Bears-Seahawks one-liners

Seahawks coach Jim Mora insists that the “sky is not falling,” despite his team’s 25-19 loss to the Bears Sunday and the growing possibility of another injury-ruined year.

Former undrafted free agent David Hawthorne got the start at middle linebacker in place of Lofa Tatupu (hamstring) and led Seattle with 16 tackles while also intercepting a pass.
Seahawks offensive coordinator Greg Knapp’s odd play selection Sunday included a Deion Branch reverse on third-and-one that lost eight yards.
Due to an aggravated groin injury, Seahawks CB Ken Lucas was not in the game during Devin Hester’s game-winning 36-yard touchdown catch in the fourth quarter.
Bears QB Jay Cutler has led back-to-back fourth-quarter comeback wins, while throwing five touchdowns and competing 74% of his passes over that span.
After Sunday’s 21-carry, 66-yard effort, Bears RB Matt Forte yards-per-carry average for the season is a Cedric Benson-esque 2.54.
Forte, however, frequently faced eight in the box as the Seahawks brought S Deon Grant close to the line of scrimmage to stop the run.
Pool-jumping rookie DL Jarron Gilbert dressed for the first game of his Bears career Sunday, but played no snaps.

3 responses to “Bears-Seahawks one-liners

  1. Bottom Line, the Bears should be 0-3. The 2 wins you do have are without a doubt because the opposing kickers have missed a total of 4 field goal inside of 45 yards. Chicago is a sh*t team, you are an 8-8 team at best. I can’t wait to see A.D. spank that *ss! At least Green Bay looks like they want to compete for the North. By the way Green Bay, thank you. That last second touchdown pass Sunday, came courtesy of you fella!
    Get used to the smell of our *ss because you will be trailing us all year…Only this year it won’t smell like TJack/Gus *ss…its gonna smell like Brett Favre ass. And Green Bay will eat, basque, and bath in it. Haha thats a great idea. In Minnesota we will manufacture cheese called “Brett Favre’s Ass” then we will exclusively sell it to Wisconsin and at this time we will ask the question. Hey Green Bay, tell us how Brett Favre’s ass tastes? And then Green Bay will respond. “Not too good.”

  2. Alright Larry. I’m pretty sure we all know you have Brett Favre by now, and that he’s suddenly good for the first time in his career because he’s on your team.
    You can quit waving that in everyone’s face now, especially the Bear fans that care even less than we do. There’s a huge target on your back right now,. and every team left on your schedule is gunning for you, just because of all your talk, and your arrogance, and your trophies claimed in April. You may get past the Pack on Monday, but you won’t get past everyone.

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