With Lions' streak over, others line up to match their "feat"

Ding dong, the witch is dead.

But now that the Lions have broken their 19-game losing streak, who takes over the throne as the losingest team in the league?

Hello, St. Louis Rams.

With their 36-17 loss to the Packers (a game that at one point the home team cut to 23-17), the once Greatest Show on Turf has become the worst, with 13 straight losses.

Not far behind is the team that plays in the city where the Rams once resided — the Cleveland Browns.  (And yes, kids, the Rams were founded in Cleveland in 1937, and stayed there through 1945.)

The Browns have lost nine in a row.

Though the Browns likely are in worse shape right now, the Rams’ best chance for a win might not come until they travel to Detroit on November 1.  At that time, St. Louis could be going for consecutive loss No. 18.

The Browns also might not get bailed out until they travel to Detroit, on November 22.  Barring a win over the Bengals, Bills, Steelers, Packers, Bears, or Ravens, Cleveland’s 16th straight loss would come at Ford Field.

So, basically, there are two teams that could be headed for 0-16 — and the Lions would have a direct hand in both of their quests.

The all-time record for consecutive losses is 26, set by the Bucs from 1976 into 1977. 

21 responses to “With Lions' streak over, others line up to match their "feat"

  1. Couldn’t help yourself with that cheap remark about how the Rams almost made it close, could you Florio?

  2. Maybe a new team can be thrown into the mix. With the debacle that is happening in front of our eyes, the ZerOakland Raiders have a chance to start something “special”.

  3. Just remember the Browns passed on Sanchez in favor of a center (who is struggling)…
    And Tomlinson… Peterson… and a million other guys who aren’t mediocre players… not to mention they tried to trade up to get Jamarcus Russell.
    Other than Joe Thomas – can you name another elite player on Cleveland? Exactly.
    Two wins would be a miracle.

  4. After watching the Browns game today (there’s 3 hours of my life I will never get back), I’m convinced that they HAVE TO BE the worst team in the league. I never thought I would be wishing to get Romeo Crennel back, but this coaching staff is all over the place. The players look confused, they are out-coached in every game and nothing about the team looks promising that it could be turned around. Other than that, times are good in Cleveland.

  5. well i must say in the past 3 weeks, the Lions have done pretty well on offense, now all they need is a good offensive line and they could be one of the NFLs best, they awesome reciever, good RB, and a future franchise QB that still has some learning to do, i see the Browns and the Rams losing to the Lions later in the year.

  6. Rams will win before the Browns – Steven Jackson will have a huge game at some point and the Rams will get a key turnover and shock someone.

  7. i was thinking the same thing about 0-16 record for cleveland after the first few games but now after today’s performance at b-more it is becoming ore and more possible. i have been thinking of wearing a grocery bag over my head when i go to the bungles game sunday. 😦

  8. The Browns are going to take it…Sorry Cleveland fans. I like the Browns, not my favorite team, but I like their tradition…But Mangini was the worst selection for that team as a coach…Leslie Frazier, Brian Billick, Marty S, Ron Rivera, Holmgren, Shanny, and tons of other potentials were available and you picked the coach who rode on Brett Favre’s back until it broke down. I mean even the DC you guys have would be better fitted to run this team than Mangini.

  9. Stop jumping to conclusons Florio, your predicting the rams loose 5 straight like its no big deal.
    Just last week you were throwing the Lions under the bus, now you have nothing to say.
    any given sunday.

  10. Florio, you still picking the ‘Skins to win it all? What a joke. This team will be picking in the top 5 at draft time and Zorn will be FIRED! THEY STINK FLORIO!

  11. Raiderchile shouldnt you be in a raider post complaining about that louis murphy td catch non td catch?
    Sad thing is for all the effort the skins have spent to get rid of campbell he is still 10 times the QB Jamarcus Russell is. Must suck to see you have NO future for a very long time.

  12. Hey nobody added my happless Chiefs. Look at our schedule. We could go 0-16. We couldn’t even beat the Raiders in our house.

  13. The big problem is, the Lions decision makers are going to think that everything is ok, cause they won one game!
    1-19 Martin and Tom.

  14. Browns are the worst coached team in the league. Face it we blow..Mangini is a joke good thing that Lerner hurried up to grab him. No one else must have been available..right?
    Another joke of a draft, the Browns needs defense, who did they draft a center, Frayley was fine. The needs are never met and the Browns will soon be the 2008 Lions.
    Go Browns and take the Indians with you!!

  15. With 2 wins in their last 28 games, the KC Chiefs are by FAR the losingest team since 2007. What a disaster.
    The Lions have 2 more wins than them since ’07, that’s all you need to say.
    That franchise is a joke – maybe they’ll move them to LA.

  16. The chiefs are going to be the 0 and 16 team. They’ll hit 0 and 26 too. The rams and the chiefs combined couldn’t put together a 500 season. Great Googily Moogily.

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