Percy Harvin explodes for 101-yard score

Migraines?  What migraines?

Vikings receiver Percy Harvin, who had been relatively quiet in his Metrodome debut, woke the place up with a 101-yard return for a touchdown.

The one-cut-and-turn-on-the-jets move allowed Harvin to race untouched the length of the field.

The Vikings lead, 20-17, in what is shaping up as one of the best games of the day.

6 responses to “Percy Harvin explodes for 101-yard score

  1. I love Kenny Britt but with all the trouble the Titans are having with returns, I wish we had Harvin right now…

  2. I’m sure some PFT commenters will soon point out that Harvin still shows a lack of character by having migraines, and that 3 TD’s in 3 games is still irrelevant because he’s smoked weed before.

  3. Old Tali-Bob Nelson is right…
    This guy will never amount to anything — he’s sick all the time.
    Oh Yeah, and the distratctions — everytime he scores a touchdown the game stops. How distracting…
    I can’t believe the Vikings even drafted this guy…

  4. R.O.T.Y he might be the fastest player in league. Thats three game sand three touchdown’s I’m allready the biggest Viking’s fn on the planet but having him on my fantasy team is icing on the cake. Speed kills and Percy Harvin is pure speed and strength. DAMN that was a pretty kick return for a T.D. and it was even better live!

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