Cable never considered taking out Russell

With the Raiders trailing 23-3 in the fourth quarter Sunday at home, and the boos raining down on JaMarcus Russell, coach Tom Cable never considered taking his starter out of the game.

“I just feel like we have to keep moving forward, trying to figure out what is going to help him be at his best,” Cable said.

It’s hard to say what Russell’s best would look like right now.  Since Cable didn’t take him out, Russell got three drives in the fourth quarter to try to put something positive together.  The team recorded one first down in those drives, and that came on a penalty.

Part of Cable’s problem is that he doesn’t have any alternatives, even if he wanted to make a change.  (Or if he was allowed to.) 

In my ride home last night from international headquarters in lovely Stamford, Connecticut, an extremely knowledgeable Raiders fan co-worker of mine said he wanted to see what Bruce Gradkowski could do. 

But playing Gradkowski is a no-win situation.

The journeyman with worse career numbers than Russell will either play like he’s always played on Sundays (poorly) or he’ll outplay Oakland’s prized number one overall pick.

Neither option is appealing, especially since Gradkowski  is very unlikely to turn the Raiders ship around.  Russell is still young, but his struggles are a good reminder of how much the wrong high pick at quarterback can set back a franchise.

The 2009 Raiders have a better roster than they have in last five years, but the quarterback position is preventing a chance for them to contend.  Even a serviceable starter like Kyle Orton — who led the Broncos to another road win Sunday — would give them a fair shake.

Instead, they will continue to wait for their scattershot quarterback to develop some accuracy that may never come.

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  1. Watching Russel play you wonder how that dude even gets dressed in the morning. Ryan Leaf was even laughing at that performance.

  2. I realize it’s not cool to cheer for a player to get injured – but that’s exactly what it’s come down to. I’d rather see Gradkowski finish up the year than continue watch an offence generate 65 yards in the air through 4 quarters.

  3. Wow ! When you want to replace the #1 pick in the draft with a bum like Bruce Gradkowski, then you have traveled even lower than rock bottom.

  4. You’re wrong, Gweg.
    You need to watch Russell play and stop only looking at numbers. Gradkowski would be a major improvement over Russell. Any QB in the league would. He just CAN’T play QB at the pro level. He has no accuracy, he has no smarts, he has no work ethic.
    He’s Ryan leaf without the attitude. Time for the Raiders to do what the Titans and Cards did when they realized Vince Young and Leinert couldnt play. Bench Russell and hope he can learn the game from the sidelines.

  5. Sorry Cable, if shit doesn’t change soon, we will have to switch to Direct TV so you can get a Clue. Looks Like Al is going to have to make a run for Herm, Bellick, or someone he can trust with this team of the tank! very disappointed.

  6. they shoulda kept Garcia! Atleast he can manage games. Raiders have a solid D and some O weapons. Russell is just awful!

  7. There were a few times yesterday in which Orton clearly threw the ball right into the dirt to kill a play. No turnover, no problem. This is what Russell needs to figure out.
    He seems to run pretty well for such a big (!) guy. Create a few bootleg plays that isolate him on one guy. Go max protection and run as much as you can. Rotate the back and keep them fresh and run the clock. Otherwise, they have no shot.
    He needs a tire hanging from a tree. The guy just isn’t accurate and makes bad decisions.

  8. Cable is not calling the shots with this team(?).
    The Imperial Dragon is.
    Mr. Al Davis, the relic that he is, insists on the vertical passing game.
    This was his problem with Shanahan, all those many years ago.
    The Relic won’t budge and his decisions have driven this once proud franchise, albeit hated by me, into the lowest echelon of the NFL.
    Just Win Baby? HA!
    Just embarrass the fans of Oakland that stood by you as you betrayed them when you moved the franchise out to LA.
    They forgave you a few unsuccesful years later and took you back as you followed the money trail back to Oakland from whence you came.
    This is how you plunge the stake back into the faithful heart collectivly known as Raider Nation.
    I hope you live long Al Davis. Live long and ensure for the rest of the AFC West teams extra wins as your team flounders in the pit of your creation.
    You deserve these late life humiliations.

  9. I’ve watched every game Russell has played in his career. As disappointed and concerned I am about his passing the first 3 games this season, I know he can and will do better. The last 6 games of 2008, Russell led his team to a 3-3 record and completed over 60% of his passes including road wins in Denver and Tampa.
    What’s changed?
    A. Due to injuries to his starting WR’s from the end of 2008 (Schilens & Higgins), Russell is now having to throw to 2 rookie WR’s who aren’t ready yet. It’s had a huge impact on Russell’s productivity and confidence.
    B. He has a new QB coach and “passing game coordinator” who are trying to change Russell’s mechanics. Like a golfer going through a radical swing change, Russell isn’t yet comfortable with these changes.
    One thing Russell has to look forward to is the return of his #1 WR this week, the 6’4″, 225# Chaz Schilens who is Russell’s most trusted and productive WR. Watch Russell’s performance improve drastically at Houston.

  10. I wonder how long Russell has left before he’s busted out of town? Davis is loyal and stubborn. I figure another year maybe? The stupid thing about the situation is that everybody knew Russell was going to bust if Big Al couldn’t bring in the right coaches. What do you expect to happen when there’s no consistent offensive philosophy, in a coaching carousel, with a qb who came in rough around the edges? Big Al can’t be so dumb as to think he’s going to win if he can’t get a decent coach in for more than a year and a half., can he?
    Note to Al: Look across the bay for inspiration.

  11. The Raiders should cut Russell after the season since next year there is no salary cap. Just cut their losses. There will be better veteran QBs around. Gannon was a veteran player and he got the Raiders to a Superbowl.

  12. I gotta tell you Greg, I sure like your approach at reporting the Raiders. You seem to have a fair asessment of them as of late. Way better that Florio’s biased approach!
    That being said, Jamarcus is just not getting it. He’s showed no signs of improvement at all, and has looked worse every game. I’m all for giving some one a chance, but he’s showing absolutly nothing. I’m with SWERVINMERVIN, bench him for Gradkowski . I think we would be alright if we had a QB that could control the game and not make those stupid mistakes(turnovers) that lead to points the other way.
    Maybe thats what Jamarcus needs. He needs to know that it’s not just given to him, and he is going to have to dedicate himself to proving he has what it takes to be our starting QB.

  13. Poor Tom Cable. He knows that he has to remain stoic in order to appease his “betters.” But deep down, he knows that Jamarcus is a bust.
    Did anybody hear Russell’s interview in the locker room? Holy cow, talk about denial. He still thinks he played okay. As long as he believes what he says, he will never turn it around. This is quite possibly the worst performance by a Raiders QB I’ve seen EVER.
    No wonder why Jeff Garcia asked for his release. His thinking must have been “geez, they wouldn’t agree to not draft a QB back before ’07, then they draft THIS guy and now they think I’m gonna play second fiddle to this clown?” This team could very well be 3-0 with Garcia at the helm. They’ve had enough talent everywhere else to have won those games. It looks like they’re gonna lie down, which is what they do once the homefield boo birds come out. Looks like it’s all local blackouts from here on out.
    Thank God Al Davis didn’t give up his 2010 first rounder for Seymour. They’re looking like top five once again. I hope a bunch of QBs declare early, so the Raiders can bring someone in with more heart and leadership than Jamarcus.
    I thought Tommy Kelly was overpaid; Jamarcus has him beat by a mile.
    Jimmy Clausen, Jake Locker or hell, Tim Tebow in 2010!!!

  14. Keep Russell as the starter. I need him so I can pick the opposing defense in fantasy every week. Guaranteed points. I love the guy.

  15. swervinmervin: I watched the first two Raiders games.
    I don’t disagree that there’s a good chance Gradkowski would be better.
    I’m saying it won’t be enough better, and where does that leave them.?

  16. The defense isn’t to blame for losing the game. They were on the field the whole time cause Mr. Wonderful can’t throw a ball unless it’s to the opposing team. The defense just got wore down from staying on the field for so long. Whatever happened to the so called “wildcat” offense? Has it been tried this year? Isn’t that what McFadden was suppose to be drafted for? I say let Michael Bush play. He’s a pounder. Stop all the long passes. Russell has no touch on the ball what so ever. He’s an embarassment. Maybe the Blackhole needs to throw some batteries at him to knock some sense into that thick skull he has and have him realize he’s a BUM. I laughed when I read that the team is still behind him. That they are, laughing. He’s to blind and stupid to see it. Al, I hope your happy. I never wanted Russell to begin with. Like I said, put him on the bench with a serving of nacho’s and cheese, let him watch the game and get even fatter. Who’s a free agent QB next year?? Maybe they should keep Gannon in the locker room and suit him up again.

  17. JaMarcus Russell sux…..period. The cliche about about a shining up a turd into gold apply to JaMarcus. He is a bust. Anyone remember Rickey Dudley?
    Can the RAIDERS make a trade and get Garcia back or Culpepper? Anybody will do. JR just don’t get the job done.

  18. “Cable not calling the shots with this team???” MeThinks Cable is calling for someone to shoot him. Or better yet Al.
    Lets see. Chief JaLardLazyAss of the “Commitment To Excrement” Tribe thinks he played alright throwing for 61 yards with 2 picks. dhBUST thinks he was “solid” after his 0 catch 2 drop game against SD. Not only cant they play. They share something in common with clueless drooling Al. They are all retards.
    Won’t be long before before the Pres. of the kiss Al Davis Ass croud John Herrera. Issues a statement sayin this a just another great right wing conspiracy to smear the Raiders.

  19. What I dont know is why we drafted russell in the first place. The raiders have never depended on fancy QBs anyway, and we would be much better having drafted Adrian Peterson or Joe Thomas…
    Thats what happens when Al goes against his gut and drafts “can´t miss” prospect like russell or Gallery…

  20. At least there is a surplus of QB’s coming out in the draft next year. Bradford, Mccoy, Tebow, Clausen, maybe Jevan Snead…so take your pick on replacing Russell

  21. Gregg, At least you have a good freind who is a die-hard knowledgeable raider fan.. and he as well as i would like to see what Gradkowski can do? lets face it we as Raider nation have voiced our displeasure with the Prevent Defense that was showcased in the last 2 drives of the season opener that cost us the game, and now we had 2 helpings of bad QB play in a row by JaMarc!! Raider Fans can see the flaws and are now voicing their displeasure to get them corrected when they see what has not worked in years. I at this time would even vouch for a trade for someone who can help us play and win some games now, What is Rex Grossman doing on the bench @ Houston? he would be a major upgrade and i feel he would fit in nicely. We can not draft anymore QB’s in the draft at this time and you have to see why we need to let him develop but we see no sign of improvement. he played better when Garcia was in camp, and now he feels like we will not pull him whatsoever. get over the excuse that Chaz Schilens was his go-to before he went down, but if you cant even hook-up with Zach Miller u need to step down and let someone else take over for the sake of the team!

  22. Mike Vick, will be the starting QB somewhere next year, will it be the black and silver ………
    stay tuned puppies ………

  23. Oakland needs a new owner. Everything starts at the top. Good players and coaches will not play there if given the option. There is no sympathy for this outfit that in the past thought an inflicted injury on an opponent was a badge of honor. Choke on it Raiders.

  24. One of the good things about 2010 being a no-cap year is that the RAIDERS can release Russell with no penalty to the cap which will be null and void in 2010.
    Russell, sad to say will be David Carr, Joey Harrington, Akili Smith all over again. Another top pick who was really nothing but a bum.

  25. JaMarcus the Hutt, the QB so bad that he doesn’t throw a lot of INTs. Because he can’t even get the ball close enough to anyone for it to be picked off.

  26. I’m going to throw JaMarcus and Quinn in the same box and say this: They both need to stay as the starting QB. Brady. The only way that they are going to get better is by having bad games and then find a way to overcome them.
    They need to be watching game film right now. I mean, RIGHT NOW! They need to watch it and see how bad they stunk. And then, they need to see what they should have done and try to correct those problems this week. But they should be forced to watch the game film, and only that game film. What you want to see is both QBs staying in the weight room, the practice field, and the film room. That’s the only way that they are going to get better.

  27. Honestly, who DIDN’T know Russell would be a bust? It’s amazing that anyone bought into this guy’s hype. All he has is a big arm. He’s never been any good.

  28. Lombardi 6 says:
    September 28, 2009 1:26 PM
    He’s the black Ryan Leaf..only crappier
    LOL…I said that yesterday on the ESPN board, but someone reminded me that he is worse than Ryan Leaf so I guess he is the black JaMarcus Russell, the worst QB of alltime.

  29. If this was a Florio-penned article, you know for sure that the “Cable never considered taking out Russell” headline would’ve resulted in at least 5 jokes about Cable punching people, followed by “allegedly”.

  30. All this talk is pretty incredible. Russell is getting the Alex Smith treatment by his organization yet people want to say it’s all his fault.
    OAK O-Line is terrible (look at O-Lines for Jets, Falcons and Ravens and tell me that this aspect isn’t crucial to all these “hot” rookie/2nd year players success. If you don’t think a good O-Line in front of these guys matters, you know jack about football and get all your expectations for a real team based on what you can do with them in Madden.)
    OAK WR’s are NOT READY. No rookie WR’s ever amount to squat. Chaz and Johnnie Lee should be the #1 and #2 when fully healthy. DHB got tripped too on that one interception and thus a pretty nicely thrown ball, one in which Russell looked pretty poised standing in his own endzone on looks like an INT on the stat sheet for Russell. Not his fault. Sure, I’ve seen some bad throws, but nobody is out there making him look good either, that’s for sure.
    OAK can’t run to keep the passing game working. (See O-Line)
    OAK coaching shuffle def ain’t helpin’…. see Smith reference.
    -Bengal fan (aka, I really don’t care, this is just what I can see from afar… living in Denver)

  31. JoeSchmoe says:
    September 28, 2009 3:44 PM
    All this talk is pretty incredible.
    The only incredibilty about the situation is that this man is (apparently) still a starting quarterback in the NFL.

  32. @sullijo It tells us nothing except things anyone paying attention should know. Per Peter King a few weeks ago “Since Week 17 of the 2008 season, 30 Kansas City Chiefs have departed — 20 active players, five on injured-reserve, five on the practice squad. Only two have found jobs on active rosters in the NFL: tight end Tony Gonzalez (Atlanta) and defensive end Jason Babin (Philadelphia).” The numbers have continue to go up at about the same rate. Its a team that has probably 8-9 starters on both sides of the ball that are completely expendable.

  33. “The 2009 Raiders have a better roster than they have in last five years, but the quarterback position is preventing a chance for them to contend. Even a serviceable starter like Kyle Orton — who led the Broncos to another road win Sunday — would give them a fair shake.
    Instead, they will continue to wait for their scattershot quarterback to develop some accuracy that may never come.”
    I have to agree with this completely.
    Even a half assed QB would be a major improvement over Russell, a big improvement.

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