T.O. doesn't make a catch, but entertains after game

For the first time in 185 games, Terrell Owens did not record a catch Sunday.

To celebrate, he debuted a post-game ensemble highlighted by the pair of sunglasses I lost at the beach when I was nine.  (Skip to 52 seconds into this clip.)

Owens did his best not to give any headline-worthy quotes in the press conference, saying, “I’m just going with the plays that were called.”  

Then he repeated the phrase four more times.  To Owens’ credit, he didn’t say anything overly inflammatory despite his obvious post-game frustration.

Owens struck a different tone on his Twitter account a short time later.

N traffic hungry as a hostage!! Who’s playing the sun nite game 2nite? Cn’t wait 2 get hm & kick my feet up!”

But his good mood didn’t last for long.  After someone apparently let him know about some critical comments that NBC analyst Rodney Harrison (the real one) made about him Sunday night, Owens let loose on Harrison for three straight tweets capped by the following request:

“Hey Rodney! Send me sum steroids 2 the Bills facility next week!

Perhaps Owens could use the help; he’s struggling to separate consistently from defenders and he didn’t catch any of the five targets sent his way Sunday.   Lee Evans is also struggling to produce, and Trent Edwards isn’t doing a great job throwing to the sideline, so it’s certainly not all Owens’ fault.

No matter who’s held accountable, the Bills expected more than five catches from Owens in his first three games. 

And a few more quiet Sunday afternoons on the field from Owens could lead to even more entertaining Sunday evenings off it.

25 responses to “T.O. doesn't make a catch, but entertains after game

  1. hahah good i love t.o im sick of ppl trying to just attack him and always make a story out of anything and everything

  2. TO, it was HGH, not steroids. By the way, you should look into some. Shame that steroids don’t help you catch, just make you stronger. Besides, I don’t think you should risk it. I don’t think you should take any chances destabilizing what is left of your brain.
    The great TO! 5 catches in three games, with almost as many drops as catches. The Bills must be so proud they got you!

  3. Rodney – better send enough roids for the entire Bills offense while your at it. And today it kind of looked like the defense could use some too. Hope you got enough room on Bob Kraft’s Amex card for all that.

  4. T.O is funny man. Look Im not a fan of his at all, sometimes I feel bad for him, he gets called out so much, and although Rodney was correct in what he said, T.O shouldnt have fired back. He really needs to only worry about whats going with his team. The Bills looked bad today and made the Saints look like a team that has a defense. T.O brother, you really need to focus on football and not worry about what others say.

  5. “Yeah stanjam, Rodney never took steroids, LOL.”
    You dont know if he didn’t take steroids. We know for certain he took HGH. Which, guess what, is cheating.
    Do people out there really think Rodney would cross the line for HGH but not be willing to cross the line for steroids. Yeah right.
    Its hard to talk about Harrison though considering we are in the PED age and the application of the drugs is so far ahead of the testing its scary. Its just the times, which is unfortunate.

  6. Remember, if you can’t be competitive on the field, hire a clown to keep the crowd docile.
    At least until you move your franchise to Canada.

  7. are we going to have an owens twitter recap after every bills game?
    his next one should sy ‘ hi florio’

  8. I’m with Stampede City. Rodney Harrison thinks his shit don’t stink. It seems like the only time he talks on TV is when the other announcers pause for him to say something negative about a player or a team. I predict Rodney Harrison doesn’t make it a year as a TV announcer. He doesn’t offer actual analysis, just calls people clowns or punks, based on the estimation of his overinflated ego.

  9. I cant stand T.O. but its also annoying that the media attacks him constantly. yeah hes past his prime and hes an all time turd for sure. But so far this year he has behaved. Lets not pile on him until he does. he hasnt said anything really out of line and for him it has to be frustrating that a guy like Rodney Harrison (who never really has anything nice to say about anyone who doesnt play for NE) says something stupid about him.
    Twitter has to be the most obnoxious thing ever invented.

  10. 1) I don’t mind T.O. ripping on Rodney Harrison, because Harrison’s a jerk and he got caught juicing
    2) The media spent hours trying to goad T.O. into causing a controversy. What was he supposed to say aside from that he was running the offense called?

  11. I’m one of the few Colts fans that comes here……we’ve had a lot of trouble against Rodney and the Pats. I can say that I truly dislike the Pats……but there’s no denying that Rodney is the most honest and quite frankly the best commentator on NBC (yes, even better than Dungy.)
    Rodney called it how it was. T.O. was a clown. It just seems like T.O. does not know how to take criticism….maybe still bitter from Superbowl XXXIX?
    Holy s***, I can’t believe I defended a Patriots player.

  12. Rodney is having trouble coping with the fact that he is a nobody, and has been since he cut the HGH out of his diet.

  13. I would personally like to congratulate the Buffalo Bills for breaking down the barriers in the NFL….it is truly an honor to be the first team in the league to have a confirmed Vagina at quarterback.

  14. Next stop for Me-Oh…playing with Marcus Fitzgerald and the California Redwoods in the UFL…they can lead the league in Twitter posts!

  15. The guy sucks but he thinks he is the best in the NFL. Maybe he hasn’t realized that if he actually catches the balls thrown his way that his stats would improve – and, oh yeah, the team might do a bit better too.

  16. I think they should play zany circus music in the background everytime T.O. greets the media.
    Since he wants to be a performer perhaps he could also juggle some seals, swallow a sword, or swing from a trapeze, back-and-forth, across the stage while he’s commenting on the game.

  17. I feel bad for Bufalo, they have all the elements required to be an outstanding small market team.
    But ti comes down to teh 92 year old owner who
    -cheaps out on a coaches
    -cheaps out on players
    -signed T.O. to sell more tickets in Buffalo as well as the game @ the rogers centre
    Ralph Wilson is one of their biggest problems.

  18. “Perhaps Owens could use the help; he’s struggling to separate consistently from defenders”
    You must not have watched the game….
    T.O. BLEW by the double team and past the safety over the top for what would’ve been a long TD had trent edwards been able to deliver the ball accurately. Instead the ball was overthrown by 5 yards and you trash talk T.O. when you didn’t even watch the game. You lose all credibility when you say things that prove that you guys don’t even bother watching the sport you cover….But, i guess it is easier to comb other websites for your stories instead of actual journalism huh?

  19. Holy s***, I can’t believe I defended a Patriots player.
    You mean a former Patriots player. And although it was kind of you to “defend” Harrison for doing what he is getting paid to do, simply pointing out that T.O. is not doing what he is getting paid to do, I am sure that Harrison can defend himself with or without HGH.
    What surprises me is all the people on this site who want to rip Harrison for pointing out truths about T.O.

  20. whywerule:
    And you get all worked up about people pointing out the truth about Harrison. What’s the difference?

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