Fifteen minutes to delight in Detroit, despair in D.C.

The Lions lead the Redskins, 13-7, through three quarters.

If the home team can hold on for 15 more minutes, the Lions will have their first win since December 23, 2007, when they defeated the Chiefs at Ford Field, 25-20.

And it will be only the second win since November 4, 2007, when the Lions somehow blasted the Broncos, 44-7, to push their record to 6-2.

So after starting the 2007 season at 6-2, the Lions have gone 1-25.


And, amazingly, the man who made the mess has two different jobs — with ESPN and NFLN — covering both college football and pro football.

Though Matt Millen is good on television, I simply can’t listen to anything he has to say without wondering whether the guy knows anything at all, or whether he’s simply good at sounding like he does.