Speculation commences that Mangini won't make it to January

Last year, Browns owner Randy Lerner fired coach Romeo Crennel and G.M. Phil Savage, only a year after giving each of them contract extensions.

Now, with the Browns at 0-3 and coach Eric Mangini in the eye of a storm of criticism and grievances, some league insiders openly are expressing concern that Mangini won’t make it through the end of the season.

If so, Mangini possibly would be the only head coach fired by two different NFL teams in less than a year.

Butch Davis resigned after 11 games in 2004.  In all, the Browns have had five head coaches (permanent and interim) in the decade since they have returned to the league.

UPDATE:  As a reader points out, Ray Rhodes was fired by the Eagles after the 1998 season, and then by the Packers after the 1999 season.

57 responses to “Speculation commences that Mangini won't make it to January

  1. Why does everyone expect a championship every year in a league when only one team can win?
    Teams fire coaches because they are bad, not because they are good. These are not Mangini’s players. Look at the Jets right now, thats his team, not Ryan’s. Give the guy a chance to build his team. There is not one coach in the league who can come to a bad team and win a superbowl year one. It’s the dumbest part of the NFL. You hire a guy to do a job. Let him do it.
    Go Bears.

  2. kicking a fg while down by 27 in the 4th quarter? Your players didn’t quit mangina, you did. My hat is off to the browns fans, true die-hards to stick with that organization.

  3. If you hire a coach you need to give them more than twelve months, at least.
    Otherwise you’re the bigger idiot than they are.

  4. I don’t like the guy, but what sense does it make to fire a coach in less than three years?
    No wonder this team hasn’t been good in years.

  5. Actually the author has it wrong. Ray Rhodes was the first NFL Head Coach fired by 2 teams in less than one year (Eagles after last game of season in 1998, Packers in last game of season of 1999.

  6. @Staff Sergeant Bandazewski,
    Yeah, if that’s Mangini’s team why didn’t they play with that fire last season? Answer – Because Rex taught them that. Mangini might be able to build a team, (I don’t agree with that statement, Rex build that team for how they are playing right now Sanchez/Scott), but it’s a fact that he is a subpar coach. The Browns are not even competitive. At least with Crennel they were building. There’s a reason Mangini was fired last season and the Browns are in the process of finding out why.

  7. I know he hand picked him so it doesnt excuse mangini but daboll has to be the worst off. coordinator I have ever seen. And we had maurice carthon . I never thought i would see a worse off. coordinator. Never say never.

  8. i agree with fumblenuts, eventhough im a Steelers fan, it must suck to be a member of the Browns, all these stupid ass fines Mangini is having some of these players pay is ridiculous! Fire him now and bring in Shanahan! get a head start for next year, Mangini was never a good coach.

  9. League sources are “concerned” he may be fired soon? Shouldn’t they be concerned if he is not fired soon? Although, he should get paid a bonus for handing the Browns next year’s number 1 draft pick.

  10. The Browns fans can almost hear the chants for
    “Cowher” starting now. This team and organization is in complete disarray… what else is new. After 11 years of coming back into the league they still can’t be counted on to put a quality product on the field. What did we expect when the owner is listed on a milk carton as a “missing person” he has no involvement and hires a GM and head coach based on their ability to be “buddies”. When is he going to become involved, when the fans stop coming and advertisers quit paying for ads or banners at the stadium. People love a winner, the days of rooting for the sad sack loser is past becoming a cute thing to do. Bring in some talent and a coach that can stick to someone or something. Welcome to the new quarterback controversy, Quinn will never be the same his confidence is busted. What do we do now??

  11. Mangini: Bad Head Coach. Terrible human being. The people of Cleveland deserve so much more than this poor excuse for a man. Fire his fat ass now while Mike Shanahan is still available.

  12. Why not just give Rob Ryan the job?
    This team is lacking leadership. They gave the job to Frank Burns.
    Looks like the Ryan boys know how to clean up after a Mangina.

  13. Forget about Mangini, who’s the QB? Can we get Spergon Wynn back?
    p.s. Davis left the team in 2004.

  14. Boomer said it best!! He made his 1st mistake by not naming the starting QB after a couple weeks of camp. NOW what’s he going to do???
    The Detroit Browns could go down as one of the worse NFL teams EVER!!! Even Cowher couldn’t save this City!!

  15. I’m no Mangini fan, but those who are calling for Mike Shanahan may want to recall the last decade of “rebuilding” from the Mastermind’s resume.
    He won the Super Bowl as an OC with a 49er roster stocked with stars. He inherited HOF or Ring of Fame talent at many positions when he came to Denver as head coach.
    He wouldn’t have that luxury in Cleveland. And without it, he’s done nothing.

  16. Like I say, mangini should have traded both of his useless QBs for 2nd and 3rd round picks, stocked up the defense and picked San-chise at number 5. That’s not hindsight, because if he didn’t know that Anderson and Quinn both suck then he’s no head coach.

  17. How about the QB sneak he called on first and 10 at the Baltimore 50 yard line? Or the FB screen he called down 27-0 at his own 15 yard line?
    What a genius!

  18. Mangini may not have put this roster together, but this team has shown no heart and no kind of cohesion in the first 3 weeks. Both QB’s are brutal. theres no run game and no defense. Neither Shannahan or Cowher would be able to do anything with this collection of stiffs.
    At the same time, a good coach can motivate his team to overachieve. Thats clearly not the case with Mangini on board. For a coach to be this kind of disciplinarian, he would need to be someone whos well respected like a Parcells or a Bellichik. Mangini is neither of the two so hes clearly only going to make things worse. May as well stick with him this season because even Vince Lombardi couldnt win with this group

  19. Penguini & Daboll need to let Quinn throw beyond ten yards down field pure-plain & simple. If not, they might as well pack their bags and join Crennel on the unemployment line. (I doubt Penguini would get his own Beer commerical however). Why did you draft two wideouts if you arent going to play them in favor of kick returner + a castoff from the lions?? Passing on Sanchez was bad. Picking a center in the first round was just about as laughable. This isnt hockey! You dont draft a center in the first round!

  20. @juicy Melon
    yea Rex Ryan taught grown men who have been paid for years to “play with fire”. yea, because they had no idea how to do that before right? riiiight.
    Ryan had zero to do with that draft day trade for Sanchez and the team already was playing the 3-4. Adding Scott is just one guy on a field of 11. It aint that serious.
    It’s Mangini’s team and he was fired because of what happened at the end of last season with the injured/not injured Favre. Pay attention.

  21. I don’t even know where to start. As a Browns fan, I’ve watched Mangini with absolute awe as his arrogance has actually worsened an already bad Browns team. He trades away Winslow, he trades our 5th pick in the draft to his old team, the Jets, (who we all know took Sanchez, and we all see how that’s working out for the 3-0 Jets), to move down and get a bunch of freakin’ has-beens from the Jets. He continues to move down in the draft to take a flippin center!! Now, I fully trust Alex Mack will be a stud center for years, but we already had a reliable one in Hank Fraley. We needed defensive help so badly, I don’t know how someone getting PAID to run this team cannot make that simple assessment. Then he continues in the second round by ignoring the defense, taking TWO receivers in round 2, only to refuse to play either of them (Massaquoi has seen a little time). The Browns have like the 3rd or 4th (roughly) most cap-room in the league, and he won’t look at some of the free-agent running backs in favor of Jamal-I run a 6.7 forty yard dash-Lewis?? Chris McAlister at CB can’t get a freakin’ sniff??
    The off-season QB competition was a joke, all the way up to the start of the Vikings game, because keeping the starting QB a secret was such an advantage!! What a D-bag. And as a Browns fan, I am laughing out loud at all the supporters that were in Derek Andersons corner. He sucks, he has no agility, no accuracy, and no presence. He can throw it far……great, so can JaMarcus Russell, and both of their completion percentages are below the 50 mark. You would think this A-hole would have known that pulling Brady was going to 1) hurt his confidence 2) start a mutiny in the locker room 3) bring questions from the media, which we all know he hates to deal with, but most importantly 4) THE BROWNS WERE NOT COMING BACK TO WIN THIS GAME!! What the F was he trying to prove? How smart he is? Really? Brady threw a F’ing pick, great, QB’s will do that from time to time. Derek threw three. I’m so pissed I can’t see straight.
    I’m absolutely disgusted by what I saw today. That didn’t look like a professional football team. Cleveland has sold out that freakin’ stadium every home game since the Browns came back in 1999, and what have they given us? One playoff trip, which of course was ripped from our souls as we gave up a large lead in the 2nd half to fall to the Steelers. Wanna make yourself sick? Go review all the drafts from 1999 to present, look where the Browns drafted in the 1st round, who they selected, and then scroll down to see who the could’ve had……………enough to make you want to swallow the business end of a revolver.
    All I know is, the Browns owe the city and thier fans a hell of a lot more than what we’ve gotten over the past 10 years. Hell, let the fans take turns calling the plays, can’t be any worse than what we’ve seen so far. At least give the jobs to people who CARE about the Browns. Randy Lerner (the owner) is more concerned with his soccer team. Mangini just seems to have a stick up his ass, one of those people who always seems to need to “prove” something. It can’t get any worse, why wait till the end of the season, or the next? Fire Mangini now, and talk to Gruden or Shanahan, someone who KNOWS HOW TO RUN A FOOTBALL TEAM!!
    ok, whew, I’m done now, comments and opinions please……….and as always, GO BROWNS!!
    Change the Browns ownership! Sign the petition!

  22. The only reason to keep Mangini is if you want the number one pick next year, because that is all he will give you. What is wrong with Mangini? Let’s see.
    1. He turned on his old team, turning them in for taping, a practice Mangini himself reportedly did.
    2. While coach for the Jets, he had numerous allegations against him. Some from other teams (taping, tampering), and some for his own team (camp violations, contract promises unfulfilled). He turned his team against him. They hated him and it showed.
    3. He has been fined for cheating while with the Jets (falsifying injury reports).
    4. Soon after coming to Cleveland, he started immediately being what he thought was a tough coach, but in reality he just angered his players. First he made them all ride the bus to “voluntarily” participate in a camp. He has no less than five grievances filed against him by players, for stupidly fining them over a thousand dollars each for a three dollar bottle of water. This is particularly stupid. Why? Because when you are an away team you want your team concentrating on football, not worrying about whether or not they paid the bill for a three dollar bottle of water. So the players end up hating him, and not wanting to play for him.
    5. Agents are reportedly black listing him. They are actively telling their players NOT to play for the Browns, no matter what the money looks like (not good if you want to rebuild a team).
    6. Stupid play calling in crucial parts of the game. It doesn’t matter if the game is out of hand. You do NOT want your players to see that you have given up on the game…EVER. Field goals in the fourth when you are down 27 points. QB sneak on first and ten? Please.
    So we have a known cheater (and not a very good one) whose current players hate and don’t want to play for. A coach whose ex-players hate and don’t want to play for. A coach whom players NOT on the team are being warned that they shouldn’t entertain offers from. A coach who can’t manage a game if his life depended on it. A coach that will stab his own grandmother if he thinks it is to his advantage. A coach who likes to see others being miserable so he can feel his own life is somewhat better.
    Mangini will not likely last the season. While it is true that you should not give up on coaches easily, you DO want to see some signs of improvement that first year. You want to see signs that the team is moving in the right direction. The Browns are going from a bad team to the new Detroit Lions and Raiders all rolled into one. The team will become a pariah of the NFL. Players will normally play for a bad team if the money is right, and they see a team that might just improve, or if they are treated well. The Browns are bad, show all the signs of becoming worse, and they are not treating the players well. Infact, the players are treated like the enemy. I think Mangina thinks that all players are spoiled children who need to be punished. While some fit the description of being spoiled, Mangina simply doesn’t know how to deal with them. He likes to see them, and everyone else suffer. His wife must either be a saint or have Stockholm syndrome.
    Manina will be gone soon, and he will likely never work in the NFL again, at least not as a coach. Unless of course the Raiders hire him! Well, maybe Belicheck needs a new houseboy. I am sure he would enjoy that..

  23. When Belichick was fired from Cleveland he probably deserved it – he had the smarts to coach but not the support staff to be an HC. He had to work as a DC for a while before he got another shot. And he had a long time to figure out what he’d done wrong. The rest is the best HC in the league no.
    Mangini deserved to be fired but it was a mistake for Lerner to hire him before he’d had the chance to reflect on his mistakes and, unsurprisingly, he’s making them again. No reflection time. It isn’t surprising to anyone Mangini’s failing. He is not going to turn this team around – he’s merely Butch Davis Part 2. Too bad for Cleveland fans but Lerner just doesn’t appear to have his heart into being a full-time leader of that organization.

  24. they need to keep rob ryan and get rid of daboll and mangini the play calling is terrible they dont run plays for longer than ten yards and the just run up the middle everytime. IM TIRED OF THIS GARBAGE!

  25. I feel sorry for Browns fans. It’s like they are in football purgatory. They’ve had one good season in how long? From what I saw of the game against the Ravens, the Browns looked horrible.
    The team played with no enthusiasm. I know it’s early but it looks like the Browns are already on the clock for the first pick in next year’s draft.

  26. stanjam says:
    Blah, Blah, Blah.
    Hey get a life. Got that much time to type about Mangini? Does he remind you of an old flame? Go to a Therapist.

  27. I have a ticket in the Dawg pound for the Browns – Bengals game. How much do I have to pay someone to take it? WOW this team reminds you of the 1st year back in 1999. I don’t know if I can use my season ticket for the next 7 home games. Down by 27 and you kick a field goal? Guess you wanted to make sure you signed the right guy.

  28. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss! Crennel, Mangini. Tomato, Tomoto. There’s only one Belichick and only one Parcells. All of the wannabees will never be. Trade Brady Quinn AND Derek Anderson for Dan Gilbert. Fire Randy Lerner!

  29. You think this team is bad now? Wait until the injuries start coming…and then…staph. This thing is over.

  30. Give him until the bye week. Might not win a game before the bye.
    Sun, Oct 4 Cincinnati
    @ Buffalo
    @ Pittsburgh
    Green Bay
    @ Chicago
    9 BYE WEEK
    Have Detroit week 11. KC week 15.Oakland week 16.
    If they don’t improve any I can see them losing every game.

  31. Mangini should have been fired after what he pulled with the QB’s in camp. QB=Field General. Two months of indecision is unacceptable and it shows in QB’s play. Brady Quinn looks nothing like the guy who played for the CLE the last two years. His one drive in SF in 2007 looked better than anything he has shown this year. Granted, he looked like a rookie in his two games last year, but they scored 30 points in Denver. They haven’t scored 30 all-year. I never thought things could get worse, but they have. Mangini is supposed to be the captain of the boat and he is drunk at the wheel. This team has ZERO direction…..In retrospect, we should have expected this. Mangini is clueless. When, CLE drafted K2, it cost them a 2nd rd pick to move one spot. Mangini GAVE the NYJ Sanchez, who they were drooling over, and let them move up 12 spots for 3 scrubs and a 2nd pick (which of course is not playing this season.)…..Also, does CLE have a GM? If so, where is he? Is he a mute?…… How does PITT go from Cowher to Tomlin and CLE can’t find a true coach? Easy. be one of the worst teams in the NFL and hire a LOSING/FIRED coach 12 or so days after the season……I still love the idea of CLE, but it gets harder and harder each week/season……One last comment, when a team is struggling, it is a no brainer to realize that the NFL DRAFT is the way to go. I thought after 2007 that CLE were on their way. However, 2008 and 2009 have been nothing short of a disaster. First, they trade away the farm in 2008. They seem to correct their mistakes and begin to stockpile picks in 2009. Good move. However, how can a team be expected to compete when they have THREE 2nd round picks and ZERO are playing? Let see, young QB and stud LT. Little running game and no C/RG/RT. What do the CLE do? Trade down and get practically nothing in return and take a C in RD 1. Has any team drafted 2 Centers in the 1st RD in a span of 5 or 6 years? If they really thought Mack was a 10 yr starter, then by all means take him. How do they follow this up? Do they grab a run mauling OG? A young RB who can produce something immediately? A young RT to bookend the line? No. They Draft 2 WR and a LB from Hawaii? I’ll admit that I am a Quinn fan. However, he appears to be a QB that would be much better if there was a sustained rushing game. His play action and short to intermediate passes would be much more successful if CLE could run the ball. They had every opportunity to do this in the DRAFT and have FAILED again. I just want to know how much longer until the bleeding stops?

  32. @ Naitch
    I asked them, they asked me to leave the building, they said I was offending the victims of 9/11.
    @ jimmySee
    So did he.

  33. Open your eyes Lerner, Get a proven winner in there for Head Coach. Look at who is available or maybe they just don’t want to work for you!
    Go Browns!

  34. “bing4161 says:
    September 27, 2009 8:28 PM
    Why would any good coach go to Cleveland.

    There are not a lot of places out there with better fans than the Cleveland fans. If they can get a good coach and the right personell, that place will be rockin again.

  35. Man-genius is a joke. They should just start calling him Man-juicebox.
    The dude’s a pear, not a football coach.

  36. This team is bad. But seriously Cleveland, were your expectations that high? Brady Quinn over Derek Anderson…? And he waited 3 weeks into preseason to say that? And that insane touchdown Flacco threw that went for 70 yards, did the safety forget how to tackle. He didn’t even touch the receiver who was right in front of him and at a dead stop for a good 2 seconds before makin his move. Dont worry though, the Browns can compete with my Redskins for top draft pick. Bring in Bradford or Mccoy!!!!!

  37. Browns fans give me a break, I’m tired of all these escuses – 1.it’s mangini being to tuff/discipline on these players ,if thats the case get some men players on the team not the so call babies. To a player it’s time to”MANUP” we fired RC because he was not tough enough. 2. For the people who say that agents are advising players not to come to this team ( yea right ) who are these agents – like the average fan has on going conversations and confidential weekly meetings with these so call agents and they are dumb enough to discuss their client issues with you experts. 3. I been cleveland browns fan since the sixies, I live and die with all the dissapointment we have exprience over the years. But it’s time to stick with a coach for while to see if he can right the ship. Also to send message to the players this is how it’s going to be , the players must decide to be professionals they all claim to be and want to get “big Bucks” paid to them.It’s important to be responsible for yourself, pay your bills if do not you like to fined then do not think that you to good to pay your way. these are silly excueses for not showing up on sunday. I know all us just quit on all our bosses when they do not buy us a drink or the extra drink or even lunch. the coach is not their parents. welcome to the real world again “man up”. I do not want these fragil personalities / pretenders on my team . I want players who are discpline and talented. Men who men and play the game becuase they are trying to achieve greatness dispite the many hurdles that must be overcome to achieve that ultimate goal. Men who have the ability to over come any short comings of lesser talented team members or coaches. when are soliders go in to war they do not cry because they do not have cold drinks , hot water , hot food a ggod solider goes about his duty. As former Marine there is no room for this pettiness you job is to over come and adapt. 4. lastly we may need a better OC or DC But mangini must make this decssion , and make it fast. HE MUST USE HIS LEADERSHIP and responsiblity as the head coach to put people inthe right place to excute his over all plan. Ever notice that the good team players are always talking to each other on the side lines discussing the last series making the adjustments as game is being played . Coaches doing their job coaching on the side lines during the games. When have you seen our player captians /QB’s or assist coaches get in the trenches and make play by play series by series communications and adjustments on the side lines. We are in this fight as team. Start acting as team during the game. Again players “man Up ” Player sound football and all these excuses will fall to the way side. Go Browns.

  38. I feel for the Browns fans, they get dragged through some garbage.
    Your team moves away, stays in the division and wins the super bowl a few years later, beats you up almost everytime you meet, and becomes a legit small market threat in the NFL, the kind of team people like to go for.
    now you got Mangini fining his players, wich is certainly building morale around there.

  39. I wouldnt say its totally Mangini but i think there were better coaches available when we signed him. Lerner wont fire him he doesnt care unless its about soccer. Our play calling sucks ass. From my view watching the game it was all about the 2 yard passes and up the middle runs when Quinn was in. Seriously why up the middle with Harrison or Davis when clearly their speed is way above Jamal Lewis’? Why the 2 yard pass plays? Let Quinn air it out. Trade or something for some OL on the right side. When DA was in you could tell that changed everyones attitude. He had time in the pocket and they let him throw it deep. Granted 3 INT we still moved the ball alot more.
    Sorry for the paragraph but in my opinion which doesnt matter to the browns organization id get rid of the OC first. There are teams with less talent than us scoring TD’s. I love the browns but i ask myself why do we fking suck so bad. Why cant we score a TD. I know getting rid of coaches all the time is not so good but this guy sucks bad and i think someone could do better.

  40. anyone who is saying we shouldnt get rid of mangini isnt watching the games.
    honestly i would put up with all this off the field, fines, bull if we could even be competitive. my goal for this team, win 3 at least a few games but more importantly be IN every game. at the end of the 4th quarter we need to be right there, 1 play away from getting the win. just somthing to build on. we have played worse every game thus far and it’s BS.
    everytime the camera was on mangini yesterday he’s just standing there with that stupid look on his face, like he was pintching a loaf in his diaper.
    so far our closest game was a 14 point loss.
    last year with a coach who was “soft” we had 4 wins and 4 games that we lost by 7 points or less. 4 points to the steelers. 4 points to the colts.
    last years team was more competitive then this years and thats sad.
    we need a new coach and a new owner. one who actually gives a shit about our team. Al gave a shit. Randy doesnt.

  41. the team will have no choice , players are losing confindence in this guy. I predict a 0-16 season, and im not the only one.

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