Could knee condition threaten Phillips' career?

When Giants coach Tom Coughlin spoke about losing safety Kenny Phillips for the season, he said he was worried primarily about Phillips’ emotions.

As more information comes out about the knee problem Phillips has — patellofemoral arthritis — we can understand why Phillips would be scared.  This isn’t your usual football injury.

Newsday’s Bob Glauber ran down some of the common treatments and problems associated with the situation, and they didn’t sound pretty.  He also spoke with a doctor that said the issue is usually found in older people with degenerative conditions.

There is some concern, at least in Newsday’s headline, that Phillips’ career could be threatened.

It seems early to speculate on Phillips’ future, and we’re hardly medical experts. 

But the loss is a tough blow to a young player many expected to have a breakout season on the back end of New York’s defense.

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  1. yea, as a giants fan, I’m disappointed his season is over.
    But if his career is over, I just feel bad for him. 19 games into his pro career and it could be the end. I’m sure the kid lives and breathes for football. For his sake, I hope the kid can come over it.
    NFL Comeback player of the year, 2010?

  2. Hopefully not for a Giants fan, he is a bright young player. Best of luck to him. I’ll bet he’ll be back next year.Promising safety.
    From a Pats fan

  3. Yeah, last time you predicted a medical condition you said that Everett would be paralyzed permanently.

  4. @touchdowntrabo, actually by all means Everett shouldn’t have walked again. It was a miracle he did.

  5. I wonder if the Giants are doing something wrong conditioning their players… They seem to get a lot of injuries. I know this is what is said in Philly so I am sure the talk radio says that up there.

  6. re: we’re hardly medical experts

    yes and doctors are not experts either and besides that they have differing opinions on every condition
    if they were such great medical experts they would have found a cure for cancer in the last 100 years!

  7. @thecrazytomato says: September 24, 2009 6:39 PM
    @touchdowntrabo, actually by all means Everett shouldn’t have walked again. It was a miracle he did.
    That may be true, but as a news organization, you don’t offer such a bleak outlook when you DON’T KNOW. Furthermore, I read words FROM THE DOCTOR immediately after Florio posted his article that there was no indication of a severed cord, and that he had a solid chance to walk again.
    He jumped the gun on it, predicted permanent paralysis and only made himself look like more of an ass than he already is.
    Get off it.

  8. Actually read it again, he is only quoting another source.
    With the title “Could” meaning he is asking a question, and with the quote
    “There is some concern, at least in Newsday’s headline, that Phillips’ career could be threatened.”
    He is saying that newsday is reporting it could be possible that his career is over, and he is questioning that.
    He states just below that “It seems early to speculate on Phillips’ future, and we’re hardly medical experts. ” He not once did he predict anything.
    As for Everett, they removed 2 or 3 vertabraes on it. Pft is normally pretty good at keeping up with info. So I would say they posted the news within a few hours. A few hours after the incident it was believed by majority he would never walk again.

  9. Kenny good luck to you and your family
    I hope your back next year making great plays like you did last Sunday
    Thanks from all the Giants fans for your great play in Dallas
    Way to go Kenny

  10. I feel bad. These guys have worked so hard all their lives (most anyway) to get where they are and to go down to injury, and have your career possibly come to an end already, it must hurt. Rams fan here but I hate anyone going down because of knee injuries Brady, Phillips, anyone. this is a game and people need to realize it goes way beyond rivals and opponents and your players.

  11. By all accounts, a good guy, a great teammate and a player with a bright future. This is a HUGE loss for NY and could be a devasting blow to any chance of going to the Super Bowl. I hope Phillips’ makes a total recovery and has a long career. In a league that is packed with self absorbed douchebags, it’s always painful to see a genuine good guy’s career possibly coming to an end.

  12. The good thing is the Giants put player above franchise. He could probably still play but be in pain. Better that Kenny be able to walk without pain and not return to football then something worse happening.

  13. A whole lot of love coming out for an injured player.
    It’s a good thing he’s not an Eagle, or otherwise the class of PFT (looking at you, BigBluefan) would be all over this post mocking the man.
    Best of luck, injuries are the bane of good football.

  14. What up Smush, the giants for years have had an eh training staff, thats no surprise, the eagles have been bit by the same bug. Dallas still can’t hold a torch to either team.
    In phillips case this is out of the training staffs hands, this is a knee injury he developed, all the conditioning in the world couldnt help him.
    it baffles me because obviously being a fan youre selfish, he is in no worse shape as he was in for the dallas game, he can still run players down this week, he can still run back an INT like he did last weekend, but if you think about his future, youd hate to see his knees deteriorate and see him at 38 yrs old with crutches attached to his wrists so he can walk.

  15. jkorn,
    Whenever there are a few injuries in Philly – the phone lines and reporters step up asking if maybe Andy was too hard on them in camp or maybe too easy. Or maybe the training staff did this wrong or that wrong. If a guy gets hurt, they question whether he should have been playing at all and if a guy doesn’t play – they question his manhood.
    My post was not related to Phillips, just the string of injuries in New York over the last few years. My personal belief is that everyone’s body and pain threshhold is different. Trainers and doctors do not know what they are doing – they are just following guidelines and guessing and playing the numbers.
    Look at the Shawn Andrews situation. he got ripped on this site, by almost every member of the media who covers the Eagles locally and nationally including PFT, and the fans attacked on the radio and twitter. Now, how many retractions have we seen since a doctor verified the pain in his back and stated it was normal. There was an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Alper ran a one liner on it. That is a friggin joke.
    I know the media in New York is just a s clueless and over the top as Philly (probably more). i am curious if people say the same things about the Giants staff and doctors like they would here about the Eagles (Flyers, Sixers, and Phils as well).

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