Out on a limb for the Lions

When we made our picks for Week Three, we pondered the Redskins-Lions matchup carefully.

We scratched our heads.  We studied tape.  We reviewed statistics and trends and game-day weather projections, since even when playing in a dome the outside conditions could, theoretically, have an impact.

And then, roughly ten seconds after commencing our review, we picked the Lions to get their first win since December 2007.

We knew it would make a few eyebrows raise.  But now our so-called friends at NBC have now raised the stakes, touting our predicted upset on the front page of NBCSports.com.


Of course, barely two weeks ago I picked the Redskins to make it to the Super Bowl.  But that was before a couple of lackluster performances during which I concluded that, while the Redskins definitely have the talent, they apparently do not yet have the coaching.

That said, there’s still a chance they’ll get on the right track.

And I’m hoping that they do.

Right after they lose to the Lions.

38 responses to “Out on a limb for the Lions

  1. Redskins have “had the talent” for the past 10 years and haven’t done shiiiiet. Maybe that talent isn’t all that talented, eh?

  2. Sometimes you crack me up, Mike. The Redskins lack talent and/or depth at every position on offense, and their defense is merely average. Zorn may be the strength of that team. That mediocre-on-their-best-day team. They’re not winning the Super Bowl this season. They’re not even making the playoffs.

  3. The Redskins do not have the talent to win anything Florio. Stick to writing your crappy jokes. Obviously you can’t evaluate talent.
    Washington will be lucky if they win 5 games this year.
    No way they don’t go 0-6 against the other NFC East teams.

  4. Redskins have the talent!?!
    What friggin planet are you from?
    They are a bunch of mediocre, heartless, check cashers who are devoid of any ambition or team pride.
    Jason Campbell is another Kordell Stewart, sans running ability. This will be Campbell’s last year in DC, the only reason he’s still there is they couldn’t secure an upgrade! Portis is just about finished as well.
    The D is okay, but will be finished early because they are on the field too much.
    Granted, Zorn’s play calling leaves much to be desired but he is not the only problem!

  5. Hey Florio — the Falcons changed logos/helmets about 5-6 years ago. You might want to give some at NBC a heads-up. Better late than never.

  6. Coaching? You’re blaming your horrible pick on Coaching? The bad thing for you is that you seem available enough to your readers that they don’t forget outlandish hero picks like that. Most writers can make rediculous picks and if they’re right they’re brilliant and if they’re wrong, people don’t remember. If Terry Bradshaw has tought us one thing…everybody will remember that you picked a last place team to win the Super Bowl.

  7. It’s the safe pick. They are bound to win one soon. Why not this game considering the Skins performance gainst the Rams last week. Put that up vsthe Lions first half performance last week and boom! Rocket science just happened.

  8. Everybody on TV, Radio and the Web seems to be saying this is when Detroit will snap their streak and every single person that says it acts like they’re the only ones who are doing it. I’m not one to pile it on when you mess up Florio but I think you’re just following the crowd on this one.

  9. Picking the Lions to win is NOT “out on a limb.”
    Herm Edwards picked them to win on ESPN on Monday. Colin Cowherd (on Sportsnation) agreed with him. I saw another analyst pick the Lions to win later in the week.
    When most of the talking heads are choosing them, it isn’t anywhere near “out on a limb.”

  10. need a pic of florio sawing off the limb he is sitting on
    herm is a doofus. sure u want to keep that company?

  11. Zorn is the best qb on that team. He needs to put on some pads, and talk Steve Largent out of retirement.

  12. TheDPR says:
    September 25, 2009 8:06 AM
    “Zorn may be the strength of that team.”
    Wow…someone isn’t watching the games. And if he is…someone is NOT paying attention to the play-calling.
    Hypothesis: Someone needs to pick another sport to PRETEND to know about…cuz that analysis was….

  13. By the way….picking the Lions to win this game is not some revelation that makes you a sage of sorts.
    Pretty sure a majority of the “experts” out there have the Lions winning this one.
    AND…as a Redskins fan in the DC area, talking to other Skins fans in the area…this is a game that we are afraid of.
    If there is one thing the Redskins are guilty of…talented/talentless roster or what not…they play down to the level of competition they face, especially when facing horrible teams (i.e. Rams in 2008).

  14. The deadskins have talent. On paper they’re good. In reality they have a head coach who shouldn’t even be an offensive co-ordinator, assistants who have more knowledge and an owner who has made millions by accident after having lost millions of other peoples’ money thinking that throwing that money at these talented but unmotivated POS is the answer. I just wish the networks could have a camera in lil danny’s owners box this week because when deadtroit beats the deadskins his head will be spinning around like the exorcist and his lil feet will be kicking wildly at the base of his throne/high chair he sits on !!!!!

  15. The Redskins problem isnt talent. I agree. Coaching isn’t so good. I agree. But the Redskins real problem is comradery. They dog their Quarterback, sign the biggest hot shot free agent every year, toss veterans who are leaders in the locker room for big names, and file lawsuits against their old fans who can’t afford season tickets. There is no since of being apart of something special in that organization anymore. Even Joe Gibbs couldn’t bring it back and if anybody is an emotional/spiritual leader its him. Until D. Snyder goes the football gods won’t let that team win, football teams are built on Comradery and trust and they just don’t have that.

  16. I, like many other people, have been saying all week that the Redskins will offer up the Lions first win of the 2009 season. I have since changed my mind for the following reasons:
    1. The Redskins may not be the most talented team in the league, but they do have enough talent to beat the Lions. So then it comes down to heart and desire. Usually, something that is greatly lacking in DC. But that starts at the top with Snyder and works its way down. But that is for another post on another day. The Redskins will find some pride and will pull off a close victory against a scrappy Lions Team because they do not want to be the first team to lose the Lions.
    2. Matt Stafford will encounter a tough defense and thus will continue to throw interceptions. His tendancy to make poor choices with his rocket arm just means his throws are picked off a split second sooner. He has a history, dating back to Georgia, of balancing out his good plays with moments of stupidity.
    3. Ernie Sims is probably out with a shoulder injury. One of the bright spots for the Lions Defense is out with a shoulder injury. And Lions have about as much depth on Defense as the Redskins do on the Offensive Line. So the loss of Sims will hurt.
    Overall, my brother is a Lions fan, so I hope they win. But I think the Pride of the Redskins will help them prevail. If not, people in Detroit will probably see Jim Zorn holding up a “Will work for food” sign along busy intersections in DC this next week.

  17. Redskins Beat the lions… yet, it is guaranteed to be another boring game that will result in some god awfull looking score (per usual) that more resembles a high scoring baseball game than an NFL game.

  18. DC is a disfuntional franchise. They hired Zorn as the offensive coordinator. Then to their “amazement” couldn’t get any legit coach to take the job because Dan Snyder has his hands into a business he has no clue about.
    Zorn got the job by default. He was a career QB coach, never once calling plays. THEN he hires this “offensive coordinator” who in his initial interview with DC reports states that he was not going to call plays. When Zorn was asked about calling plays he said Sherman Smith would call the plays. He was taken by surprise that Smith said he was not calling plays. Then the next time Smith was interviewed, he said he would call them. Isn’t that something you figure out before you hire someone???
    Campbell is damaged goods. Too many people giving contradictory coaching over the years has led him to nothingness. Then Zorn comes in and basically tells him everything he’s doing is crap. It’s not like Zorn tore it himself as a player. I like Campbell, but it’s time to cut bait, especially since your drama in trying to get Sanchez in the draft. That guy has Zero confidence.
    This franchise is crap from Snyder to Cerrato (who begged not to be let go from San Fran) to Zorn. Skins fans should demand a refund of tickets. Danny WILL NOT do a darn thing until there are local blackouts. Only then will there will be pitch forks in the streets.
    ps-Skins fans can jump on the Ravens bandwagon just 32 miles up I95!

  19. I’m going to pick the Lions in my pool, just because it amuses me to think that their first win since 12/07 would come from the Redskins.

  20. Wow . . . somehow getting whooped on, 45-27, by the Saints, then losing 27-13 to the Vikings has turned the Lions into America’s Team . . . I’m not sure I dig all the expectations. I’d much prefer the ‘Skins to sleepwalk into Ford Field.
    My historical OC/DC breakdown indicates that Greg Blache defenses do disproportionately well against Linehan offenses, and the Redskins’ decimated OL could get ripped apart by Guntherball’s blitzes.
    It’s going to come down to which quarterback makes more plays . . . or fewer mistakes.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  21. As a die hard Skins fan, I will say we are not as comfortable with the idea of stomping the Lions like we should. We could lose yes, but i dont think we will. A couple of factors none of you guys touched on here.
    First off, the Redskins ALWAYS beat the Lions. Longest winning streak against one team by another team in the ENTIRE NFL. Spans 20 years here guys.
    Second, its the Lions. They turn the ball over. They beat themselves. They have no defense that even the Skins can score on. And the Redskins defense is solid. Their offense hurts them and they get scored on due to turnovers and bad field position but there solid. And with Stafford still way off sync with his WRs, he will turn the ball over plenty.
    Third this is a FLORIO prediction. So it holds no weight.
    I expect another ugly Redskins game, with a measly 10 point victory like last year, like 27-17, solely based on turnovers. And i have watched both the Lions and Skins this year, and i think the Lions wont win until mid season when they finally get insync. They wont be as bad this year, maybe 3 wins, but it is not starting this weekend, mark my words.

  22. “We studied tape. We reviewed statistics and trends and game-day weather projections…”
    I love the subtle humor of the “studied tape” part, man that is as funny as the polio jokes you make. Is there anyone that has read PFT for the last few years that any “tape” was studied?
    Interestingly not only does NBCSports have your Lions prediction front page, they also have your story about Percy Harvin being a hypochondriac. Once again the genuine respect PFT has for the athletes who are so frequently the butt of Florio’s stories shines through. I suspect that in a few years, with your new found NBC exposure, more than one NFL athlete will want to “talk” to you…

  23. Well, here is a bold prediction. I think Pettigrew will have a better day than Cooley. Why? Because nobody is paying any attention to him and the Lions will at least have some veteran LB’s spying no Cooley all day.
    Also, I think that Smith has a better day than Portis. The Lions run defense is not that bad this year. They’re at least playing with heart, something that I didn’t see last year.
    Lastly, this might be the biggest game of the year for CJ. Why? Because the Redskins believe their coverage is better than it is. Every week I see people running wide open in the secondary because they try to play man-coverage. If they try that against CJ, it’s simply a done deal before the snap.
    All in all, I not only think the Lions win this game, I think they win it big. I’m serious. People are rightfully looking at this being the same team from last year. Well, I watched last year, every single sad game. They are way better this year. No playoff team of coarse, but easily talented enough on offense to run right over this Redskins team.
    Hell, the only teams that they have lost to so far is Minn and NO. Both teams might the best in the NFC. Detroit allowed less points to NO than the Eagles and they ran all over Minn run defense. Trust me, this is very winnable this week.
    And, Moss might not want to take any shots over the middle from Delmas. That kid can hit, for anyone who saw the hit with Peterson last week. If he hits Moss like that, it’s season over.

  24. Joke is on all of you “Lions” fans. Put your money where your keyboard is. Redskins win this by at least 21.

  25. here’s out on a limb:
    The lions could win 6 (thats right, 6) games this year.
    When you start off against great teams, it provides a measusing stick as to where your team is at that moment. NO and MN are good teams and the lions did not do all that bad against either of them.
    I would think that between the browns, the bengals, the seahawks, and the rams, the lions could pick up as many as 2 wins. Plus they play the packers and bears twice each……

  26. The Skins do have talent. But hey, so did Lawrence Phillips. The fact is, the Redskins’ team culture, from the top down, is one of entitlement, immaturity, and ego, not one of hard work. Apart from most of the D-line and linebackers, the team isn’t hungry, they don’t care about wins and losses, and the “star” players have no fear of losing their starting jobs. Their main concerns are working the DC club scene, driving pimp cars, getting laid, and starring in Easterns Motors commercials. Its not Zorn’s fault. If anything, it’s Snyder and Cerrato’s fault for running what’s essentially an NFL daycare facility.

  27. Some media dolts will pick the Lions every week until they win. Then, all the next week they’ll brag about how they called it.

  28. Way to back peddle there Nostradamous.
    The Redskins never had the talent, or the coaching. You best just drop referencing your incredibly backwards pick and let it fade into the distant past.

  29. This will be a homegame for the skins. They will roll coverage to Calvin all day and Hanyesworth is going to be in the rook’s face all afternoon. They are going to have change the name of Ford Field to the Litter Box cause the skins are going to S$#T on em.

  30. I said it yesterday and i will say it again today. Skins score 42 points this week. If lions can score 43 they win. Two games and the Skins are done. Your too much.
    You must be an eggles fan florio. You jumped off the skins boat as soon as you sniffed a hint of turm oil 2 games in. Just like when McNabb comes back and throws two passes at his recievers feet (as usual) and the crowd boos his ass and the stadium starts chanting Vick, Vick, Vick! Typical fair weather fan.
    Haynesworth will kill the rookie on Sunday!

  31. It is hardly bold when half of the most visible talking heads and columnists predict the same thing. Silver, King, and others.
    I hope my Skins do well, but I’m also intrigued by what will happen if they do not. Talking about the season here, not just this game. Everyone says they’ll dump Zorn to get a marquee coach, but which one of them would want to come to DC without Cerrato leaving, or at least giving up lots of say-so over the personnel? Would Synder (FINALLY) be willing to boot Cerrato for one of them? I sure as hell hope so. It might even be worth having a crappy season.
    (and please fix this registration/logged-in/logged-out system.)

  32. Can’t wait till the Skins beat the Lions and all of you don’t say ish.
    You all forget the Lions have lost 19 for a reason and now they are without their best defensive player and have a rookie qb with a 5-1 Int to TD ratio.
    What a bunch of chooches.

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