Rams G.M. upset with Mark Schlereth

Well, I’m not the only media type whom an employee of an NFL team currently would like to pummel.

The difference is that, in this latest case, the media type probably would win the fight.

Rams G.M. Billy Devaney is upset with ESPN’s Mark Schlereth.  “Stink,” who made a stink in these parts last month with a shamefully biased defense of former Idaho teammate Tom Cable, recently called the Rams a team in “shambles,” and he suggested that the Rams aren’t “competing.”

“I’ll be honest, I’ve got to take a deep breath, because that really pisses me off,” Devaney recently said on ESPN’s St. Louis radio station, via Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  “When he says something like we’re not competing, how the hell does he
know?  I guarantee you he hasn’t watched one of our games.  You can say
we had a stinker in Seattle and we made a ton of mistakes.  And that’s
fine.  But to say we’re not competing is totally asinine.

“It frosts me,” the second-year G.M. said later.  “It just ticks me off a little bit.  We’re fighting our
guts out there.  If you want to say we’re no good right now, I don’t
have a problem with that.  But don’t question our heart.  Don’t question
our competitiveness.” 

Wow.  Here’s one thing of which we’re certain.  If the Rams played with the fire that Devaney has demonstrated in defending them, they sure as hell wouldn’t be 0-2.

And if they come out like that on Sunday against the Packers, the final score might look like a certain playoff game from several years back, when Brett Favre threw (and our memory might be a little fuzzy here) 16 interceptions.

52 responses to “Rams G.M. upset with Mark Schlereth

  1. Good thing the Rams play in the same state as the Chiefs, because at least they aren’t the worst team in their own state…..

  2. Schlereths opinion is as valuable as mine. He also said the Eagles would have absolutely no interest in signing Vick. Hey Mark – Just shut up.

  3. Well, he has a point. The Rams in are the shambles that the 9ers were under Dennis Erickson. Gutted from the inside out, the only difference is the Rams still have a good QB and RB (just nothing else to help them out). Give them a few years, maybe another head coach or 2.
    Barely losing to a pathetic Washington O isn’t a big factor either, as the Deadskins don’t have a good O. Nice D, though.

  4. Is there a way to turn off the auto-refresh on this site? It’s annoying to be reading an article and have it refresh the page on you. For many of us we don’t read all of them at once, we read an article or two at a time then go do other stuff then come back and catch up. Then we lose the articles when the page refreshes. Especially on busy days.

  5. “Well, I’m not the only media type whom an employee of an NFL team currently would like to pummel.”
    that’s it – inject yourself in as many stories as possible – it is all about you, anyway…
    Keep it up and maybe they will let you in the Official Tony Kornheiser Club….

  6. its time for Dan Snyder of the skins to start firing his guys up this way.
    its not to late to salvage your season.
    spags is going to be fine….
    zorn? not so sure

  7. Schlereth was monstrous in size as a player. It’s amazing how much he has shrunk. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

  8. “Here’s one thing of which we’re certain. If the Rams played with the fire that Devaney has demonstrated in defending them, they sure as hell wouldn’t be 0-2”.
    That’s the funniest thing I’ve read today. You’re ‘certain’ about this? Really?
    Maybe the phrase ‘sure as hell’ & the word ‘certain’ have different meanings for people who have law degrees. 😉

  9. Stop going out of your way to use the big words, Schlereth (he would stutter out “polysyllabic”).
    It actually confirms that the spacey gaze you sport is because the squeaky hamster wheel between your ears is busted.

  10. Mark Schlereth is notorious for spouting off without watching the film or doing his homework – The guy is unprofessional – Especially to say something so absurd about a team actually giving up in just the 1st game of the season?

  11. Schlereth probably wouldn’t be able to win the fight – he walks as fast as a 90 year old with the same moves.

  12. The “Curse of Favre”
    will Hover Over the Edward Jones Dome
    & the Lams will Rock the Packers on Sunday
    Lams 24 Packers 20
    Upset Special

  13. I agree with Schlereth and although I like Spags for this job, the team should’ve finished with what they started and got rid of Bulger and Jackson. At least then they could say they are rebuilding. But they are not rebuilding and they are not winning.
    Spags is a coach that needs a chance to groom talent. This team is set in their ways.

  14. Can’t wait till the Toilet Bowl Rams-Lions play. Then I think we can end all the “who is the 31st ranked team and who is the 32nd ranked team” controversy.

  15. Mark Schlereth = ignorant, unintelligent bumbling douche.
    And yes, Schlereth (if you are having someone read this to you) I will happily call you a douche to your face. You douche.

  16. The Rams shouldn’t be so easily offended. Do they want to be praised for being a terrible team?

  17. This is exactly the kind of reaction ESPN is looking for; it reinforces their objective in creating controversy across the sporting world.

  18. Schlereths Broncos cheated the salary cap both years they won the SB. he’s a disingenuous fraud. sickening hypocrite.

  19. Florio, you crack me up. Laugh out loud. I think the Dude would appreciate it too……..Jackie Treehorn

  20. Yeah, Schlereth is an journeyman ex-NFLer turned ESPN butt-kissin Cowboy-hater, too that thinks more of himself than any of his teams ever did. That guy LOVES to hear himself talk, as well.

  21. Schlereth is an uninformed biased tool douchejuice…he should stick to soap operas and giving himself golden showers, as that’s all he’s good at.
    I can’t wait until the Rams give the Pack their second straight “upset” loss (before they go back to sucking full time).

  22. i absolutely love the fact you goaded all the trolls with that “16 int’s” in that game comment
    classic florio, baiting the fish

  23. They’d still be 0-2. I don’t care if they were madder than King Kong getting shot at by airplanes, they don’t have the talent right now.

  24. Wow. Here’s one thing of which we’re certain. If the Rams played with the fire that Devaney has demonstrated in defending them, they sure as hell wouldn’t be 0-2.
    WOW, Florio…you basically just did what Sch’surgery’lereth did…

  25. Difference between Rams and Chiefs… Rams haven’t yet admitted they need to rebuild. The Chiefs have, and are, rebuilding. Chiefs are the best team in the state and are getting better.

  26. Wow. Here’s one thing of which we’re certain. If the Rams played with the fire that Devaney has demonstrated in defending them, they sure as hell wouldn’t be 0-2.
    Really? Grow up Mike. It’s not all about effort. Skill is a HUGE part of the equation as well.
    Look at the 2008 Detroit Lions. I don’t think that team ever really quit. They seemed to play hard 90% of the time. But they went 0-16.
    The fact is that aside from Steven Jackson — who is a great player — and a handful of other guys who are pretty good, the Rams are pretty empty in the talent department in comparison to the other 31 NFL teams. If they win more than 3 games this season I’d be surprised, regardless of whether or not they play hard every week.

  27. DC in OC –
    The Curse wasn’t hovering week 1 vs the Bears. Is this an every other week thing that it hovers? Does it hover every once in awhile? When is the next hovering after the hover in St Louis?

  28. Juicy…the did let Pace, Holt, and Tinoisamoa (i can pretty much promise that I butchered that spelling…might even be both names smushed together). They aren’t the Pirates. Just cause you keep a couple guys doesn’t mean you aren’t rebuilding.

  29. The Rams will prove you all wrong. If any of you haters watched any of thier games you would see that they lost because of mistakes that can and will be fixed.
    The Defence is solid and getting better every game. Spaggi has got these guys playing hard and they will finish this season playing much better. As soon as thier talented young line gets it together and hopefully stays healthy the Rams are gonna be a team that could make the playoffs.

  30. Actually, Schlereth defended Cable because as of today, no charges have ever been brought against Cable. You have the word of one whiny demoted douchebag assistant, against Cable, and two other coaches who were in the room that have neither confirmed nor denied anything happened. I sure don’t seen the Napa police hounding Cable every week.. maybe, just maybe, there was an innocent confrontation that ended with an accident….
    That said, Schlereth is still a douchbag

  31. I don’t really know all that much about Mark Schlereth as a commentator, but it doesn’t sound like he’s all that far off (I’m basing this opinion on the paraphrase of his commentary in this post — I’m not going to go look up the original). To say the Rams are a shambles seems pretty accurate. The team really is a mess on just about every front from what I can tell (he said with a malicious smile). As far as “not competing,” that doesn’t sound like Schlereth is questioning their heart, it sounds like he’s stating that they’re getting their ass kicked. Which they basically are. You can be trying like hell and still not be in the same class as the other team.
    Now, as to why the team is so bad . . . This scenario seems oddly familiar. There’s a promise of a shiny new stadium in another city on the horizon. The team takes a deep nose dive into “uncompetitiveness,” the fanbase gets disgruntled with a team that seems to have no real hope of winning and stops buying tickets. “Well, we have to move the team — there’s just no support here in St. Louis. ”
    L.A. Rams, anyone?

  32. I’m curious as to whether Florio is on a one-man mission to include Brett Favre in EVERY one of PFT’s Latest News & Rumors – in some capacity.
    Personally, I feel Brett Favre is popular and rich enough that we needn’t increase the former and definitely not the latter.

  33. L.A. Rams, anyone?
    I would agree, but their lease is up in 2012.
    Depending on who buys it, will be determined if they stay.
    The NFL wants a team in L.A. next season.
    Who knows?

  34. was @ the game last sunday and the rams did compete its just unfortunate that they have just S..Jaxx, Robinson also played well and the D stood tall.

  35. Devaney “guarantees” he hasn’t watched one of their games? How the hell does he know that? Isn’t that the same argument he’s making?
    That’s the problem Devaney, YOU, because you have an illogical mind and therefore are not qualified to manage a football team to success.

  36. One problem with your write-up, Florio – Schlereth WAS CORRECT regarding Tom Cable! As of today NOTHING has happened regarding the police pressing charges. You were the one raising a “stink,” not him.
    You were also wrong regarding Seymour.
    You are wrong often when it comes to the Raiders. Go figure.

  37. LB Pack
    It will Hover for 20 Years
    Just Like the Curse of the Bambino in Boston
    Packers are Doomed to 20 Years of Mediocrity
    TT, McLardy & MurDoufus have past the “Rubicon”
    Judgement Day is Coming

  38. I don’t understand why the Rams GM should even bother to raise such a “stink” over Mark Schlereth’s comments…
    He should just ignore him, like most of the fans do…

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