With Clifton out, McCarthy vows that "Nothing's going to change"

Just a week ago, Packers Nation was riding high, assuming a 3-0 start was a given before they traveled to Minnesota for World War Four.

Now the team is seemingly in upheaval, cutting a player who started at safety last week, and learning that starting left tackle Chad Clifton is out at least two weeks.

Of course, things weren’t nearly as good as they seemed last week.  And they aren’t nearly as bad now. 

Packers coach Mike McCarthy sounded off Wednesday about the desire to make wholesale changes, especially on the offensive line.  McCarthy supported his beleaguered unit.

“Oh, they’re going to rise to the challenge. And they need to. And we
all do, starting with me,” McCarthy said.  “We’re going down there to play football the
way we’re supposed to play football, OK? We didn’t play very good last
week. And that’s last week. We’re 1-1 and we’re excited about this
opportunity in St. Louis.”

McCarthy seemingly was responding to critics that want the tackle position addressed differently. 

“We’re going to line up and play just the
way we did every day, nothing’s going to change, we’re not changing any
plays, any practice schedules, any linemen, any safeties, OK? So we’re
going down to St. Louis to win a game and we’re going to play our type
of football. That’s our approach.”

37 responses to “With Clifton out, McCarthy vows that "Nothing's going to change"

  1. The Karma train will finally crush JimmySmith and Bob_Nelson when the Rams pull off the upset, courtesy of a monster day by Steven Jackson.

  2. Groundhog day in Green Bay, yup looks like 14 more weeks of sucking. Heard it all before McCarthy, to quote your boss, the proof is in the pudding.

  3. To: ihateflorio,
    Hey dumbass, try to learn to read the header of an article, and see who wrote it before you spout off and look like an utter tool.

  4. McCarthy is a great coach. His only weakness is his perverse fixation with the zBS “Zone Blocking Scheme” and it’s use of “smaller, quicker” linemen.
    Basically the problem is it takes until week 7-8 before the offensive line starts playing even halfway decently.
    If MM drops this zBS fetish, he’ll be a superbowl regular.
    Another thing, the Bills just signed LT Jamon Meredith off our Practice Squad. He was going to be developed as the starter next year.

  5. Teams in turmoil can fall apart or pull together. I’m sure MM and TT are very interested in which will happen here.

  6. # Fan_Of_ Four says: September 23, 2009 8:31 PM
    Groundhog day in Green Bay, yup looks like 14 more weeks of sucking. Heard it all before McCarthy, to quote your boss, the proof is in the pudding.
    For someone who, a few days ago, said they’d rather see a game at Lambeau than the new Cowboy Stadium, you seem to celebrate the idea of the Packers doing bad.
    If the Packers make the playoffs, will go away forever? Please?
    And if Aaron Rodgers makes the Pro Bowl, will you stop calling him Karen?
    Your life, I gather, is going to be much more pathetic than it already is when Favre permanently retires…you won’t have any Packers to Favre comparisons to make anymore and won’t have any vitrol to spew on this and the JSOnline blogs.

  7. “Another thing, the Bills just signed LT Jamon Meredith off our Practice Squad. He was going to be developed as the starter next year.”
    If we all knew he was going to start (including MM and TT) then he would have been on the active roster.

  8. I think we will wait until Sunday before commenting one way or the other on the subject of karma.
    Bad karma might be defined as going 15-1 and not even making it to the Superbowl, that’s as good of a definition as any.

  9. Of course nothing’s going to change.
    Green Bay’s offensive line was one of the biggest jokes in the league with Clifton in there, and they’re going to be one of the biggest jokes in the league without him.
    McCarthy has finally managed to say something intelligent. Shocking!

  10. In regard to the story about GB cutting a Safety, Jamaal Fudge is still available. The Packers have to sign him and make Fudge a Packer. Or would that just be a FudgePacker?

  11. Of course nothing is going to change, nothing has since 2005 when Ted Thompson blew up the OLine.
    The OLine has been a very low priority for TT since he arrived, and it shows.

  12. Hey jimmy smith, nice to see your punk ass finally come crawling out of your hole and talking again on here. You are a punk for tucking tale like a coward and running when your team sucks (i.e. once the season starts)
    # DC in OC says: September 23, 2009 8:36 PM
    The “Curse of Favre” is Hovering Over Lambeau
    There might be something to this is the packers go through a drought and the vikes win it all. Nothing would be sweeter than to let the morons in GB go a good 100 years or so without winning a SB, although if they keep playing the way they are, they won’t need a curse to make sure they dont win, just more TT and MM.

  13. Yo, Packers29, Meredith isn’t ready to play. He struggled developing in TC and he needs a year in the weight room. He was a project.
    Most importantly to TT, he didn’t play special teams, so he was relegated to the PS.

  14. Fan_Of_ Four sucks. What’s he going to do when his hero eventually retires? That will be a bad day for his already sad life.

  15. To all my Packer Fan buddies…the answer is No and No. I really really, REALLY don’t care if you like me or my opinions.
    FYI When my hero retires and Ted Thompson gets fired which should happen around the same time, I’ll buy a ticket to see Number 4’s number added to the ring of fame.

  16. Why the hell would he keep the same offensive line that allowed 5 sacks to one player? That is beyond me.
    and Fan_of_Four,
    Your an ass. Go cheer on your 5,000 year old interception machine fail in Minnesota.

  17. ” Fan_Of_ Four says: September 23, 2009 10:59 PM
    To all my Packer Fan buddies…the answer is No and No. I really really, REALLY don’t care if you like me or my opinions.
    FYI When my hero retires and Ted Thompson gets fired which should happen around the same time, I’ll buy a ticket to see Number 4’s number added to the ring of fame.”
    I love it when you wash my balls for me, FoF. It’s great to be your god.

  18. People, fan of 4 is a tool. She spent most of her life worshipping the ground favre walked on and when it was discovered that favre was mostly at fualt for the decision of having him leave green bay, she was crushed. At that moment denial overtook her and an undying hatred for TT and MM came to be. So now she patrols message boards shouting her love of Favre and hatred for packers management to see how many people she can annoy. She is not alone in her denial or in her plight to annoy people. I have not seen one intelligent idea offered by her on this board, only inflammatory insults. It’s just a shame her douchebaggery has to put up with at all.

  19. This is a must win game. The way GB played at home against the Bengals tells me that they could potentially lose this game.
    Things could unravel very quickly for the Pack. They are soft on both lines. They get out hit every game they play. Running game is non-existent.
    McCarthy and Thompson decided to build a team based on WR talent and speed over strength both sides of the ball. Problem is they play most of their games on grass. Whodathunkit.
    Soft frisbee ball team with the worst O-line in football. That team will quit on McCarthy by the end of the year. And everyone goes off on Chilly’s hot seat.

  20. HAHA YES! McCarthy’s response has egotistical stubbornness written all over it. Lack of adjustments due to ego always works in football….. err wait a minute….
    I can’t for week four for the purple defensive steamroller to…. steamroll that bunch of sivs… haha.

  21. It’s too early for fans of any NFC North team to get cocky, and any Vike fans that that post crap here now will deserve to be trashed when our team loses. Come on, the Pack will likely crush the Rams this week and all will be back to relative normalcy in the land of cheese. No need to cry in your Pabst unless you lose to the Rams.

  22. The Pack were “likely” to crush the Bengals too.
    Bengals 10 point dogs, how does a team ” headed for Miami” lose a game like that?

  23. Never said we’d win all 16, but teams that are supposed to be “headed to Miami” don’t lose games to 10 point UNDERDOGS!!
    Thats ok, when the packers have a losing record, again, you can brag about them all off season like you did this past one. Hydra, you are a mental midget. How do you make it through a day without fatally hurting yourself?
    I can just see you out in the backyard, mommy has a leash around your neck hooked to the clothes line, so you don’t escape into playing in the traffic.
    Seriously, you must have the luck of the irish, most people that are as grossly ignorant as you are either in special classes at school or are no longer with us.
    Do yourself a favor, quit posting, the more you post, the more asinine and ignorant you look.

  24. OK. What does the 97 team, from 12 years ago, have to do with the 2009 Packers?
    Are you insanely going to try and make a correlation between the 2 teams? Really!?
    For you, that isn’t to suprising.
    I call Hydra the idiot, because you are an idiot.
    The biggest one I have ever seen on this site.
    You make foolish predictions, try to compare teams of different decades, to try to prove that the Pack is “headed to Miami”.
    You are just an overall loser, at posting as well as life. It is plain to see by everyone on here that you are a complete and utter dumb ass.
    Your own fans think you are, that should tell you something.
    Keep your idiotic blather coming, I’m sitting here at work, laughing at you.
    Hydra= King of the asshats

  25. @ packfan66–that was funny.
    @ Chickenfoot–How do you make it through a day without fatally hurting yourself?
    I’m beginning to lose faith in MM moreso with each passing day. His offensive playcalliing (which is supposed to be his strength) is way too predictable. O-line is a joke — no doubt and he comes out in an interview and says “nothing’s changing, we’re just going to play better”. Thanks to TT we now have the cheapest O line in football (from a salary standpoint) & it definitely shows. Last year it was pad levels, this year it’s fundamentals. We shouldn’t even be discussing fundamentals in the 2nd week of the season. They should be instictual by now.
    All the preseason press about GB’s great new defense. Where did they go? I’ve got to admit that after seeing this team during the 1st half of the 3rd preseason game I was really stoked. Not so much now.
    When a team continues to have the same problems over & over & basically takes no steps in the offseason to correct obvious weaknesses then the blame falls squarely on the HC & GM.
    I like Mcarthey as a coach and feel sure that he is not being helped by TT stroking his own ego with the draft picks, etc but there is too much talent on this team to be is such disarray. Why Bishop is riding the pine & Poppinga gets to start is beyond me. Hell, we just released teh safety that started last week (Rouse). Hopefully Collins will be available but that’s iffy right now.
    This week had better be a blowout at St Louis or it could be a long year in Green Bay

  26. I feel somewhat bad, i’m being really hard on Hydra….. not enough to stop though
    Rulz, he thinks you and I are one and the same person…lol
    I spend enough time at work typing under 1 screen name, I’d never get anything done if I was using 2!

  27. Rulz:
    I am Ragnar, I must have been banned under that screen name…ooops .Damn Dewy Axwewound!
    I’m a Jack Daniels man myself, but i like the way you’re thinking on the bourbon. I’ve been known from time to time to imbibe the beam and water.
    By the way, there is no reasoning with Hydra- lord of the Asshats, but it is admirable of you to try.

  28. Damn, now I know how Luke Skywalker felt when he found out aobut Darth. Do you suppose that’s the same reason Hydara all of a sudden became Hydra2

  29. Hydra-we’re not going to Miami, get used to it. History shows you can’t win games without a decent OL (unless you pay off the refs, and the Packers don’t exactly have the kind of money Rooney does.)
    This is not our year. Quit saying it is, you’re really making yourself look like an ass. Take some comfort in knowing it ain’t the Vikings’ year either, then sit back, have a drink, (keep your bourbon gentlemen, I’ll have scotch) and enjoy whatever wins we DO manage to pull off.
    Hopefully this is TT’s last year so we can start winning more consistently, but we have to take it one game at a time for now. Bring on the Rams, who we had damn well better be able to beat.

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