Jets do a little roster tinkering

The 2-0 New York Jets, like most teams, are tinkering with the bottom of their roster.

Out is tight end Matthew Mulligan.  In is cornerback Marquice Cole, promoted from the practice squad.

Cole was part of the 53-man roster for Week One, but he then was cut.  Mulligan joined the Jets via waivers after being cut by the Titans on September 6.

So, basically, the Jets had gotten from Mulligan all the intel they needed in preparation for Sunday’s game against Tennessee.

And now he’ll go to Detroit.

13 responses to “Jets do a little roster tinkering

  1. The whole player on the waiver wire will land with the Lions shtick is pretty much uninspired and not funny.
    Is there an honest background to it that I missed or is it just the Kevin O’Connell thing?
    Either way…not funny.

  2. You know, most waived players go unclaimed, and Mulligan is very likely to. What’s with the repeated Detroit references in these situations. Is it a joke? It’s not funny, it just makes you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  3. That Lions comment caught me off-guard. That was funny, but we’re probably holding pat on TE.
    Signing a player long enough to pick his brain for an upcoming game? That’s some unscrupulous stuff there.

  4. On behalf of my favorite team, the NE Pats, I want to personally thank Rex (Jabba the Jet) Ryan and the NY J-E-T-S. Due to your larger than life mouths, people hate you more than they do us.
    Thanks again.

  5. On behalf of my favorite team, the Wonder Pets, I want to personally thank lowleadman and arrogant fans of the NE P-A-T-S. Due to your obnoxious and unintelligible drivel, people still hate you.
    Your welcome.

  6. @ LooksLikeRain
    Amusing you call fans of New England obnoxious. Take a look around some of the other threads on PFT and tell me who is more obnoxious, Pats fans, or Pats haters, most of whom remain strangely silent on what team they are “fans” of.

  7. @ hayward giablommi
    Based on my survey of 300 threads on PFT, Pat fans are 134% more obnoxious than any other fan of any other sport in the world.
    The fact that this is a thread about a simple roster move by the Jets, yet we get a Pats homer, lowleadman, making a f-ing stupid comment about the Jets when it had absolutely no relevance to the roster change proves how obnoxious the NE fan base is.

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