so you can stop picking against them or trying to diminish their excellence and it won’t change anything.

  17. What an idiot. His statements are exactly what Larry Fitgerald is not. Im sure Larry didnt like that his brother said all of this in the public eye. Larry has always been a stand up cat.
    And also.. Kurt Warner is so ‘Old’ yet he set the record for completion percentage in a single game.. Something not even Tom Brady could do during his ‘super-season’ two years ago.
    Kurt was reborn last year.

  18. Marcus better be careful or he will have the wrath of the Flock of the Warnerphiles on him. As you can see a few have already showed up.
    Each player has a fan base, but the Warnerphiles are the most ignorant group around.
    They will bash Marcus for telling the truth. Fight back Marcus, even if they pass out leaflets and ask you to pray.

  19. NFL players have to be absolutely stupid to post anything on twitter. Many of them bitch about the media and then they go do dumb crap like this and just put it on a tee for the media to blow up on them. Note to NFL players: DONT USE TWITTER – the only people reading your stupid tweets is the media waiting for you to say something stupid for them to report.

  20. “Assuming that Marcus and Larry communicate on a fairly regular basis, it’s not a stretch to conclude that the attitude Marcus is projecting toward Warner reflects the tone and content of some of the things Larry has said privately. ”
    One problem with this theory. Larry was playing a football game while Marcus was tweeting about Warner so how could Larry couldn’t have comunitated with his brother. You could assume he called him at half, but that is unlikely imo. Unless Fitzgerald complained about Warner to his brother before the game started, why would he do that?

  21. Warner and Larry each have had loud mouth in their family.
    Marcus vs. Brenda.
    Kick her in the balls Marcus..

  22. Larry’s bro needs to put a lid on it. Can’t stand when the family members get involved with a player’s contract or comments on the game like McNabb and his mom, then you have McFadden and his uncle. Please, get a life and quit screwing up the players in the NFL. Losers trying to cash in on not 15 minutes but 15 seconds of fame. Jerks every last one of them!

  23. This is exactly what we see from other drama queen WRs. It would have been nice if Fitz wasn’t like this but he is so there you go.
    And to guy who said Boldin and Fitz are the best WRs in the league, I’m pretty sure Andre Johnson had the best season last year with a much worse overall team. I would take AJ over Fitz or Boldin any day. You take anyone of those 3 1000 yard WRs from last years NFC Champions and stick them on a team with out another number 1 WR there numbers would probably drop a couple of hundred yards. Don’t get me wrong, as long as they are on the same team they will be a great force, but I would say alone none of them is better than Andre Johnson and numbers back me up.

  24. Larry wants to go home and play for the Vikings. He attended Holy Angels Academy here in Minneapolis.

  25. Doesn’t anyone else see anything wrong with Fitz texting at halftime? Isn’t there anything else more productive he could be doing with his time?

  26. @this class sucks, Larry Fitzgerald has had some of his biggest games when Boldin is out. Anquan Boldin had 101 receptions (rookie record) and 1377 yards (rookie record) and 8 scores while catching opposite Bryant Johnson.
    As for calling us Warnerphiles, I have no doubt that Fitzgerald is upset, but I also have no doubt that this will be figured out and that they will be back in the Super Bowl this year. I think what it comes down to is, for the regular season, most wide receivers would prefer to play with Jay Cutler for his ability to keep a play alive and deliver a bullet down the field but, realistically, Jay can only have 5 wide receivers a year.
    The next best thing is to play with a quarterback who, according the Mike Martz who had a falling out with him and believes Warner is to an extent a product of the system like PFT Mike, is the most receiver-friendly he’s seen.
    It’s hypocritical for this site take a few snippets from a twitter, when all it really boils down to is a feeling of frustration from a great wide receiver who wants to make big plays and will not hold out (Marshall) or bench himself (Bulger) or call out Warner publically (Owens) but will keep his mouth shut as long as their winning. This is the same site that gave the Schefter a hard time for the “schism” report.
    Larry’s frustration (not anger) is divided between four different people because the OC, the O-line coach and the QB coach are all involved with Warner in the game-planning and execution.

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