Raiders want Gannon gone

According to David White of the San Francisco Chronicle, the Raiders want CBS analyst Rich Gannon (and former Oakland Super Bowl quarterback) banned from their Alameda training facility.

Club officials want Gannon blackballed because he’s been critical of the organization.
“Rich Gannon is not welcome here,” ubiquitous club spokesman John Herrera said.  “We told CBS we did not want him in our building . . . and that’s where it sits.”
Initially, the Raiders even asked for Gannon to be pulled out of the broadcast booth.

Unsurprisingly, CBS declined.

“Rich Gannon is an objective and analytical broadcaster and he will be broadcasting the game as assigned,” said CBS senior V.P. of communications LeslieAnne Wade.
As to the Raiders’ reasoning, Herrera pointed to Gannon saying the organization “should just blow up the building and start over.”
Herrera is apparently more sensitive than his incredibly confrontational history with at least one reporter suggests.
“We think in a post 9/11 world, that’s not a very proper thing to say,” Herrera said.  “It’s uncalled for.  [Gannon] seems to be a guy who can’t get over the fact that he played the worst Super Bowl game in the history of the game and he wants to blame everybody but himself.”

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  1. Truth hurts doesn’t it herrera????? That is funny herrera saying what is proper!!!
    Gannon was the only good thing about the raiders.
    They should ban Al Davis from the building and maybe they could win more than 2 games!!!

  2. In other news, the Bengals have demanded Boomer Esiason be banned from Cincinnati for saying the Palmer/Johnson Bengals have been overrated for years.

  3. my only contribution to this is this:
    It is completely and utterly ridiculous to reference 9-11 when talking about football. This organization should apologize for using the victims as an example. Post 9/11 world…
    I wish Florio would have posted this, he would have taken his boot, turned it sideways, and layeth the smaketh downeth on these Raiders’ candy asses!
    shameless Raiders, just damn shameless.

  4. Gannon’s best years were with the Raiders….
    Suck it up dump…It’s not our fault you s#!t on the field in the Super Bowl.
    If Herrera doesn’t kick your ass, Cable will.
    That’s how we roll….I’ve more hate than you.
    Pound sand ’till you puke it.

  5. Herrera’s gonna get all butt hurt over that? Sounds like he needs some masengil to rinse the sand out of his vagina.

  6. If Marty hadn’t been ate completely up with dumb ass, Gannon and the Chiefs both would have been better for it.
    Faiders! Bunch ah Fn’ Hog Farmers!

  7. I love my Raiders; but Gannon is on the money! Herrera is an idiot and an asshole! Gannon is one of the main reasons the Raiders were dominant for a 4 to 5 year period. He is only critical because it pains him that his former team has taken a turn for the worst. We were a Feared team for a long time and for the last 6 years we have tarnished our history, it is a shame. Herrera has no business being in the front office………………………and as for Russell, he is terrible. Not only is he fundamentally garbage, he throws his teammates under the bus. That is no way to lead a franchise – period. Gannon respectfully broke the dude down and made some critical comments about his play, if Russell could read, he might take a little bit of advice from a MVP quarterback.

  8. What would the NFL do w.o the Raiders!?! Is there a more inept and unaccountable executive group than the Raiders right now!?! Long live Al Davis & his clueless band of pawns!

  9. Yes Ladies and Germs, these are my beloved Oakland Raiders.
    Pretty funny stuff if you ask me. I think Gannon has been fair enough in his comments about the Raiders. Some times he’s very critical, but he’s still more fair than 90% of the media “experts” who make comments about the Raiders without any legitimate analysis. I think Gannon is a solid analyst.
    Gannon never really fit in with the free-wheeling persona of the Raiders. He was a bit of a tyrant at QB. Definitely played the position extremely well and got us to a Super Bowl an AFC Championship Game we could’ve won if not for Fatty Siragusa taking Gannon out with a cheap shot and of course another season that ended due to one of the biggest shams in NFL history — The Tuck Rule Game.
    This line from Herrera was incredibly brutal though:
    “(Gannon) seems to be a guy who can’t get over the fact that he played the worst Super Bowl game in the history of the game and he wants to blame everybody but himself.”

  10. I blame the guy that hired Callahan.
    I’ve never forget John Lynch, who was Mic’d up, saying (something to the effect of) “They are running all of the plays that we practiced against!”.

  11. “(Gannon) seems to be a guy who can’t get over the fact that he played the worst Super Bowl game in the history of the game and he wants to blame everybody but himself.”
    Are you freaking kidding me… this guy is their club spokesman… he sounds like an angry little 15 year old child. It seems only fitting that D-bags like this guy are hired to publicly represent this dysfunctional organization; maybe they should take Rich Gannon’s advice and just blow up the building and start over!
    I absolutely hate the Raiders… however, sometimes I can’t help but feel sorry for Raiders fans… not the pathetically ridiculous, gang member type, jackass Raider fan… but the good, quality, football loving Raiders fans. Unfortunately, the only way for your organization to move on from this predicament, is for delusionAL Davis to be somehow removed from the picture… good luck with that!

  12. this is why the raiders are a joke and will never win anything significant until al davis dies. seriously. i feel bad for raiders fans.

  13. you know im a huge raiders gan but im getting real sick of the people that work for the raiders same with the owner… they never want to take blame or admitt they are ever wrong. this guy takes a shot at rich gannon about the superbowl well least he got us there and the whole team could of done better… and they always defend jamaruc russuell instead of just admitting they maybe made a mistake and should bench him, instead they always blast people like there are so much better, we the fans could only be so lucky if rich gannon would come back and play for the raiders… even at his age he cannont be any worse than a so called QB who doesnt take his job serious doesnt try hard in the off season, maybe jmac can go get another bucket of fried chicken and just bench himself….

  14. John Herrera should be banned from any professional sport organization. Last year Rich Gannon did a superb job on the CBS broadcasts of Raider games. If the Raiders want positive coverage they need to clean up their act, have their players play as if they deserve their hefty salary and start acting like a professional organization. They sure make it hard to support them and I have been a fan since 1967.

  15. I have to believe that before the Raiders public relations person cleaned up what John Herrera said, it kind of went something like this…..
    “WAH, WAH! Rich Gannon spoke the truth, but because we can’t take criticism like regular adults we want him out of our clubhouse! WAH, WAH!”

  16. Damn that is a shot from Herrera but the truth is I doubt what Gannon said is anything more extreme then 99% of people think should happen to the raiders.

  17. The Raiders need to man up, and take care of business on the field if they want respect. Time and again, Arch-Lich Al Davis & company have demonstrated that they are their own worst enemies, but God forbid that anyone should dare to point that out. Meanwhile the NFL will continue to pretend that everything is just fine in Crazytown, at least until Al drafts (and gives a guaranteed $42 million signing bonus to) a college WR that runs a 4.1, 40, and has hooks instead of hands.
    Still, by the same token, Rich Gannon criticizing anyone for underachieving reminds one of the old “Pot/Kettle” saw, only about a million times more so. In fact, upon further reflection, I’m fairly certain that some of his five interceptions in Super Bowl 37 are still in the process of being returned for TDs.

  18. Maybe the Faders should concentrate on not sucking and then they wouldn’t be criticized by former players like Gannon.

  19. Herrera pointed to Gannon saying the organization “should just blow up the building and start over.”
    “We think in a post 9/11 world, that’s not a very proper thing to say,”
    Taking it way out of context aren’t we?
    I swear people linking 9/11 to everything just waters it down and takes away from the actual event.
    With everyone crying racism at every little thing as well it has become watered down to looking at someone funny might fit.
    People and their P.C. can eat sh**.
    By the way, I agree with Gannon.

  20. I can’t stand to listen to Gannon’s idiotic comments. Over and ove again I hear him say “He is doing a nice job out there. Great job that time by so and so. Good job by so and so. The defense has to realize they have to clean that up.” LeslieAnne Wade must not listen to the broadcasts. The same comments every week. I put the tv on mute. Job, Job, Job, Job, Job, Job, Job, Job. Troy Aikman does the same thing. Gannon and Aikman have to clean that up.

  21. Slow news day apparently…Only the media care about a member of the media being banned from the mausoleum…

  22. and raider fans, shut up with your tuck rule bullshit. it was the rule. deal with it, just like us in new england dealt with the refs stealing OUR shot in 1976 with the bogus late hit call on Sugar Ray Hamilton, and for you old timer raider fans, you know what i am talking about, and you know i’m right. deal with it.

  23. “”We think in a post 9/11 world, that’s not a very proper thing to say,” Herrera said. “It’s uncalled for. [Gannon] seems to be a guy who can’t get over the fact that he played the worst Super Bowl game in the history of the game and he wants to blame everybody but himself.””
    Wow, what a cheap 9/11 reference. What an asshole.
    Btw, it’s not Gannon’s fault that Callahan didn’t even change the audibles when going up against the Raiders’ former coach. Gee, Bill, did it maybe seem like they knew the plays?

  24. So who really cares about this? Flowerio needed something do bash the Raiders with today, he’s been way to nice to them recently. Does any of this actually surprise anyone. And what would all you Raider bashing losers have to write about if Flowerio didn’t give you daily fodder.
    Callahan and Gannon are both equally to blame for the SB loss – Callahan for not changing the exact offensive sets, motions and plays Gruden designed when going against Gruden’s team and Gannon for not realizing the game plan wouldn’t work against his former boss and not speaking up about it as a veteran signal caller.
    So all you Raider bashers talk smack all you want, Al Davis doesn’t give a shit about what anybody thinks and you losers are idiots for talking about stupid crap that comes out of Alameda time and again and you act like this is surprising – aren’t you used to it? Just frickin’ shut up already…

  25. I am not here to defend gannon or the Raiders but i am sick and tired of ex football players talking shit about their old teams and their ex team mates please guys show some class the Sapps /Keyshawns /carters /harrison calling out haynesworth on national tv please don’t blame the man cause his agent got him 100 mil i would take it also Alex Rodriguez did it twice for much more

  26. Does anyone know where I can get the Rich Gannon try out tape from this year? Heard it looks like uncle Ricos tape on Napolean Dynamite. The Browns are interested.

  27. Or maybe, just maybe the whole Raiduh organization and their $hitty dillusional fans who are still living in the 70’s and 80’s think their team is somehow relevant in the NFL and just don’t like hearing the truth.
    Its hell living in NorCal and being a Broncos fan. But it sure is fun watching all the Raiduh fans get their hopes up every season only to have them crushed by the middle of the season when reality finally hits them in their pathetic mugs.

  28. I like Gannon but I still get sick each time I think back to that Super Bowl. I think he had to set a Super Bowl record for picks throwing 5. Not 1,2 or even 3 but 5, stunning.
    As off as Russell has been these past two games. The one trait that Russell has showed has been that pressure does not bother him. The, what should have been the game winning drive with 2:38 left in the game against the Chargers. And his game winning drive late against KC has showed that.
    Gannon should remember that he was nothing but a backup QB for many many years in the NFL, with nobody thinking he could be a starting QB. It was “that organization” that gave him the chance to lead a team.
    He did ok right up to the point where the pressure was laid at his feet. End result is what has to be a Super Bowl record 5, not 1,2 or 3 but 5 Picks he threw that day.
    So if anyone should understand having a rough game or two it should be the Super Bowl record holder himself. Time to get over the fact that the Raiders turned away his begging to come back to the team in another position and let it go.

  29. John Herrera is one of the many institutional problems at the Raiders.
    “he played the worst Super Bowl game in the history of the game”
    So, the fact that Gruden, who wanted desperately to get out of Oakland, happened to be the guy that singularly recruited Gannon, devised the Oakland offense and was the head coach of the opposing team makes no difference? Seriously, wake up man. The moment TB won the NFC title, the Raiders were doomed. Any other team and they take home the trophy.
    If only Gannon was running that organization or coaching that team. Gannon is a class act.
    It’s time for Al to step down.

  30. I think the front office should be in the building when they blow it up, not the players.
    They have a good corps of players, but until Al is gone, and the monkeys running the show are gone, that organization will fail.

  31. John Herrera doesn’t have the authority to make these comments, they come from one man and one man only: AL DAVIS.
    Gannon has been critical and has had praise for Oakland, and to me, that’s fair and balanced.
    If Oakland wasn’t such a crappy team it has been, Gannon or any other broadcaster would be on the bandwagon.
    But again, if there’s one person to blame here, it’s the head honcho. None of his subordinates has the power to talk to the media without his expressed and written consent.

  32. gannon had the unique problem of havin to face the coach who made him a pro bowl qb.
    who else in sb history had to do that…
    gannon knows of what he speaks. the raider faithful just cant handle it.

  33. Gannon did throw 5 INT’s and 3 went back for TD’s in the Superbowl, so tell me who should blow themselves up. Even Barret Robbins took blame for his Superbowl weekend vanishing act so why can’t take blame for choking in the biggest football game of his life?

  34. Didn’t one of the raiders admit the team got all baged up the night before the 49ers scrimmage during training camp?
    The only difference between what Gannn said and what any other analys is saying is that Gannon knows the inner workings of the organization.
    “Blow it up and start over?”
    Gannon’s more right than wrong. And Hererra obviosly shouldn’t be a PR spokesman.
    The raiders-Bush league, no class. This fish stinks from the head.

  35. As a Raiders fan, I love Rich Gannon. I pull my hairs every time I read that he won’t want to coach, because he would be the perfect coach for this team.
    “He’s attacked us on a regular basis since becoming a member of the media,” Herrera said. “After affording him the opportunity to establish a career here, he has since gone on to attack us in a way that’s totally unacceptable.” – Herrera
    JH is ridiculous. First of all, JH is no one to be talking about attacks because he himself has attacked members of the media. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Second, Gannon’s jabs are not similar to that of Kawakimi or Nancy Gay. Raider Fans appreciate what Gannon says and they listen to him. The organization is just irritated because Rich Gannon is one of the few “pundits” who Raider fans trust.

  36. A lot of us can related to these comments at some level. When you’ve given your heart and soul to an organization, like Rich Gannon did or Troy Aikman or Cris Carter etc., you may feel you have license to be critical. In fact, you’re often-times so offended when you see the crappy product you can’t help yourself from expressing your opinion.
    The organization, however, may feel Gannon is abusing his Raider credentials. The former employee has turned on the organization. He’s voiding an unwritten law….
    Consider the reaction as expressed in the post 9/11 comments. Nevermind. I accept your point. Raider organization is full of itself

  37. what iz all dis here going on, yo? ah aint
    diggin’. ima gannon guy- straight fan,
    through & through. da raiders iz up da
    crap river & sinkin wiff blocks on they
    foots. just like mammy.

  38. Wow, and I thought my Bills were a mess. Actually, come to think of it, they still are.
    Herrera is comedy gold.

  39. Seriously to bring up 9/11 just because your organization got embarassed by a former player after six or seven losing seasons straight since he left is just sad and class-less. That dousch does their memories dishonor with that remark. What happened that day was a metric fuk-ton more important than any football game or team and im a die hard fan.

  40. Looks like Gannon’s truthful comments got Al’s depends all in a bunch. Head cronie Herrera sent out to defend his masters honor.
    Al Davis. Suks to be us Raider fan.

  41. Wow. Just, wow.
    As a Broncos fan, I absolutely hate the Raiders. But there is a point in which you look at them and just have to wonder when they will be run like a professional organization.
    What a clusterfluck.

  42. radar fans like us squealer fans.
    hey you’s guys — here we go faders, here we go.
    we so good but still obsessed with bungals.
    taters so good but still obsessed with… makeup?

  43. Does Al Davis go overboard when defending the Raiders after they are bad mouthed in public, yes sometimes. But will the Raiders win before he is gone the answer is yes. Everyone who says they will not win until he dies is a sportcenter spoon fed fan, who has no opinion of their own. Al knows football bottom line. (yeah i know he likes speed) Look at the picks they have put together to build this team back to respectablitly Nam, chaz,DMC, Mario, Z Mill, Bush, Howard, Morrsion. and a few others. Come on Raiders bashers I am tired of all you uneducated BSPN fans sack riding the main stream opinion give it a break. Its easy to kick somebody when they are down. Ill see all you after they put the browns down sunday.

  44. Bottom line Raiders beat the Broncos this sunday.
    They make MULTIPLE playoff apearances before AL is gone. Alll you BSPN mainsteam no opinion of your own fans are a joke. Just because a team is bad the last 6 years out of over 50 doesn’t mean they are never going to be good, they are building quality young talent and if you don’t reconize that your going to eat your words…. Al has made some quality picks for this team Nam,Mario, Kirk , Howard, YES gallery, DMC, Bush, Zmille, Chaz, JLH, T Scott, Lou Murph, T branch, Shane, and a few others.
    Keep spitting the BSPN spoon fed opinion hate you won’t be here to own up to it when they are back so get it out while u can.

  45. The Raiders need to think about hiring a PR department. Seriously, look into Madison Avenue. They have a lot.

  46. Herrera doesn’t open his mouth unless the string is pulled. Yes, Gannon was awful. He made terrible decisions throughout the game and did not see tons of open receivers. Raiders would not have been there without him though and if someone could have blocked Simeon Rice, he might have played better.
    Get over it already. It was more than six years ago. I have a tremendous amount of respect for AD and what he has created, but at 80 years old can there be ONE comment that you can let pass. ONE time you don’t have to start a feud with someone. Why can’t we have nice things!

  47. Sounds like Herrera was just upset because Davis made poopies in his daiper and the interns weren’t there to clean him. So the spokesman got the job.

  48. It was only a few weeks ago he made these comments. So is he saying now we have leadership when he was blasting us for not having it a few weeks ago. Or perhaps, he didnt jack about whats going on with the team.
    Former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon weighed in on the team’s plight in light of the negativity surrounding their trade for defensive lineman Richard Seymour and other recent goings-on. The interview was conducted by KHTK radio in Sacramento:
    On if it’s tough for him to see what’s going on in Oakland, the team he most associates his playing career with:
    “Yeah, no, listen. I want nothing more than to see them do well. It’s just hard for me to watch. And I can’t say honestly that I’m surprised. I can’t look at it and say well gee, that’s a shocker to me. It’s really not. I can’t say that I’m surprised by anything I see or hear that comes out of that place. I just think that – listen – I’ve been criticized for being what some would refer to as overly critical, but listen, it’s clear when you look at the football team, there’s not enough…they certainly have players, but you look at each level of the organization, I just don’t know if there’s enough leadership there and I think that’s what holds them back.”
    On how the Raiders organization seems to be getting worse year in and year out:
    “All you have to do is look around the league and see teams that are successful and I think they have leadership at every level. I’m talking about the owner, I’m talking about the general manager. I’m talking about player personnel. I’m talking about the coaching staff and I’m talking about the players. I just think it’s really important when you put together a team certainly to keep that in mind. But also, in each of those meeting rooms – I’m talking about a defensive line, the linebackers, the secondary, the offensive line – you have to have a dominant personality, a leader that is going to make a difference, who is going to demand excellence from his teammates. And again, when I was there, that was the hardest part. That was a struggle for me. Listen, I just wanted to come to work, do my job, focus in on what I had to do, but I felt like I had to worry about what everybody else was doing so we could accomplish our goals. And that’s what could be frustrating. Because listen, it’s tough enough business, but when you’re having to worry about guys being on time, or guys showing up, or guys knowing what they’re supposed to do. Then it becomes – then it’s not fun anymore.”

  49. It hurts to hear what Gannon says but there is some truth to it.
    And to all the Haters, get some new material. We heard all that already.

  50. It has always bothered me how critical Gannon has been of the Raiders, considering how ONLY the Raiders gave him a chance to start in the NFL.
    He was a career journeyman until Al Davis gave him a chance AND big money too.
    So while I think this move is a bit over the top, I completely understand it.

  51. Since the team can’t block the network partners from bringing anyone in, CBS should go with a 3 man booth this week and add Tim Kawakami to the broadcast team. I’d love to see what Herrera would do then.

  52. I love how klock the super doucher can rattle off a bunch of the losers currently employed by his ass pirates but doesn’t know who they play on Sunday!

  53. gruden knew your plays asshole! Do you not watch nfl films? Lynch yelled out everyplay/every audible to a tee. That was the most prepared defense i have ever seen. They literally knew every play the raiders were going to run. You got beat by chucky dickhead!

  54. I was a bit intoxicated at the time of writing that I am aware they play the broncos this sunday.
    We will see whos dreaming later in the year.

  55. As a Cardsfan and Football Junkie I can be objective about Gannon. While knowledgeable on all aspects of the game he is not very good at any of the jobs he holds.
    Those jobs would be as a — Co-host of one of the shows on Sirius NFL Radio, Green Bay Pre-season games and the NFL on CBS– the latter two as a game analyst. I refuse to listen to him on Sirius NFL Radio (did listen for a week). I turn down the sound when watching a NFL GAME HE IS DOING and thought he was not honest with viewers when watching Packers pre-season games on NFL Network. He lacks professional integrity IMO.
    He clearly has an axe to grind with the Raider Organization and Al Davis. HE IS breaking the unwriiten rule of speaking negatively about a orgnization you were a part of.
    In short. I would rather listen to wolves howl than Rich Gannon.

  56. Klock778184 says:
    September 26, 2009 2:20 AM
    “Bottom line Raiders beat the Broncos this sunday.
    They make MULTIPLE playoff apearances before AL is gone.”
    Orton threw a touchdown pass to Brandon Marshall, and rookie Knowshon Moreno ran for 90 yards and a score to lead the Broncos to a 23-3 victory over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.
    OOPS !!!! LOL

  57. “He was a career journeyman until Al Davis gave him a chance AND big money too”
    Gannon was a career journeyman until GRUDEN asked Davis to give him a chance. Otherwise, Gannon isn’t even on Davis’ radar.
    The Raiders are going 5-11 at best this year. Their defense is easy to predict. Their offense is easy to predict and one-dimensional. They play hard but dumb. That works in college but not in the pros.

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