Bucs continue safety shuffle

With Jermaine Phillips landing on injured reserve, the Buccaneers need help at safety.  Again.

And though linebacker Geno Hayes has offered to slide back a level (per JoeBucsFan.com), the team has opted instead to sign safety Corey Lynch from the Bengals practice squad.

The Bucs also have signed cornerback Marcus Hamilton.

Frankly, it’s likely not going to make much of a difference.  And, at this point, we think the best move would be to bring back safety John Lynch.

UPDATE:  To replace Lynch on their practice squad, the Bengals have signed cornerback Rico Murray.

12 responses to “Bucs continue safety shuffle

  1. Lynch is from the Bengals’ practice squad. He was profiled on Hard Knocks. Second time in the last day (first with Alridge) you’ve made this mistake.

  2. Probably not worth noting, but Corey Lynch did pick off Drew Brees and return it for a TD in the superdome.

  3. Am I missing something? Isn’t Derrick Brooks – one year removed from being one of the leading tacklers on the team – who knows the system – who is a hero in the TB area – still available? We’re talking stopgap here, not longterm. Wouldn’t it be better to bring Brooks back to man the WOLB slot, where he has dominated for years? Even if just for the rest of this year?
    No, it doesn’t solve the safety problem. But it does solve the Phillips to OB to IR problem…

  4. If someone told me at the start of the season the Bucs would be ranked 31st in D & 4th in total offense I would have said they were a ratard…
    31st on D for now…until the Bucs go to NY, then 32nd.

  5. As a 29 yr Bengal fan here is the skinny on Lynch….
    2.Great Ball Skills
    3. Not as Physical as I believe he can be….
    4.More a FS not a SS
    5.Good Character-Wife’s grandad is a big Evangelist
    If the secondary coaches can work with him on becoming more of a physical tackler then he is a good pick up….Good on 3rd downs too

  6. If Gruden had stuck around, the defense would be 31st and the offense 28th. And they’d still be oh dash two.

  7. jwill007, I’m a Bengal fan too and your ‘skinny’ might be pushing it on a few of his on field skills but #4 sums it up pretty good I think. But just because his wife’s dad is a ‘big Evangelist’ doesn’t automatically give you good character. The Falwells ring a bell? I know of some of Jerry’s lineage, and it includes meth heads and worse…
    I think the whole saving a woman in a car wreck thing is the better testament. Religion doesn’t do me anything personally.
    Good for Corey though! Hope he gets some good reps and latches on.

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