Week Three 10-pack

In addition to watching PFTV segments as you drop the landing gear on your work week, you can also check out our new Friday tradition — a 10-pack of things to watch in the coming weekend of football action.

This week’s entry is right here.

And this is the part where we’d mention some of the things we say in order to entice you to check it out, but why spoil the surprise?

Possible translation?  I’m too lazy to do it.

5 responses to “ Week Three 10-pack

  1. Florio, sometimes I question whether you even watch football, or just TMZ. “Quinn needs to be benched”? “The Browns have to see what they have in Anderson”? Really? The Browns know what they have in DA–a cannon-armed statue with the mental functioning of an actual statue and the deft touch of a sledgehammer on his short-to-intermediate throws. He started a season plus worth of games and the results were progressively worse from week to week, including one of the all-time choke jobs against the Bungles with a playoff spot on the line. Quinn has had 5 nonconsecutive starts total in his time in the league–he is the unknown quantity here. I promise you, regardless of the QB in Cleveland, they aren’t anywhere near being a playoff contender at this point. DA behind that porous offensive line (the righ side in particular) will be assailed just as frequently as Quinn, minus any chance of escaping the pressure. Go back to your paparazzi-esque coverage of players’ Twitter feeds and leave the football stuff to people who actually understand it.

  2. I only scanned the typically ordinary article, but did you actually make it an entire ten pack on the eve of Mike Vicks debut without mentioning his name? No Favre either.

  3. Or maybe 9.6 yds/attempt out of the Wildcat is not something to sneeze at. The inability to get the ball down the field is Pennington’s arm (and Ginn’s late game stone hands) not the wildcat. I dislike that we are considered a “wildcat” team, but you can’t ignore the fact that many teams have trouble defending it.

  4. Don’t count out the Rams? Of what, #1 draft pick next year?
    Right now either St. Louis or Cleveland is going to have that, although it may be a coin toss between the 0-15-1 Rams and 0-15-1 Lions. (Note: I think the Lions right now will beat the Rams, and I think the PFT pick of beating the Redskins is correct as well. The Skins aren’t playing well this year).
    Heck, there may be a chance that the Lions will have a higher draft pick # than the Titans, as strange as that may seem.

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