Coughlin says he's "not at liberty" to discuss Phillips

Giants coach Tom Coughlin has addressed the report that safety Kenny Phillips, who has two interceptions in two games, could be heading for season-ending knee surgery.

But Coughlin really didn’t have anything to say.

Kenny Phillips, there are a lot of circumstances involved here and I am not at liberty to say anything at this point,” Coughlin said Sunday, per Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.

“There are other things [beyond medical circumstances] involved,” Coughlin said.  “There are other circumstances surrounding not just Kenny but what’s going on around. and I’m not at liberty to talk about that until those other issues get settled.  That is the best I can do for you today.  I am not trying to duck your questions.  I am just telling you that there are other issues.”

Asked whether the other issues related to the availability of other players at the position, Coughlin said, “Maybe.”

When it comes to injured players, Coughlin is required only to submit a practice participation report, and to designate on Friday whether an injured player is probable, questionable, doubtful, or out.  So Coughlin is fully within his rights to say nothing more to anyone.

And the Giants probably would have preferred that none of this get out, since once it’s known that a team needs help at a given position, the price for potential replacements might go up.

Or, possibly, available players might be scarfed up.  Safety Bernard Pollard, for example, signed this afternoon with the Texans.  Maybe the Texans were dragging their feet on this one, and maybe once they caught wind of Phillips’ condition, they opted to get the deal done.

5 responses to “Coughlin says he's "not at liberty" to discuss Phillips

  1. “As the Head Coach of this football team, I’m not in any sort of position to comment on personnel matters.”

  2. When used right, I actually enjoy the injury report aspect of the game. It puts the critical thinking aspect back into the game. Forces owners and players alike, to think strategicly.

  3. via cbssportsline:
    Giants spokesman Pat Hanlon has just tweeted, “(S) Kenny Phillips (knee) has been placed on injured reserve; Giants awarded S Aaron Rouse off waivers from Green Bay.”

  4. Tom Brady AKA CREAM PUFF, was listed on the Injury Report for the ENTIRE YEAR but played ALL the games and won the Super Bowl. Keep in mind he had Bill- I- Cheats VIDEO TAPES TUCKED UNDER HIS ARM TO STUDY.

  5. Now if Belichick made a comment like “I am not at liberty to say,” there would be hundreds of posts about it being typical shady Belichick trying to hide injury info from the media. Every coach gives the same act and they should – if a coach is out there in football being forthcoming about injury news, he should be fired on the spot.

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