Redskins-Lions one-liners

Redskins RB Clinton Portis had -2 yards rushing at halftime of Sunday’s 19-14 loss to Detroit, but finished with 12 carries for 42 yards.
The ‘Skins’ red-zone struggles continued against the Lions, with Portis getting stuffed on fourth-and-goal to end Washington’s first possession.

Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth doesn’t know the extent of the hip injury he suffered Sunday; the good news is he returned to finish the game.

Redskins coach Jim Zorn oddly accepted an offensive pass interference penalty on fourth-and-4 to make it third-and-14, and the Lions capitalized with a 22-yard Matthew Stafford scramble on the next play.
Lions WR Bryant Johnson beat ‘Skins CB Carlos Rogers on his 21-yard touchdown.
Lions rookie LB DeAndre Levy got the start for Ernie Sims (shoulder), and made six tackles.
Despite being 6.5-point underdogs coming in, the Lions snapped their 19-game losing streak with Sunday’s victory.
It’s the first time the Lions have beat Washington since 2000, according to Shawn Windsor of the Detroit Free Press.

9 responses to “Redskins-Lions one-liners

  1. Zorn didn’t decline defensive pass interference, he accepted a penalty for offensive pass interference. Instead of 4th and 4 it became 3rd and 14, with the Lions no longer in field goal range. The idea was to hold the Lions to no gain so they would have to punt, likely taking 3 points off the board.
    You got the “oddly” part right, however.

  2. I was about to comment on the same headline. That headline wasn’t even close. It is an odd call to accept a penalty instead of forcing them to try a FG. But the Lions easily could have gone for it anyway. I don’t think I can fault Zorn that much for the call. Zorn is going to be lucky to last the season. I would be very surprised if he ever gets a head coaching position again in the NFL.

  3. It was a good call to accept the penalty and back them up out of FG range.
    You kind of count on the D to make a stop there on 3rd and long, but…

  4. Agreed that you expect the D to make the stop. However, I felt like the D couldn’t get off the field and wasn’t surprised when Stafford made his run. As it turned out that was the story of the game. Zorn’s calls (this one and 4th and goal) tell me he didn’t respect the Lions despite his rhetoric all week. Of course I probably wouldn’t have either. It’s too bad that a decent QB (Campbell) is going to get thrown under the bus in DC when the O-line and coaching are the problem. And I bet when Snyder cleans house Cerrato remains employed, which will doom the next cast of characters.

  5. It would have been a 50 YARD field Goal…………..Nuff said?????
    Also Portis on 4th and goal-can you run straight up the middle instead of trying to run around the side? Zorn wanted him to run 12 yards or so to get to the end zone, should have been straight between the guard and center behind selleers…..Either you have an o line or you don’t………Zorn is constantly trying to use deception and misdirection and trickery, it’s way too complicated, they are obviously overthinking it……..Just assert your will on the other team, forget all this overly complex offensive scheming……..
    I almost think Marty ball is called for here………..

  6. Didn’t someone pick the Redskins to go to the superbowl… who was that… hmmmmmm remember that though?! Do you remember that?! That was……… that was awesome.

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