Welker expects to return this week

As everyone knows, it’s difficult to get quality injury information out of Fort Foxborough. 

That’s one reason why Wes Welker’s absence from last weeks’ game against the Jets was so surprising. 

ESPN’s Michael Smith, however, has found a crack in the wall.  He reported on-air Wednesday that Welker “expects” to play this Sunday against the Falcons.  Smith’s sources are feeling good about Welker’s chances of lining up.  (Welker had not missed a game in his career before last week, which also supports the case.)

This being the Patriots, we probably won’t know for sure until Sunday morning just before kickoff. 

If Welker does play, we’ll be curious to see if the Patriots will continue to use rookie Julian Edelman, who flashed some intriguing skills in Welker’s place last week, despite some mistakes. 

Edelman could potentially steal snaps from Joey Galloway, who has struggled in his transition to the team.

8 responses to “Welker expects to return this week

  1. More likely Edelman will take snaps from Benjamin Watson, playing in the slot on the other side of Welker.

  2. If Joey is going to play he will need to get his head out of his buttocks. The guy lines up off-sides during a QB sneak. WTF??? He should have been given a one way bus ticket and dropped off at the bus stop in the Foxfield Plaza.

  3. I’ve been saying watch Edelman since i saw him light it up in preseason. His play style looks like Welker cloned.
    He is Rookie WR, but in time it seems like he will be a success.

  4. Good. Play Edelman over Galloway. I’d rather Welker and Welker Light than Joey Galloway. Good lord, I don’t think he was even in the picture for 3/4 of the passes thrown his way last week.
    Not blaming him too much though, he’s obviously not experienced at catching balls from a QB who can actually throw.
    It’s pretty impressive he has had the career he has had with such incredibly terrible QBs throwing to him every year. Rick Mirer, Jon Kitna, old Warren Moon, Quincy Carter, Brian Griese, Chris Simms….The closest he ever came to a legit QB was one game with Troy Aikman starting. That’s it. Amazing.

  5. Man!!! Belecheat is killing me in Fantasy Football. I need to know if he is playing Belicheck you mutt!!

  6. “Rasta-Dolphan says:
    September 23, 2009 4:51 PM
    Man!!! Belecheat is killing me in Fantasy Football. I need to know if he is playing Belicheck you mutt!!
    Frank says:
    September 23, 2009 5:00 PM
    Cue all of the gum-disease-ridden haters… Step up ladies. You pathetic, whiny little punks.”

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