Dawson out, Cundiff in for Cleveland

Long-time Browns kicker Phil Dawson, who joined the franchise when it returned to the NFL in 1999, won’t be kicking on Sunday when the Browns face the franchise that vacated Cleveland in 1996.

Dawson has a strained calf.  According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Billy Cundiff has been signed to take Dawson’s place.

Cundiff beat out former Bucs kicker Matt Bryant, who lost a training-camp battle with the guy who kicked for Browns coach Eric Mangini last year in New York, Mike Nugent.

One thing the five men have in common?  Within a couple years, the only way any of them will be getting into an NFL game is with a ticket.

10 responses to “Dawson out, Cundiff in for Cleveland

  1. Why the need to crap on Phil Dawson in that last snarky comment, Florio? He’s a good guy and could still be kicking for many years.

  2. They should have signed Shane Andrus, they could have had a kicker for at least the next 10 years. Another short minded move.

  3. Yeah I don’t like the insult to my man Dawson either. He’s a very accurate kicker. Def. could still be around for a few more years.

  4. you mean florio doesnt know that dawson is the most underrated kicker in the league??!! the hell you say!

  5. Had to comment.
    Phil Dawson is a stand up guy. Truly one of the best on and off the field. He’ll be around for a few more years.
    In fact, he’s one of the best kickers all time. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the guy is the sixth most accurate in NFL histoy…
    Also correct me if I’m wrong on this too:
    He kicks in Cleveland 8 games out of the year. A place right off of Lake Erie. An open stadium where the winds off of Lake Erie swirl around and make it impossible to kick some days. Then he goes to Pittsburgh where they also have winds from Lake Erie. Cincinnati too is located off the shores of lake Erie and gets terrible storms. Wait, MT&T Bank Stadium too is also located next to the inner harbor and has crazy weather too! WHAT!?!
    You don’t even have to look back to see Dawson made two amazing field goals the other year that probably no other kicker could make. Check out the Buffalo white out game (40 MPH winds) in 2007. Name one kicker that could make that, one kicker who can play in those conditions. I didn’t see Lindell make a field goal that game.
    Dawson isn’t a pussy footed kicker who plays in a Dome. Give the man some respect at least. This might be a little far out there, but in my opinion he should probably be considered for the Hall of Fame when he retires. 6th most accurate? Played in iffy conditions his entire career? Phil Dawson, I would vote you in.

  6. andfitch82,
    I agree with everything you said about dawson, but neither cincinnati or pittsburgh are on the shores of lake erie.

  7. Not to nit pick but andfitch82 never said Pittsburgh was on the shore of Lake Erie, he said “Then he goes to Pittsburgh where they also have winds from Lake Erie.” which is correct. I can’t defend the Cincinnati part though

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