With Lance Moore limping, Chase Daniel gets called up

The New Orleans Saints have been carrying only two quarterbacks this year, with receiver Lance Moore serving as the emergency quarterback behind Drew Brees and Mark Brunell.

But Moore won’t play Sunday, due to a strained hamstring.

So Chase Daniel, the former Missouri standout, has been elevated from the practice squad for Sunday’s game at Buffalo, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Veteran center Nick Leckey has been waived to create a roster spot.

And “veteran” is the key.  Leckey is a vested veteran, and he won’t be subject to waivers.  Thus, the Saints will be able to cut Daniel, re-sign Leckey, and then re-sign Daniel to the practice squad in the days after Sunday’s game.

The only risk is that someone could claim Daniel on waivers.  Then again, anyone could have signed him to the active roster from New Orleans’ practice squad.

3 responses to “With Lance Moore limping, Chase Daniel gets called up

  1. Interesting. Can’t imagine him getting any snaps unless it’s an absolute blow-out.
    He’s the kind of QB that can do well in the current Saints system though. Very similar to Brees in build, but it remains to be seen if he’s as smart. He’s a project..may as well get started.

  2. It’s worth pointing out, Florio, that although a team can sign a player off the practice squad at any time, the home club gets the right to elevate that player to the active roster to block other teams from signing players off their practice squad. Of course the host club would have to waive somebody else from the active roster, the host clubs do have some protection against other teams signing all their practice squad players.
    This all leads to the point, why would the Saints elevate a QB when a WR is hurt? Because of precisely what I just stated, another team was interested or tried to sign Daniel off the Saints’ practice squad and so the Saints chose to elevate him.

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