Drew Stanton returns to practice for the Lions

Though he’s unlikely to play in 2009 (and, if he does, it will mean the team is in serious trouble), backup quarterback Drew Stanton is back at practice after undergoing preseason knee surgery.

Stanton, a second-round pick in 2007, is the No. 3 quarterback on the depth chart.  With his return to practice, quarterback Brock Berlin was released from the practice squad.  (His spot was filled by defensive tackle Matthias Askew.)

Per Nicholas Cotsonika of the Detroit Free Press, linebacker Ernie Sims (shoulder) and Cliff Avril (hamstring) missed practice on Wednesday.

9 responses to “Drew Stanton returns to practice for the Lions

  1. only way i would trade c-pep is if we got a 3rd (not going to happon) or a starting LT all so not going to happon.. i hope c-pep re signs to a lower deal as the num 2

  2. geez, i guess not… give him a month in Carolina and he would be a better option than Delhomme or Feeley, not to mention Denver, Cleveland, and even Washington could and/or maybe should be considering as well… 5th rounder would be sufficient, but i imagine detroit would like to start the bargaining with a 4th – no way anyone would bite for a 3rd though.
    i don’t think culpepper will resign in detroit – he can compete for a starting position if he is in the right situation…

  3. Nice to see the Kevin O’Connell gambit paid off. Lions get an undisclosed draft pick from the Jets, rolled the dice with an injured emergency QB, and didn’t have to blow a roster spot on a fourth QB. Very well played, Mr. Mayhew.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  4. The lost every game last year, and are o’fer as of today.
    What else can that be called but “serious trouble”?
    First pay-per view NFL game, week 8, Det vs St Louis. Everyone loves to watch a trainwreck don’t they?

  5. they ought to try stanton. as kevin says, how much worse would they be…
    pullpecker sucks. he was only a starter on a team that willfully benched a better qb because they were too scared to go without a “proven veteran”.
    proven to do what? be sub-.500 even with moss and way under .500 without him. that’s what…

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