Raiders relent on Rich Gannon

If former NFL quarterback Rich Gannon’s broadcasting career ever reaches the level of John Madden, Phil Simms, and/or Carrot Top, Gannon can thank John Herrera and the Oakland Raiders.

Gannon has received a credibility and visibility bump within the past day, thanks to the ridiculous decision of Herrera to attempt to ban Gannon from the team’s facility as Gannon prepares to work Sunday’s Broncos-Raiders game for CBS.  (And, frankly, given that Gannon was assigned to work the Broncos-Raiders game, his career could use a bump.  Or three.)

But the Raiders and Herrera wisely have relented, after unwisely picking a battle that they were never going to win.

The most unfortunate aspect of this entire ordeal is that it comes at a time when the Raiders are creating the impression (illusion) that, maybe, they’re moving in the right direction.  But, frankly, as long as Herrera has a voice in the operation of the franchise, any success will come not because of Herrera’s involvement, but in spite of it.

We admire the fact that Herrera is loyal to the team that employs him, but Herrera has visited significant embarrassment on the silver and black shield twice in the last year.  (For those of you who have forgotten Herrera’s profane encounter with Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News, here’s a quick refresher.)

So while we don’t necessarily agree with Gannon’s alleged assessment that the Raiders should “blow up the building,” we think that Herrera politely should be asked to gather his things and then get the hell out.

40 responses to “Raiders relent on Rich Gannon

  1. “we think that Herrera politely should be asked to gather his things and then get the hell out.”
    Now Florio, you may just get yourself banned from the building. But that’s not a bad thing.
    If Herrera and Cable are off their meds which I am sure happens frequently, they may try and gang rape you in Al Davis office for saying such things.
    Al usually doesn’t notice when these things happen. He sits in the corner babbling incoherently about glory days to a John Madden bobblehead.

  2. To be fair I think Gannon stole that line from a reader of PFT. We all know what he means, boy do we know what he means. Blow it up and start over….please ?

  3. Despite what the idiot convention/Raider haters will think, it’s pretty obvious that this was all Herrera’s doing, and not the teams.

  4. Herrera needs to be gagged and thrown in the basement.
    Gannon’s criticism of the organization has not been unfounded or unfair, and he had a large hand in dragging Oakland out of the cellar for a brief moment.
    I’ve been a Raider fan for 30 years and these last 6 years have been a very large test of my loyalty – I’m still on board and always will be but crap like this just makes me shake my head – how does such a person get into Herrera’s position?

  5. You guys just love sensationalism don’t you?
    Last night it was already reported that the Raiders relented, but Evan decided to post something that was reported earlier in the day, that the Raiders were banning Gannon from the facility.
    If he would’ve done any research he would’ve known that when he posted that the Raiders had already relented.
    Now 12 hours later you are finally reporting the correct info that was there when the original post came out?
    That’s called picking and choosing what you want to post rather than choosing to produce real and truthful content rather than something old just to produce some hits.

  6. I agree with Herrera needing to be asked to get the heck out! That guy is a true embarrassment. Even if he is following the orders of Al Davis, this guy never finds a tactful way of doing things.
    This guy never dissappoints. Every year there is something new with this pot head.

  7. jeremy: how does the timing of the reporting change the facts? and did perhaps the fact that last night in l.a. was the middle of the night on the east coast occur to you?
    when an official of an nfl team bans a former player now a reporter who took the team to a super bowl, and whose career was essentially ended in the effort to pick up additional yardage for the team, that’s news.
    when the same official imputes his motivation to ban the reporter as the use of a figure of speech (blow the thing up) and associating that figure of speech with the attack of 9/11 that’s also news.
    when the same official then makes it his business to urinate on the quarterbacking of the former player, having never actually played himself, that is also news.
    but look on the bright side, at least now the news isn’t whether the coach is guilty of assault, or whether the owner is insane (because the al davis of the 60’s and 70’s would have squashed this official like a bug).

  8. smilergrogan- I’m not arguing about the facts of the case.
    The issue here is that when Even reported this on the website last night at 9:47 PM there was already news out there confirming that the Raiders relented and would allow him on there.
    It doesn’t matter what coast he was on. The updated news was there for him to look at.
    All Evan had to was search google news for anything Oakland Raiders and he would’ve seen the article.
    If you are going to post something on a website it’s important that the information is new, not stale.
    Posting an old and stale article for which was reporting erroneous information is wrong. He could’ve easily of posted an article last night saying the Raiders relented.
    Instead he could’ve posted an article saying the Raiders had relented and still used the facts of the case stating Gannon wasn’t wanted.
    Why post the Truth 12 hours later? That’s picking and choosing what you want to post when there’s actual news out there.
    It would be no different if a newspaper printed something they knew was wrong although they knew it would cause more people to read their paper. Then to come back the next day and “correct” their mistake.

  9. Florio-
    Have you read the NFL CBA, Article IX sections 2 and 3 yet? Still waiting for you to correct yourself and admit that the NFLPA has the authority to file a grievance on behalf of a player.
    Please dont let this website degenerate to just another blogspot where misinformation spreads.

  10. WHAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Does poor widdle John need his baba???
    This clown Herrera is worthless. Better watch out Florio or John might try and accuse you of being one of Tim’s pot smoker smoking buddies.

  11. “Despite what the idiot convention/Raider haters will think, it’s pretty obvious that this was all Herrera’s doing, and not the teams. ”
    Right. Obvious.
    Because the Raiders organization never does anything stuipid.
    So its obvious. Right?
    Poor, poor mentally challenged Raiders fans.

  12. Herrera is probably a nice enough guy, like Kawakami suggests. But he’s clearly a hack, incompetent in how to deal with the media. It’s almost as if everything he does, it’s the exact opposite of how to do it right. He’s a case-study in journalism or sports-management schools waiting to be written.
    The press can be your friend if you let them. I mean, think about it: sports reporters are the epitome of jock-sniffers, they WANT to be around pro athletes. They WANT to write stuff that makes teams and players feel good. Why else would you ever want to be around locker rooms so much?
    So what do you do? You make them hate you. You act like a ranting child, you act physically threatening to them IN FRONT OF CAMERAS!
    If I were Herrera, I would never submit my resignation. I would hold onto that Raiders’ gig as long as possible… because I have to know that I wouldn’t ever be hired anywhere else to do that sort of work.

  13. “If he would’ve done any research he would’ve known that when he posted that the Raiders had already relented. ”
    If an organization does something incredibly stuipid and its gets on the record it continues to be news until its not. Relenting has nothing to do with it.
    Poor, poor delusional Raiders fans.

  14. This guy is such shithead. I can’t believe what an incredibly classless fool he is and if Al Davis does not fire him immediately, Al Davis is an idiot.
    When you try making a connection between the comments that Rich Gannon made and terrorists who crashed two commercial airliners into iconic buildings of the world and killed thousands of Americans, you are the scum of the earth.
    This idiot needs a major wake-up call.

  15. Yamchargers- The news that was posted was old. The facts were still there and Evan could’ve easily posted an article stating the Raiders tried to keep Gannon out but had to relent. Why couldn’t he have done that? Instead he purposely held the info and Florio posted something 12 hours later.
    I think you’re still pissed that the Raiders knocked out LT, Hardwick, Vasquez, and Williams in one game.
    The Chargers Super Bowl hopes have vanished completely. Without a healthy Jamal Williams playing NT that Chargers D is going to struggle.

  16. I agree that this was a very selective/edited story.
    This was right out of the Faux News journalism guide.

  17. The entire Raiders front office is impotent. They’re all window dressing nowadays, to create the impression that someone other than Al Davis is contributing to the team. A total sham. It must be difficult for folks like Amy Trask and Jim Otto to sit up there in those executive suites during home games to watch the “fruit” of their input and effort.
    John Herrera is Waylon Smithers; he’s nothing without Montgomery Burns.

  18. Come on Gannon, I liked you alot when you were here in KC. But, Schotteinheimer didnt think much of you at all. Matter of fact you couldnt beat out Steve Bono or Elvis Grbac for the starting job. You would not have ever had the opportunity to start if it wasnt for Gruden and Al Davis. You won a MVP with the Raiders. So, as much as I respect your QB abilitys, dont forget that you were nothing but a bench warmer until Oakland gave you a chance. The Raiders paid you alot of money and showed you respect, so for you to run your mouth is a liitle mind boggling to me.

  19. Any Raider fan defending John Herrera is not a true Raider fan. Journeyman, you are a prick to defend that jerk. Gannon talks the truth about Jrus. Art Shell spoke about “people in the building who do not bleed Silver and Black,” now with everything that has happened Art was talking about John Herrera, the biggest Al butt kisser right there next to dumb ass journeyman. All of you are LOSERS backing John Herrera. He is a PRICK!

  20. Any Raider fan defending John Herrera is not a true Raider fan. Journeyman, you are a prick to defend that jerk. Gannon talks the truth about Jrus. Art Shell spoke about “people in the building who do not bleed Silver and Black,” now with everything that has happened Art was talking about John Herrera, the biggest Al butt kisser right there next to dumb ass journeyman. All of you are LOSERS backing John Herrera. He is a PRICK!

  21. @jeremyb91: Hardwick & Vasquez were both injured on dead-ball plays. Why wouldn’t a Charger fan be upset!?! Matters not I guess considering the Raiturds continue to suck. Don’t believe me? Look no further than Jamarcus’ 38% pass completion. Stellar, no?
    Nice to see “Raider Nation” has yet again failed to fill that joke of a stadium in Oakland. Congrats Raider Nation you have again shown us just how loyal you are to your team.

  22. I think that Gannon ultimately means well with his comments, but he needs to understand that in his position as an analyst he needs to stay away from sensationalist comments; Otherwise he just looks like another clown like Sapp, who needs to bash the raiders every while to get attention…

  23. Gannon’s just pissed because he couldn’t throw a football 60 yards from his knees like our JaLardAss can. His noodle arm couldn’t reach d.h.BUST.
    Herrera’s got better things to do then waste his time on Rich. Al needs his diaper changed and a new drool towel needs to be put across his lap.
    “Commitment To Excrement”

  24. journeyman: perhaps you forgot gannon was in minny starting before k.c. he was a four time pro bowler, so don’t make him a stiff. he also did win a playoff game, which puts him one up on marty.
    jeremy: you say purposely when describing the timeline for the postings. what do you offer as proof of intent? other than your assertion, that is. you sound like a guy who, when faced with bad facts, tries to otherwise confuse things.
    blog posters don’t have a duty to scour the wire each moment prior to a posting. that is a ridiculous thing to expect in my view.
    also, given the raiders recent record against the chargers, what exactly are you bragging about?
    your owner is certifiable, your coach is indictable, your front office is laughable, your quarterback is regressing according to the coaches, and the backup you signed to compete with him left in disgust at the whole circus.
    to be picking a fight over the timeline of a blog posting when faced with all that, you must be herrera’s lawyer…

  25. RaiderChile, Prick? All I am saying is Gannon should keep his mouth shut. He was nothing until the Raiders gave him a chance. It is called loyalty. So fu-ck you. I am not a fan of your disfunctional organization. These players have no problem with making millions of dollars, and for them to bite the hand that fed them is Bull Sh-t. Get a clue idiot…

  26. smilergrogan- I commented last night after the article was posted at 9:47 and showed Evan there was proof that the Raiders already had relented.
    Then 12 hours later Florio posts this “updated” news.
    You don’t run a “news” site and post stale news.
    You must be a Chargers fan because I could care less about the last six years because overall I’ve actually seen my team play and win in a Super Bowl (against the Redskins). Have you?
    I know that things are cyclical. The Raiders have made the playoffs every decade because of Al and they will be back again.
    Do you realize that if the Chargers beat the Raiders each time for the next 6 years they still wouldn’t lead the all-time series.
    You can laugh all you want about the current streak, but overall the Raiders have been better than the Chargers.
    History repeats itself and before long the Raiders will be back on top and the Chargers will be cellar dwellers again.

  27. You are seriously taking the side of a twerp that couldn’t write his way out of a Jr High essay contest.
    Kawakami acted like that kid in school that you want to punch but the teacher is standing there so you cant hit him. He knows the teacher is standing there so he feels safe. That kid usually gets his ass kicked after school. If Kawakami was half a man and this interaction took place at a bar instead of in front of 100 cameras he would have got his little sissy ass kicked!
    I understand you trying to take his side because you guys have so much in common:
    You both are writers
    You both hate the Raiders
    You both threaten to sue people as your last recourse of action because you are too big of pussies to ever do anything about any given situation other than cry like a bitch and threaten to sue.

  28. Sourdough: When the Raiders are playing good they have more fans in San Diego than the Chargers do.
    You want proof? Why did the Chargers make whoever buys a ticket to a Raiders game buy a ticket to another game that season?
    They did it because before this current streak of wins against Oakland you could go to any Chargers game against the Raiders in SD and it would be a home-away-from-home game for the Raiders.
    You Chargers fans are all talk and will go back into the woodwork once this team starts sucking again, which will happen.
    Every team in the AFC West except for Oakland has more band-wagon fans than real fans.
    I live in Iowa, 3 hours from KC, and rarely see people wearing Chiefs gear. Four years ago when Priest Holmes and Trent Green were putting up some points you couldn’t go out on any day of the week without seeing Chiefs gear.
    Denver and San Diego fans are the same way.
    If Russell completed 50% of his passes the Raiders would’ve smoked SD. The Chargers aren’t that much better than Oakland right now so you can talk all day and know that sooner than later the Raiders will be better than them.

  29. Kawakami is one of the worst journalists in the bay. He uses sensationalism in every article, exploits a weak angle, and tries to drive it down your throat. He is the Jerry Springer of Bay Area sports writers. Its easy to see why Herrera got pissed.
    I am not sticking up for Herrera’s actions, since I think the Raiders organization is a joke, but its understandable, considering the circumstances.

  30. How do you glorify threatening to sue someone…..please explain this to me?
    Yeah John Herrera is a worthless idiot but Kawakami is much lower on the food chain.

  31. @Jeremyb91: Isn’t Iowa the state that has more pigs/swine than people who live in the state? (I promise I am not talking about the women who live in Iowa. That part is only a myth…but not by much.)
    Enjoy the read re: the wonderful support “Raiturd Nation” gives Al Davis’ team of misfits when they play at home.
    Blackouts by the numbers
    Since the Raiders moved back to Oakland in 1995, 61 of their 99 home games have been blacked out locally, including this year’s Cleveland game. Here are the top five NFL teams in blackouts since the Raiders’ return:
    1. Cardinals 78
    2. Raiders 61
    3. Falcons 48
    4. Saints 43
    5. Seahawks 40
    Read more:

  32. Florio,
    FYI, Herrera would never pull a move like this on his own. The call was definitely made by A.D. Football Inc.

  33. AAAHHRRRR, so the scuttled old salt again holds the secret treasure map where X marks the syphilitic, god forsaken, backwater penal colony that is RAYDA NATION. So, yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum, raider fan, what the heck maybe the commodore with toss in animatronic “who ers” for all season ticket holders……..Cause “it’s a small world after all” sorry wrong fantasy ride.
    Good lord can that organization piss and chew gum at the same time? I feel for the few immensely talented players on that team who must wonder on a daily basis what they did to piss off the Football Gods.

  34. Sourdough: Although I hate the fact the Raiders have struggled to sell seats, until the team actually had control of tickets instead of using the PSL system they struggled to sell tickets. They have sold more tickets since taking control a couple years back.
    Winning will also make a change in tickets.
    If you look at how many times the Raiders have sold their stadium out throughout history the Raiders would easily beat out the hapless Chargers who’ve had far more worse years than good years as an organization.
    Keep laughing because you know the Chargers aren’t nearly the team they were two years ago. They’ve regressed and aged.
    LT is hurt AGAIN. It seems like he’s always hurt these days, for the past two years. I guess 30 is a bad number for RB’s who’ve been a starter since their rookie year.
    Now NT Jamal Williams is out for the year. This team is going downhill every year. They aren’t improving as a Super Bowl caliber team should. They are no longer Super Bowl caliber and pretty soon will be overtaken by Oakland, KC, and Denver within the next 3 years.
    As soon as the Raiders get decent play out of the QB position they’ll start winning and be better the 2nd time around when the Raiders and Chargers play.

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