T.O. laments missed opportunities, "dirty shield"

Last Wednesday, Terrell Owens noted that Bills quarterback Trent Edwards needed to “better assess what he’s seeing out there and take some shots down the field.”

On Sunday, Edwards tried to do that in the second quarter of Buffalo’s 33-20 win over Tampa Bay, going up top to Owens on about a 40-yard throw down the right sideline. Edwards’ perfectly placed pass slid through Owens’ arms and hit the turf. 

Owens addressed the play on Wednesday as the Bills prepare for to host New Orleans this weekend.

“I just feel like I let some opportunities slip,” Owens told reporters, according to Mark Gaughan in the Buffalo News. “Obviously with the deep ball, I kind of relaxed and the shield (on his facemask) was kind of dirty from the couple of plays before.”

Through two games, Owens has seen eight passes thrown his way by Edwards, who’s done a creditable job running the Buffalo offense. Owens has five catches for 98 yards and a touchdown scored in the fourth quarter against the Bucs.  

The five catches are way off Owens’ normal pace out of the gates. In three seasons with the Cowboys he caught eight, eight and nine passes respectively in the first two games from 2006 through 2008. He caught 12 in each of the first two games from 2003 through 2005.

Owens knows it’s in his best interests to stick to the “team-first” talking points after a win and he’s done that.

“I’m pleased with the win and that we won,” he said. “We came back and sealed the win but, like I said, I have high standards for myself and it wasn’t my best game. I just try to perform at a high level.”

With the Saints and their 46.5 points per game offense headed to Buffalo this weekend, Edwards will likely be looking for Owens even more in a quest to keep up with the Saints offense.

That being the case, Edwards is within his rights to sidle up to Owens and advise him, “Getcha Windex ready!”

22 responses to “T.O. laments missed opportunities, "dirty shield"

  1. T.O. drops another pass, and this surprises anybody? How many did he drop last year? I believe he was in or very near the top 10 in the league. Were all those his ” shield ” too? LMAO!!!!

  2. Oh no you didnt!
    windex wasnt quite what i was thinking but it is great
    i was thinking “getcher squeegie ready”

  3. why are people SO obsessed with anything T.O. says?? C’mon, Tom nothing glowing to write about the Patsies? By the way, how’s Buffalo’s draft looking now? After the draft I saw you lambaste them for picking the two guards early. Huh, how’s it look now? How’s the Pats O-line looking?

  4. dirty visor my butt how can a visor get dirty playing on artificial turf??.. he went into a shadow on the field and lost it i was sitting right there

  5. I’d love to see Favre appear on TO’s show for a smackdown for who is the “King of Drama and of Blaming Anything Else Besides Myself for My Mistakes”

  6. bearsrule, read that again, he is blaming Edwards dirty mask and admitting that HE laid down on the patterns. He’s a tool , a guy that has outlasted any of his value

  7. u mean to tell the world mini-i and mini-me on each shoulder didnt tell u that ur shield was not clean…come on T.O. ( or were they fighting @ the time) oohh those d**n demons

  8. That was a tough drop indeed. But, The Bills still won.
    He’d better not drop one this week or he may find the score of the game in his lawn, with an anotomy lesson beneath it.

  9. His shield was dirty ? He might as well say his vagina was bleeding and he couldn’t concentrate because of that.
    He’s always been an a-hole but at least used to be a good player. Now he’s the king of the dropsies and a joke on the field.

  10. Tonight on CBS: Dennis Leary starring in a very special presentation of, “NYPD Uncovered: The Dirty Shield.”

  11. Owens has also *dropped* passes in each game thus far this season, including crucial would-be first downs.
    in my opinion, he cannot complain or clamor for more passes until he proves he can not drop them.


  13. I couldn’t come up with anything clever to say because my monitor screen is dirty.
    Are you saying it’s Ok for Terrell to drop passes cuz he’s flush? Or do you judge a person’s character by the weight of his wallet? And why are you shouting?

  14. So TO puts the blame on Edwards for not throwing the ball dep to him, and when Edwards does and the ball goes right through TO’s hands, he BLAMES HIS DIRTY VISOR??????
    Man up, Terrell. Edwards didn’t make any excuses when he didn’t get you the ball, did he?
    A dirty visor…… that’s precious! Next week: “he threw it so I was facing into the sun!!!!”
    Week after that: “he KNEW my shoelace was loose!”

  15. Did ANY OF YOU expect Owens to man up and say the obvious….”I dropped the damn ball” ?
    Hell would freeze over first. This week it’s a dirty shield, next week his tampon slipped, the week after the other receivers have bigger baloney….

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