Jim Mora isn't very happy with Olindo Mare

Olindo Mare may not be a kicker for the Seattle Seahawks for much longer after the team’s 25-19 loss to Bears Sunday.

As a going away present, Seahawks coach Jim Mora threw him under a bus during his post-game press conference.  Then put in reverse.  Then honked so everyone was paying attention.

As detailed by the Seattle Times, Mora talked at length about Mare’s two missed field goals Sunday, which came from 43 and 34 yards.

“There’s no excuses for those. If you’re a kicker in the National
Football League you should make those kicks — bottom line. End of
story. Period. No excuses. No wind, doesn’t matter. You’ve gotta makes
those kicks,” Mora said, just warming up. 

“Especially in a game like this, where you’re kicking and fighting and
scratching your tail off and you miss those kicks, it’s not acceptable.
Not acceptable. Absolutely not acceptable.”

Mora’s final comments on Mare made it sound like the team will look for new options shortly.

“We’re not going to fight our ass off, and have a field goal kicker go
out there and miss two field goals and lose a game. It’s not going to

In Mare’s defense, the man did hit four field goals Sunday. 

In Mora’s defense, the coach also pointed the finger at himself for the loss.

The kicker is always an easy scapegoat, but that doesn’t make it a fair assessment.  The Seahawks played well as a team despite many injuries, but their offense stalled in the red zone twice and they only averaged 5.3 yards per pass play.

There are many aspects of the game that one can point to in an evenly matched football game like Seahawks-Bears; Mora just picked the easiest target.

14 responses to “Jim Mora isn't very happy with Olindo Mare

  1. Both teams missed kicks. Mare’s kicks if made would have had the game tied at best. Seattle lost that game because they couldn’t make plays when they needed to on both sides of the ball. But hey, sucks to be the kicker today I guess.
    Even worse is in Pittsburgh where Jeff Reed I saw missed another. Uh oh…

  2. A coach should never trow anybody besides himself under the bus – it’s just bad team management and courses lockerroom dissturbances. A classy coach would have dealt with the problem within the organisation – its not like the ‘hawks are the raiders… but keep it up Mora and you’ll be there sooner or later

  3. Umm, those missed figgies account for 6 points, they lose by six points. Sure it possibly extends the game, but certainly does not guarantee a victory. Mora needs to think again about why his team lost.

  4. Like father, like son:
    I’m sure people vomited in the stands after watching our kicking game. I’m sure they vomited in the stands. That was just horrible, embarrassing. Was that on national television? (told it was blacked out locally) Thank God. – Jim Mora 1993

  5. where’s the guy who wondered if green bay was trying to cover the spread in week 1 for going for 2 while up 4 after the td? he didnt believe other teams would go for 2 under 2 minutes and going up by 4 after the td.

  6. Mora was a classless douche crybaby while the HC in Atlanta, it’s good to see he’s still the same lovable guy.

  7. let’s get to the real issue here and that would be cutler’s demeanor.did you see him smile and pump his fist after the winning t.d?how dare he show emotion, that is not very professional is it?wonder what st.dungy and other retired coaches had to say about this display.no what realy matters is turner’s play calling!why must we wait for the end of games before he decides to open up the offense enough to score and win the game?

  8. Yes, where is Mora Sr. to talk about how unprofessional his son acted during the press conference after the game? I can’t wait until the end of the season when someone asks him about the playoffs. Playoffs?

  9. Man I’ve never seen Mora Jr. lose it like that.
    It’s entertaining but at the same time I feel bad for the guy because I know how supportive he usually is of his players.
    Definitely agree with FumbleNuts that they should’ve kept Coutu.

  10. i was at the game. while Mare should have made those kicks – that’s not why Seattle lost…. Unless Mare was on defense letting Bear receivers get by him for TD’s, or unless Mare was playing QB for the Hawks & turning the ball over.
    Maybe Mora should call-out the defense, or Seneca’s poor decisions. classless move by Mora and serves Seattle just right. I hated the Mora hiring (who cares about his UW allegiances?), he’s not a good coach.

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