Sean Salisbury sounds off

We’ve been watching over the past couple days with a mixture of fascination and gratitude the e-mail exchanges between our friends at Deadspin and former NFL quarterback and former ESPN analyst Sean Salisbury.

The fascination comes from the fact that we simply can’t believe the stuff that Salisbury has written.

The gratitude comes from the fact that we aren’t the target of Salisbury’s venom.  (Yet.)

Here’s a short excerpt of one of the many messages that Salisbury sent:  “I will own deadspin u will be asked to give up ur sources so since u
guys have cost me more than alot of money my only goal in my career is
to ruin u like u have me.”

Salisbury also promises to sue CBS and ESPN.  He also plans to write a tell-all book about Bristol.

The problem between Deadspin and Salisbury initially arose because of reports regarding Salisbury, a certain body part, and cell phone photos of that body part.  (Salisbury denies the allegations.)  More recently, Deadspin reported that Salisbury was fired from radio station 105.3 The Fan in Dallas for “sexting” a female employee.  As part of the e-mail exchange with Deadspin, Salisbury denies the allegations.

As of this posting, Deadspin has devoted three separate posts to the topic.  And for good reason. 

Salisbury simply wouldn’t stop.

It remains to be seen whether he follows through with his plan to file suit.  Or to write a tell-all book about ESPN.  For now, his biggest accomplishment since shaving a Christmas tree into the back of his haircut in the early 1990s has been to actually put down his phone and quit sending e-mails to Deadspin.

15 responses to “Sean Salisbury sounds off

  1. I love how Salisbury keeps talking about how deadspin ruined his reputation. I didn’t know his reputation as a washed up QB/loudmouth TV personality was so valuable to him.

  2. The cell phone pic thing at the ESPN party was pretty funny though and quite original- “Do you want to see a picture of my baby?”

  3. It’s pretty sad actually that there is no one in this guy’s life who will say “come on Sean, it’s starting to really get embarassing”.
    There has got to be something seriously wrong with this fellows mind. I can’t even imagine people making up stories like this “want to see a picture of my baby?” crap, or backing up the person he pulled it on.
    Regarding the “sexting” message, should be easy enough to prove, right? Someone needs to produce the text message and put the spotlight right on this guy, so he can be nudged into getting the professional help he seriously needs.

  4. hahahahahahahahaha, i cant stop laughin…”you want to see a picture of my baby”…hahahahha, i just laugh my ass of when i read that. he is a moron, stuck in 82 like uncle rico, but i swear if i saw that happen to someone, i would shit myself laughing. the guy thinks he is in college still, what a f’ing moron, hahahahahahha

  5. Sean needs to check himself into a program. The guy sounds like he’s in serious need of some professional help. But I’ve gotta admit, if he’s truly writing a tell-all book about the inside skinny of the inner workings of what goes on at Bristol, I’m jumping to the head of the line to buy me a copy.

  6. Sean better not write that book – he might turn up in a swamp in Orlando. You don’t mess with the mouse!

  7. I’m sure his tell all book would be nothing but fiction, but I would love to hear behind the scenes allegations against ESPN…erroneous or not.

  8. Kevin from Philly says:
    September 25, 2009 9:09 AM
    Sean better not write that book – he might turn up in a swamp in Orlando. You don’t mess with the mouse!
    I think ESPN would leverage their new relationship with Robert Kraft who would instruct Tom Brady’s goons to shoot at Salisbury.

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