Jerry Jones has "all the confidence in the world" in Romo

Two days after the christening of the North Texas Football Cathedral was ruined by a kick from Lawrence Tynes dropped through the uprights like Al Czervik’s anchor, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expressed full support of his starting quarterback.

We have all the confidence in the world in Tony Romo,” Jones said Tuesday, during his weekly radio show.

“You’d like for him not to have a day like that,” Jones said, “but when everybody is pointing fingers, when it
didn’t go good, then you want someone who can walk into that huddle in
the next snap at practice, the next snap in the ballgame and walk out
there and cut and shoot and play like they just won the Super Bowl. 
That’s a great quarterback.

“[Quarterback] is certainly a physical position, and you’ve got to
have the physical skills, but, at the end of the day, it’s got to be
someone that has a tough skin, that’s got a high level of willpower,”
Jones said. “Someone that can say, ‘Look, I didn’t play well that play,
that game,’ and come back and play outstanding. . . .  The greatest of
them all had many days as rough as Tony had Sunday.”

So we think it’s a compliment.  But it also could be interpreted as a subtle warning that Romo had better “come back and play outstanding,” especially since Jones also acknowledged that he was “mad” about the loss.

The other reality here is that Jones has shown in the past (e.g., Terrell Owens) that the things the owner says and the things he ultimately does don’t always connect.  In this case, with Jon Kitna and rookie Stephen McGee as the only options behind Romo, Jones needs to hope for the best over the rest of the season.

Absent a turnaround that entails getting to the playoffs and winning at least one postseason game for the first time since December 1996, the fact that Romo threw three interceptions as part of a two-point loss on the night that more than 105,000 crammed into Cowboys Stadium for opening night could prompt Jones to do whatever he must to upgrade the position for 2010, especially since next season ends with the Super Bowl being played in Jones’ new digs.

Until that time comes, Jones won’t be tipping his hand.  But, surely, he’s already thinking about whether Romo really is the long-term answer.

44 responses to “Jerry Jones has "all the confidence in the world" in Romo

  1. Further proof that Jerry Jones should just stick to the business side of football and leave the football stuff to the football guys.
    You know what I think the problem was with Romo on Sunday? He had to keep forcing the ball all game to Terrell Owe…

  2. Finally I can post again despite having to create a new name because somehow my old one suddenly stopped working….
    Florio, and I knew you wrote this without even looking, get off of the COWBOYS! damn man, you have been spending too much time with Olberdick and his bias and hatred has started to rub off on you. We all get that you dont like the Cowboys, fine, but this is like the 10th post on them in 2 days! Romo sucks, we all know it and dont need you and your sudden NBC bias BS to ruin our experience. Keep acting like Olbermann and you will have as many viewers as he does. 10.

  3. Romo will never amount to anything and Dallas is the worst team to ever don a football helmet. We get it, Florio. We hear you, hyper-intellectual PFT comment hive mind.
    (insert sounds of ad dollars generated by a post it took Florio twenty seconds to write here).

  4. Yeah whatever, Florio. And Terry Bradshaw is still dead, “Scoop Florio” haha. It would almost be worth seeing the Cowboys fold just to see you have to go back to your other failed venture: ambulance chasing.

  5. Romo is a very good athlete that just makes a lot of mental mistakes at critical moments in the game. On the other hand, watching some of his reads and audibles during that game made me realize how good he CAN be in this league. If Jones ever did make the mistake to get rid of him (which I doubt will happen) then I would guess that at least 20 teams would be fighting for his rights. The mistakes that he makes can be coached his talent and ability cannot….

  6. What Jerry said:
    “We have all the confidence in the world in Tony Romo,”.
    What Jerry meant:
    I can’t believe we extended this slappy’s contract, all the talent on this team & Gomer gets us crushed in the final two games last year…Hell I personally picked the Ravens so we could leave the old stadium on a high note.

  7. Well, if Jerry gave up so much for Roy Williams (Roy looked impressive Sunday night against a badly banged up NY secondary!), what would he give up for a starting QB?

  8. I have all the confidence in the world that Jerry Jones will keep the cowboys in the basement, and I love it.

  9. chapnasty….Totally agree with you on Olberman, that guys a total idiot.
    bearsrule….I can’t stand Flozell most of the time cause of his penalties but then he wins me over with comments like this yesterday talking about Justin Tuck of the Giants….”A shoulder injury?” Adams said. “From a supposed kick? Tell him to stay up. It ain’t my fault.”
    Lost the first game in the new stadium, big freakin deal. The cowboys handed that game to the G-Women on a silver platter with 4 turnovers and all the bounces going thier way. Those kind of games happen in the course of a season so the Cowboys just got theirs out of the way.
    The playoff win drought will be ending soon, what will all you cowboy haters comment on when it does end? You will have nothing left to say.

  10. Of course Uncle Jerry has got his back, what the hell do you expect him to say ? Any player, I repeat any player is only on a Team until they can find someone better.

  11. This article is great, but its ability not confidence that matters most.
    4652 since Jerrys Team won a playoff game.

  12. Seriously, whats with all the Romo/Cowboys articles? As much as I enjoy a good Cowboy bashing, this is getting ridiculous.
    Leave the Cowboys reportings to Ed Werder, and focus on the other 31 teams, please.

  13. Jerry Jones can’t help himself. First off, based on lack of options, and Romos big contract, Jones has to back him. They are 1-1 on the season. Its still very early. They turned the ball over 4 times and only lost by 2. I mean teams that panic this early in a season with any record never succeed. The cowboys need to get rid of Wade Phillips, that little pudgy guy does not have the fiery tenacity to coach in the NFL. Cowboys finish the season 7-9 this year, good enough for last place in the NFC east.

  14. Jones is the new version of the crypt-keeper Al Davis. He is even starting to look like him with all the cosmetic surgery.
    Both are the poster children for how to run a viable franchise in the ground through massive ego.

  15. Ah heck,its only week 3 and Tony needs a vote of confidence already.
    That ‘ol Romosexual in the news again doggone him.

  16. Vox,
    Thanks for the advice on crunchy peanut butter. My boyfriend and I really liked it!
    Yee-haa! (inside joke with me and Vox)…hahaha.

  17. “Leave the Cowboys reportings to Ed Werder, and focus on the other 31 teams, please.”
    That doesn’t get the clicks. More people care about the Cowboys than care about the other 31 teams combined and Florio knows this. Now that he’s a GE employee, Florio has to go with what makes his corporate string-pullers money. Basically that consists of talking about the Dallas Cowboys and shilling for Obama.

  18. “Thanks for the advice on crunchy peanut butter. My boyfriend and I really liked it!”
    Yeah I just bet you did.

  19. Jerry’s World & Vox,
    you both are morons just like your owner, no clue on how to speak/write .
    the giants win , cowgirls lose, again.

  20. The simple truth is that Tony Romo is never going to get it done in Dallas.
    He’s enetering his seventh NFL season, and what has he really accomplished? He’s a sometimes gifted athlete who occassionally shows flashes of greatness, who then goes out and plays like a bonehead the very next drive. Some great physical qualities at times, at others he can’t get out of his own way. Sometimes he gets his progressions perfectly, other times he looks like he has no f’ing clue what’s going on out there.
    He’s played for two different coaches now, so it’s on him, not the coaching staff.
    Seven years, and all he’s done is be another Danny White.

  21. I think Jerry made a huge blunder by (again) retaining Wade Phillips. His teams are usually good for about 9, maybe 10 wins and nothing more. I don’t see him bringing any fire to this club, which clearly needs it.
    When Romo came onto the scene in 2006 after replacing Drew Bledsoe, it seemed like the sky was the limit. That was back when Bill Parcells was still the coach. It seems like Romo has been stuck in neutral ever since. Coincidence? I think not.

  22. We can all agree that the Cowboys will eventually win a playoff game.= Even a blind squirrel will at times find a nut.
    Before VOX chimes in.
    1. How many rings?
    2. Criminal lowbrow
    3. Your mom, (fill in blank)
    4. Eagirls, Deadskins,Vagiants, something or other stupid comment.
    And the proverbial insult to Florio, who has turned a once obscure website into a full time gig that you respond to like a f’ing puppet on a string.

  23. Tony is a star fantasy football player, maybe close to top 5. In real football where you have to win games, he’s about the 14th best qb.

  24. Hey Lax,
    If you wanna talk about wins and losses on head to head matches, i believe dallas leads 55-37-2….Just like more superbowls we also have more head to head wins. By the way, we love that you hate the cowboys and pay attention to them, just brings us more of the attention that you hate we have….

  25. @Daddy Mateo
    Yup. That’s one of the big problems. There’s no one there to make him accountable. If he had a coach that would get on his ass for some of those bonhead decisions and keep him on the “reservation” as Parcells would say then he is good enough to win.

  26. 44-6, Romo faints, gets up and says “Hey guys, it’s not all bad, I’ve got a great life so what’s the point of worrying over a playoff loss? Hahaha!”

  27. Ocelot,
    What did McNabb and all the Eagirls say after all those NFC Championship losses and the super bowl loss? I love how Eagle fans talk a bunch of smack and they have NEVER one the big one. Pathetic…..

  28. Jerry needs to shut up. He is not the coach. Also, Romo needs tough love. A kick in the butt and some guidance.

  29. They definitely didn’t say
    “Well if the worst thing that can happen to me is losing a playoff game, I’m okay”
    Because they know (especially in Philly) that that’s one hell of a disrespectful thing to say to the fans who pay your salary to win and, failing that, to show that you care about winning.
    I guess that’s not a big deal for Dallas fans. Y’all seem stuck in the mid-90’s anyway.

  30. All the cowboy fans calling for Romo’s head would be the first to say, “we never should have gotten rid of Romo” if the cowboy ever to trade him. Yeah he’s blown some big games, but that’s something alot of great QB’s did before they hit 30.
    Manning, Elway, just to name a couple.

  31. Maybe they should let Kitna start the game and play the first quarter then bring in Romo…he seemed to play better when he was a backup…he didn’t have the fear…the responsibility…he just went out and played…had some fun…now that he is the main man that fear is getting in his way and he needs professional help to over come it…find out what is inside his head that makes his brain freeze and throw those horrible passes…until he overcomes the “fear” he will be good but not great…I am hoping for great…because I know Romo is capable of attaining it…

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