Niners steal the lead in Minnesota

With the Vikings in position to take a nine-point lead into the locker room, the 49ers blocked a field goal try on the last play of the first half.

Nate Clements scooped it up and went the distance.

With the Joe Nedney extra point, the Niners now lead, 14-13.

It’s fitting, actually.  The Vikings have now trailed in each of their three 2009 regular-season games at intermission.  In the other two, Minnesota dominated the second halves for the win.

Whether that happens today is to be determined.

6 responses to “Niners steal the lead in Minnesota

  1. Fluke plays only way 49ers in it.Vikings are dominating both sides of the ball. Look for a big purple second half.

  2. Sooner or later Lord Favre is going to make a mistake. When he does, he had better hope his Defense can bail him out.

  3. Watching this through RedZone. This Scott Hansen guy is pretty funny. He said that hopefully Mike Singletary will “keep his britches on” and keep the team focused for the second half…hilarious.
    Also just made a comment about how the guys (Cribbs?) love each other in the locker room.
    Pick by the Niners!!! Woo hoo!! Go Favre!!
    Hansen: “Took 3 weeks for him to throw his first skinny, but there it is.”

  4. And Percy Harvin comes back 101 yds (at least he’s on my fantasy team)…I can’t believe I miss this game in favor of Seattle this PM.
    Clarification: The locker room/Cribbs comment above was in reference to Cleveland by Scott Hansen. Love RedZone channel.

  5. With Frank Gore the 49ers win this game easily at the end.
    One 1st down in the last couple drives negates Farves great play at the end of the game. Frank Gore is good for atleast one first down.

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