Reed's neck acts up on Ravens

The Cleveland Browns came up with a late-in-the-week addition to their injured list. Their opponent Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens matched it. And then some.

Ed Reed, the Ravens brilliant safety, missed practice today with a neck injury and is questionable for Sunday’s game. Reed was full-go for practice on Wednesday and Thursday.

Also questionable for Sunday are linebacker Jarret Johnson (shoulder) and tight end L.J. Smith (hamstring).

6 responses to “Reed's neck acts up on Ravens

  1. from
    a former high school and college football player …
    special forces member …
    and UM grad …
    I hope Ed hangs ’em up and goes on with his life. I’ve dealt with chronic pain for the last 9 years from a similar injury … that was not responsive to a surgical fusion … Ed faces much worse if he takes another hit to the area …
    you’ve done enough Ed and have nothing more to prove … go home … enjoy the rest of your life … it’s just a game ..

  2. So LewD, I guess you are Ed Reed’s doctor?…….I guess you know exactly what injury he has huh?

  3. Save Ed Reed for the games that count………such as Cheatriots, Cindy and Shitsburg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. golomgboyee you should search the interent before your criticize LewD.
    Ravens safety Ed Reed said the nerve impingement in his neck and shoulder continues to have an affect on the way he plays.
    A nerve impingement in the neck is a very serious medical condition. It creates extra pressure on the neck nerves- nerves that supply all the head and neck muscles. When pressure is put on a cervical nerve 3 aspects are effected: motor, sensory and reflex. Reed may feel muscle weakness on the side of nerve impingment, may have a change or loss of sensation (like numbess and tingling) and also diminished reflexes.

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