Peterson shrugs at his back injury

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has appeared on the injury report both for Wednesday and Thursday.  Both days, he has been a limited participant in practice, due to a back injury.

But he said Thursday that it’s “not a big deal at all.”

He even made light of it, breaking out the old joke that he has a “weak back” that he acquired roughly a “week back.”

A far bigger deal for Peterson is the fact that the 49ers limited him to three total yards on 14 carries when he last faced them in 2007.

“When we left San Fran, I was trying to look ahead on the schedule and
see when we played these guys again,” he said.  “I learned a lot from
that game. It was the worst game of my career, so it sticks on my head. 
I’m looking forward to playing these guys this week.”

And, in that moment, every member of the 49ers’ defense just peed a little.

40 responses to “Peterson shrugs at his back injury

  1. Florio, all the Vikings fans on here complain about how you hate the Vikings…quite the opposite, you are so far up the asses of Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre, you are now obligated to buy them each dinner.

  2. Here’s the scary thing with Peterson: he’s serious when he says he immediately looked at the schedule to see when Minnesota played them again. He’s not talking smack or being arrogant. He’s SERIOUS. The guy was very complimentary to the 49ers, praising both Willis and Gore. But he is going to be bringing the wood shed.
    I bet the 49ers did pee a little….how can you not?

  3. I’m gonna pee all the way to Miami! Please purple – before I die…I can feel the temperature in H.E.double-toothpicks falling rapidly.

  4. The back injury is a built in excuse for a tough day against he 49’ers.
    Last time they played the 49’ers kept he viking running back to 3 yards on 14 carries (0.21 yards/carry).
    Frank Gore is going to show he is the better and more durable running back.

  5. Bob:
    You being an idiot is your built in excuse for your lame posts.
    Frank Gore more durable? That is laughable.
    Is your keyboard missing a “t” or something?
    Nah you are just that big of a jerkoff to keep making the same typing mistake 3 times.
    What’s the matter Bob, a little jealous? i would be too, after my team got beat by the 10 point dog Bengals.

  6. Florio you are the absolute biggest 49er hater on the planet!! While your taking back shots from AP, and BF remember this!! They beat the browns and the lions!!! Not the most quality teams!!! I can’t wait for sunday!!

  7. Braindead Bob- Frank Gore the better and more durable runningback??? LOL We are all a lil more retarded for even reading that. Lay off the booze spiked coffee in the morning. AD is the best player in the NFL!!!!

  8. How did he hurt his back? Was it that Delmas hit during the Lions game? I heard that hit all the way to the back of my house.

  9. Ok. This site is really a bunch of nobodies shit talking. But come on Chickenfoot. Let’s move on to next now actually this week. The betting lines are for just that, betting. It has nothing to do with the game or the teams. Truthfully and I think you know this, we will not know know who is good aand who isn’t until mid season. there are 0-2 teams and 2-0 teams that wont be in that position then. 10 point favorites lose every year. Some end up winning it all. They wouldn’t be ten point favorites (especially late in the year) if they weren’t contenders. How much was New England favored by when the lost to New York in the Super Bowl? Probably right around that ten point mark if not more. On to the niners for you and on to St. Louis for me. Should be interesting ballgames.

  10. Let’s put AP’s 3-yard game against San Fran the last time in context.
    He was playing with a sprained knee (injured less than a month earlier) and the Vikings passing game consisted an inexperienced Tavaris Jackson at QB throwing to Robert Ferguson and Bobby Wade, so AP was facing 8- and 9-man fronts every play just to shut down the running game. (Chester Taylor did rush for more than 100 yards so the 49ers still didn’t exactly shut down the running game).

  11. Hey, Boob Nelson. Tell us something interesting, like how Aaron Rodgers is perfecting the fine art of passing the ball while lying prone on the turf.

  12. @ Bob Nelson,
    Frank Gore is more durable and better then AD? Did I read that right? You are one stupid, idiotic fan aren’t you?
    How many records did Gore break his rookie season? Was Gore ROY? Does Gore have multiple 100+ yard games a year? How many Pro Bowls had Gore been in? How many Pro Bowl MVP awards has Gore won?
    Point being, AD has those awards and he is entering his 3rd year in the league. Broke a single game rushing record in his rookie season with 296 (would have easily been over 300 had he been in there most of the time) was ROY, been to the PB both seasons, had 2 games in his rookie season with 200+ yards rushing which is a record. Ground player of the year. Second in the NFL in rushing yards his rookie season (because he missed two games by a cheap shot from Al Hairyass) and he led the NFL in rushing in season 2.
    Make all the excuses you want (GB fans do that rather well) but AD is the best RB to come along the last 15 years, and when its all said and done, he will be the best RB ever.

  13. Gore more durable than Peterson? Not even close. As a Vikings fan I am concerned about this weekends game though. Singletary has put together a solid unit that seems to carry his attitude and style of play onto the field. This should be a very good game.

  14. @ Supersuckers
    The Pack got BEAT period. Write it off all you want but there are only 16 games and they sucked something fierce. People talked about crowning the Vikes before the season… all I heard was Packers to the bowl all pre-season long. But we all know games are won in the trenches and the pack trenches are filled with mud at the moment. 6-10 at best

  15. Farve will just have to throw the ball a little more for a while. Thats whats great about how they have it set up this year. If they can’t use one, they can use the other.

  16. The niners stacked the box with 8-9 guys against the Vikes last year in order to stop Peterson. Then Gus Ferrotte threw for around 300 yards on them. Well, when Singletery sells out to stop the run again, what do you think Brett Favre and Percy Harvin are going to do???

  17. AD actually blamed himself for the lack of production in the last San Fran game, which by the way, came his first week back from his knee injury following the cheap shot by Al Harris. He didn’t make excuses then, and he won’t make excuses now, as he said his back shouldn’t be an issue Sunday. I wouldn’t be suprised if the Vikes play-actioned the hell out of the 49ers and AD only has 20 touches. He could care less if he has 20 yards this next game as long as they win.

  18. WTF, this is a Viking article and all the Viking fans are taking Bob Nelson’s bait to bash the Packers instead of commenting on Petersen.
    I think 2 games into the season is still early to tell what’s going to happen but I all know is the Mr. Noodle is still the head coach and that is a good thing………..for the other 31 teams.

  19. The only reason, supersuckers, that I keep bringing it up, is because if the Vikes lose either of those 2 games, we would NEVER hear the end of it.
    Damn right i’m going to keep rubbing Pack fans faces in it.

  20. @mixman34
    I love the “@” Like someone is slapping you.
    I don’t know who you are. Your prediction of 6-10 means nothing to me unless you are God himself.

  21. Hey Bobby boy!-
    It’s one thing to be a homer, I get that.
    It’s another to not admit the talent a player has just because he plays for someone else. If the Pack had A.D. you would love it and you know it.
    Facts are facts, leave the emotion to the fairer sex…..or maybe…..

  22. His back is only going to get worse as he has Favre riding on it all season.
    Patrick Willis and Adrian Peterson is the match up of the day on Sunday!
    2007 was Willis rookie year and I imagine he played a major part in holding Peterson tho that many yards.
    Time to see if the 49ers are for real or just another NFC West patsy, imagine they’ll put up quite a fight in Minnesota but don’t have the talent to match up all game.
    Still hoping for a 49er win.

  23. ZN0rseman says:
    September 25, 2009 10:23 AM
    The niners stacked the box with 8-9 guys against the Vikes last year in order to stop Peterson. Then Gus Ferrotte threw for around 300 yards on them. Well, when Singletery sells out to stop the run again, what do you think Brett Favre and Percy Harvin are going to do???
    The last time the Niners and Vikes played was in 2007 at SF and Tavaris Jackson threw for 163 yds . . . . five turnovers did the Niners in.

  24. Bob Nelson & JimmySmith.. Jealousy will eat you alive! Now go back to holding Karen Rodgers jock! 12 year olds are funny

  25. Well. Now we know that Delmas hit really did hurt a lot more than he tried to put on. I give AP credit. Any other RB in the league would most likely be out this week if they had taken the hit. AP is definitely tough. And I sure like the way that Delmas kid plays. He hits really hard. I haven’t seen a “lights-out” type hitter at safety for a while. He’ll be good in the future. I told my wife right after the hit that AP seemed to jump up and rip his helmet off to pretend he wasn’t hurt. His eyes looked all glossy though. Guess it looks like that actually was the case.
    Oh ya, Redskins receivers and Portis. Take note. You don’t want anything to do with this Delmas kid lining you up.

  26. BOBBY BOY!!!! So glad to see you back you pathetic POS. Figured this would be about the time you would dare to show up on here after all your terrible predictions about the vikes and telling everyone how great the packers where going to be……. suck a fat one you turd. AP is going to do just fine against the niners. They are a much better team than they have been the last couple years, but don’t forget that he was playing with serious injury the last time they played each other, he is more experienced and frankly, he’s motivated to beat them and beat gore.
    Where in the hell is all your chatter about ryan grant? Course it could be kinda hard to run when your offensive line is about as effective as a paper mache bathtub, but good thing rodgers is young, he can probably take the 10-15 knockdowns a game. Cannot wait untill allen absolutely DESTROYS him next week, and I will be cheering for the rams to crush GB’s excuse of a football team next week.

  27. Vikes-N-Favre says:
    September 25, 2009 10:05 AM
    How many records did Gore break his rookie season? Was Gore ROY? Does Gore have multiple 100+ yard games a year? How many Pro Bowls had Gore been in? How many Pro Bowl MVP awards has Gore won?
    How many records in his rookie season? 0
    Was he ROY? No
    Does he have multiple 100+ yard games a year? Yes. 16 so far in his career, Brainiac. In fact, he went for 200+ last week on only 16 carries.
    How many Pro Bowls? One (2006). Statistically speaking, his 2006 was better than Peterson’s 2008 season. He had half a yard more per carry, 65 fewer rushing yards, 360 more receiving yards, 2 fewer TDs and 4 fewer fumbles.
    Pro Bowl MVPs? 0
    Are you saying postseason awards are the ultimate measure of value? Or are you just displaying your ignorance about one of the better RBs in the league?
    Am I trying to back up Bob’s ludicrous statement? Nope. Just answering questions you obviously don’t have the answers to.

  28. purpleguy says:
    September 25, 2009 10:25 AM
    AD actually blamed himself for the lack of production in the last San Fran game, which by the way, came his first week back from his knee injury following the cheap shot by Al Harris.
    It was not a cheap shot. Ask Jared Allen about it.

  29. Last game score was Vikings 27 – 49ers 7….and Peterson is still looking forward to this game? Ouch. Let’s not forget that Minny does have Mr. Taylor who can dominate when he is asked. I see no signs of AD slowing down. Absolutely nothing. I would pick Chester over Gore any day. I am not saying Gore is bad, but the Vikings rush D will be ready and I don’t see Shaun Hill burning us deep. I think the 49ers will be 9-7 this season, but this should be a great game!

  30. @mnmaverick–you know, usually you are the Bob Nelson, Hydra/supersucks of Vike’sfans but I think it makes a lot of sensekeeping AP in reserve (unless you find you need him) so he can rest up.
    @Supersuckers/Hydra–good attempt man. Using a little common sense, no bashing, good effort. Maybe you listened a little bit after all.
    @Chickenfoot–I think the 3rd time he actually meant to say he.
    This should be a good game guys. Don’t quite fall for the Gore>Peterson jive but they both can light it up. Little worried about Harvin guys–What’s up with that guy–must have a delicate constitution (See Harvin absent from practice–again). Guess I’ll have to DVR this game though. I’ll be watching the Pack hoping for a blowout against St Louis. Anything less & it’s gonna be a long season.
    BTW-Harris’ hit was not a cheap shot
    @ Bob Nelson backwards–damn right I’d be loving Peterson if he was a Packer-kinda like you guys & Favre.

  31. There was a pull-out ad in the SI NFL Preview issue that had Tomlinson (injured) sitting next to Polamolu (injured) sitting next to Urlacher (injured) sitting next to Peterson. Just an observation…

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