Titans cracking up?

We were stunned a bit by the recent rant from Titans coach Jeff Fisher regarding NewChannel 5’s treatment of the lawsuit filed by former Tennessee receiver David Givens against the team.

Though Fisher apparently has a beef regarding the manner in which his words were presented, the fact that he went a tad bonkos over the situation seemed to be a little much.

But it’s one of the realities, in our view, of a team that started the 2008 regular season 13-2 and that is now riding a four-game losing streak in games that count, dating back to Week Seventeen of last year.

The most compelling evidence that things aren’t going too well in Tennessee comes from the bizarre back and forth that emerged in the wake of Sunday’s 34-31 loss to the Texans.  Cornerback Nick Harper claimed that the coaching staff didn’t make adjustments.  Fisher claimed that the players didn’t incorporate the adjustments that were made.

And this makes us wonder whether Fisher, who has thrived in relative anonymity since 1994 as head coach of the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Oilers/Tennessee Titans, might finally be reaching the end of the line.  For some reason, Fisher has to date escaped the whispers that have plagued other coaches (like Philadelphia’s Andy Reid) regarding whether, in the modern NFL, a point comes whether the players just don’t listen anymore.

With big names like Bill Cowher, Mike Holmgren, and Mike Shanahan slowly circling in search of the coming coaching carcasses, there’s a chance that 80-something owner Bud Adams will decide that the time for a change has come. 

Which, of course, would likely delight Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who undoubtedly would welcome Fisher to Dallas in a heartbeat.

So we’ll be keeping an eye on the situation in Nashville.  With each loss — and based on the schedule it looks like more will be coming — the pressure will be mounting.

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  1. There’s a rumor that Cowher was at a steak house in Philly with Joe Banner two weeks ago. Hmmmmmm

  2. Don’t forget Gruden. I’ll bet he’d love to run that spread he’s been studying with Vince. Like Vick, Vince will never be a pocket passer, but Gruden (and maybe Andy Reid, we’ll find out on Sunday) is one of the few coaches that may have the marbles to run an offense that fits these great athletes at the QB position.

  3. I don’t see anywhere where you actually quote what Jeff Fisher said before training camp, and quote what he said in his rant. I mean seriously can you give a little bit more information instead of a bunch of links that don’t tell me anything? I’ve read every article on the site about this and still have no clue exactly what led to Fisher being so upset. Come on guys step up your game a little bit here.

  4. Florio, you are quickly becoming just another media hack who throws out the name of the Dallas Cowboys when all else fails. I have lost a lot of the respect I had for you over the last few months as you have become just another guy who sensationalizes everything Dallas Cowboys. You are better than that.

  5. Still kills me that when Bramin fired Buddy Ryan, he also fired Fisher (DC) but kept Richie Kotite.

  6. I may be wrong, but isn’t all this negative stuff happening after lard butt wiped his feet on a Terrible Towel (not to mention zero wins)?

  7. Get Fisher to Cleveland!! (not that he’d want to come here). Randy Lerner can afford to eat Mangini’s contract. He’s still paying the last 3 head coaches the Browns had. What’s one more???

  8. Big time reach here, Florio. This talk will be forgotten when the Titans beat the Jesters this week.

  9. As much as I would love to hear about the titans demise, this is not enough to count them out. Titans are veteran team led by a vet QB and the longest tenured coach in the league if I’m not mistaken.
    Additionally losses last year don’t count into this year unless you play in Detroit.
    However, if they lose two more games before they win one I will dance on their grave!!

  10. Fisher’s days were numbered as soon as Vince Young became the 3rd overall draft pick.
    It’s a small miracle, if you believe in such hocus pocus, that any coach could last this long at the same job. He’s had a helluva run.
    Hey, if the Titans rebound and make the playoffs, the run continues. But, there has to be a sense of things getting a little stale there.

  11. Look we all have our gripes with Florio, but he can’t possibly be out to get EVERY team. “Take another jab at the Eagles?” Are you kidding?

  12. TEN won’t fire Fisher. There isn’t an adequate mustache to replace his in the coaching pool at this time… oh wait… there is the scowl himself sitting in a TV booth… nah… won’t happen.

  13. “Which, of course, would likely delight Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who undoubtedly would welcome Fisher to Dallas in a heartbeat.”
    Doubt it, since Fissure decided that he’d rather get some publicity by trying to show Jones’ new stadium up rather than use the time to try to actually improve his team. Is it any wonder why the Titans suck?

  14. “Gruden (and maybe Andy Reid, we’ll find out on Sunday) is one of the few coaches that may have the marbles to run an offense that fits these great athletes at the QB position. Thoughts?”
    Here’s a thought. You’re an idiot for mentioning Reid in the same paragraph as Gruden. Reid can’t even run his own house.

  15. I doubt Fisher gets axed before the end of the season.
    It will take a terrible year before he’s let go. Even then, I think the Titans would “trade” him to Dallas for a draft pick first.
    Cowher in Tennessee?
    Who else would find it a little odd seeing old “ass chin” (the ex-Stealer coach) in charge of the Titans?
    I think their biggest problem is they need to get some better depth at CB. Those rookies CBs have potential but (IMO) the Titans need experienced players to cover things while these young guys learn the ropes…

  16. What’s everyone mad about…this story is a great example of Latest RUMORS! Before, Florio used to get rumors from the rumor mill, but now he just creates his own.
    So the coach is in trouble because they lost 2 in a row to start the season.
    Vox Veritas, you sir are an idiot!

  17. Wow what a psych job Florio. Nicely done.
    The Titans aren’t cracking. They played both games at a high level against good teams and they should have won both games. When a team has high expectations this sort of result is going to raise self doubt. Fair enough. What seems to get lost is that they aren’t playing that badly. Rather than ratchet up the tension the team needs to relax and take it one game at a time. The vaunted Pats could easily be in an 0-2 hole too.
    The Titans are just at a stage where they have to go from very good football team to a championship team. Every team on that precipice goes thru the same struggles. Indy went thru it. The Steelers went thru it. The Giants went thru it. San Diego has been banging on the door for a few years now and while they haven’t crossed it they’re still playing at a high level. The Saints are in the same boat. Dallas too. My point? They’re in good company with the elite of the NFL. What the Titans need to do is look to the examples of those teams like New York and Indy and see how they managed the transition. I’d bet the Titans are closer to crossing to the next level than either SD or Dallas. Why? They all give a damn. Their frustration is the same frustration that plagued Peyton Manning. You need to start worrying when the team has players and coaches that don’t care and don’t put the effort in, such as with SD and Dallas. That’s not the Titans. They’re not riding on their reputations or failing to adapt. So time will tell.

  18. First, this is complete assumption by florio. I guarantee he has no idea what he’s talking about regarding a small market team, that’s why he always tries to throw in big market teams to try and get everyone to agree with what he says cause they don’t know anything about what’s going on in Nashville. Nick Harper was misquoted and he did say in an interview it was the players fault. I know u can make the argument that if players are making mistakes it’s the coaching staffs fault, but these were mistake made by players trying to make a big play. Going with their instincts instead of with the gameplan. Jeff fisher is the last person this team needs and is pointing the finger at. Go listen to player interviews on titansonline.com and you will realize how wrong this article is.
    Secondly, we signed fisher to a huge extension and I know bud isn’t going to pay him to be an analyst or a coach for another team. He is too cheap/smart with his money to do that.
    Thirdly, if u don’t believe the player interviews, go actually watch the game. Griff was the one trying too hard and having nick Harper n Andre Johnson is a mistake. It’s not jeff’s fault we have the oldest starting cornerback in the league going up against probably the best receiver in the league. That is a front office move we should have made in the offseason. All the fans in nashville knew if we weren’t going to resign Albert haynesworth we would need to get Harper out of there.
    And last, chuck Cecil should be the first coach to get the blame. He is running a defensive scheme that entails having a dominate d line to be successful and hasn’t changed the gameplan. We had a good half against pittsburgh but once Pittsburgh made the adjustments, we haven’t stopped an offense yet. He was promoted from our secndary coach to our defensive coordinator and our secondary is now the liability of our team. This is inexcusable and has given a lot of titans fans cause for concern in Tennessee.

  19. May the Schwartz be with you…Bud got rid of Floyd Reese to let Jeff have full reign.. he’s going nowhere… Bigger Question is at what point does Adams tell Fish that Young is the QB of the future? 0-4 , 1-4??

  20. The Titans need to let Bud Adams go…not Jeff Fisher!
    Bud brought in Vince.
    The Titans would be FOOLS to fire Jeff.

  21. Hardly think Fisher is going anywhere. He has fielded consistently good teams. Just off to a bad (unlucky) start. Could easily be 2-0.
    Cowher will end up at Panthers. Holmgren needs to lose a whole lotta weight if he tries a comeback–he’ll die on the practice field. I would really like to see Holmgren in the booth. I’d bet he can be as good as Madden. I can see Gruden in Dallas which could be very scary. I’m hoping they keep ol Wadie boy. That way I only have to here about ’em for 16 games.

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