Vick outcry never really emerged

Whether it was the proactive PR campaign, the apparent sincerity in every apology or simply a public that grew tired of the conversation, the anti-Michael Vick campaign we all anticipated never gained traction.’s Alex Marvez was on the ground in Philadelphia this week. He does a nice job today setting the scene from that city as Vick prepares to step on the field for a regular season game for the first time since 2006.

“Vick’s NFL return couldn’t have gone more smoothly,” writes Marvez. “The only crowd outside NovaCare Complex on Friday was autograph seekers. The mass protests never happened and aren’t expected Sunday …”

Despite the breathless coverage of his return, football-wise, Vick’s return is a minor story. He figures to have only a minor role in today’s game against the Chiefs. And while he may become a threat for the Eagles later in the year, his poor performance against the Jets scrubs in the Eagles final preseason game showed he has a very long way to go before he regains the timing and presence he had during his best days with the Falcons. 

14 responses to “Vick outcry never really emerged

  1. The apparent sincerity in every apology ? Are you freaking kidding me ?
    Talk about being duped.
    He was sorry alright, sorry he got caught and sorry he lost millions but sorry for killing those dogs ? Not hardly.
    Here’s hoping for a career ending injury today Mike, I hope it happens on the first play.

  2. Of course…..The American Public has the attention span of a Fruit Fly………The “Dog Killin’ QB story”got old after awhile……who cares?… ball!

  3. “The only crowd outside NovaCare Complex on Friday was autograph seekers. The mass protests never happened and aren’t expected Sunday …”
    How shocking. PETA is all press release and no action – who could have figured it? (All bark and no bite – get it??)
    Go make some more of those hot, naked celebrity chick billboards PETA, and shut the hell up about football, please.

  4. Who cares? The teats on this story should be sore with the way yall are trying to continue to milk a story out of it.

  5. Aaaaawwwwww all the fake outrage over Vick and none for a rapist in Tampa Bay or Stallworth who killed an actual HUMAN.

  6. P.E.T.A people eating tasty animals
    hoping for a career ending injury??? thats really cold …. i don’t care what he did i don’t wish any pain on anyone ….. i just hope its a quick painless death ….
    when its my turn to go i want to go quick and painless like my grandfather did,
    not kicking and screaming like all his passengers

  7. It’s curious to know the outcry from any other NFL city if Vick were not in Philly. Let’s not ignore the fact that we are talking about the City of Brotherly Shove.

  8. I care what he did. OK instead of a career ending injury…
    I would rather see someone attach leads to his testicles & electrocute him until he screams in pain…then do it some more…until he’s dead.
    I would rather see some one drown him, and laughing the entire way…ya know, for kicks.
    Or I would rather someone repeatedly slam him to the ground today… over & over & over & over…no help from the Ref’s…ya know just for entertainment…
    Or rather they hang him by the neck…just like he did to the dogs…ya know for FUN..just like Vick did.
    Horrors a career ending injury?? Nah, that’s to good for someone of Mike Vicks character…would be near enough pain & suffering.
    The Vick defenders are laughable..or maybe pathetic is a better description.

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