Seahawks rolling out stomach-churning jerseys?

With quarterback Matt Hasselbeck expected to miss Sunday’s game, coach Jim Mora has an apparent alternative plan for beating the Bears.

By inducing them to vomit.

ESPN’s Chris Berman said during his weekly “Two Minute Drill” segment (which only feels like an eternity) that the ‘Hawks will be sporting lime green alternate jerseys on Sunday.

When word first surfaced of the possibility that the Seahawks would actually wear during a game the most hideous sports jerseys we’ve ever seen (and, yes, they’re even worse than the Eagles’ homage to the Brazilian national soccer team), the notion was quickly knocked down by an indication that it was all an April Fool’s Day joke

Well, as of Sunday, the joke apparently will be on the Bears.  And anyone who has the misfortune of exposing their rods and cones to the game.

16 responses to “Seahawks rolling out stomach-churning jerseys?

  1. Maybe the Bears can wear their orange jerseys for a complete technicolor of vomit. I can see thousands of new TV’s being returned on Monday saying the color was off.

  2. homage to the Brasilian national soccer team?
    Because it’s yellow and blue on the Eagles’ jerseys? That makes it Brasilian? I think it’s safe to say Mrs. Florio must be dressing you…

  3. Rods and cones are in your eyes. They help you decipher color and are also vital to your ability to see in the dark.

  4. Route36West says:
    September 26, 2009 11:03 AM
    Can anyone explain to me what the hell Exposing there rods and cones means?
    It’s how your sense of sight works.

  5. homage to the Brasilian soccer team? That’s kind of ignorant. And as a lawyer, you of all people should know that, just because x is one way and y is the same way, it doesn’t necessarily mean that x=y.
    As a Brasilian, I’d like to say I’m kinda offended (especially since I hate the Eagles)

  6. As a swedish Eagles fan I´m offended of the notion that honoring the founders of the state of Delaware would be connected to Brazil. Also the flag of Philadelphia is the swedish yellow & blue, and swedish settlers first founded what is now Philadelphia.
    Please don´t mock ours and yours history. Remember where USA started.

  7. I must be one of the few that thinks those are an upgrade and a little shot of life into the Seahawks jerseys. Their current ones reflect their current team: the NFL’s absolute most boring. I, for one, love the Bears alternate jerseys too! I must be smoking the crack.

  8. Bears orange jerseys are sweet.
    Clicked on link half expecting some advertising on the Seahawks jerseys. Would be sweet if Bears wore their off color jerseys, might make the game entertaining.

  9. These shirts will be Exhibit A during the next anti-trust trial of the NFL. The prosecution will say that only a monopoly could get away with wearing and selling these things.

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