Gannon didn't show up at the Raiders facility, after all

The Friday before Week Three became considerably more intriguing when the Raiders tried to bar CBS analyst Rich Gannon from the team’s facility for the network production meetings preceding Sunday’s home game against the Broncos.

The Raiders reluctantly relented, primarily because they had no choice.  The networks pay big money to broadcast the games, and they can’t broadcast the games properly if the teams aren’t going to cooperate.

But, in the end, it didn’t matter.  Gannon was unable to get to Oakland before the meeting, so he didn’t attend.

That was a win-win situation for us,” said Raiders executive John Herrera, the man who articulated the organization’s desire that Gannon not enter the building.

Well, at least the Raiders are winning at something.

33 responses to “Gannon didn't show up at the Raiders facility, after all

  1. Actually, it’s been a LOSS WIN LOSS situation – you’re 1-2 after the Broncos toyed with you this weekend.
    John – you’re team is awful. Forget about announcers and bar you’re starting QB from the facility.

  2. So what Herrera is saying is that the Raiders would have lost even worse to the Broncos if Gannon was at the meeting?

  3. I’m absolutely incredulous when it comes to the mentality of my beloved Raiders. For Herrera to say anything regarding a win with this situation after how badly the Broncos handled us yesterday is ridiculous. This mindset is the source of the majority of the problems within this organization. The sad thing is that this group of players really has some talent.

  4. Herrera, if you and the rest of the ” Executives ” haven’t figured out yet that you have a hell of alot more to worry about than if Rich Gannon shows up or not, your season is going to be longer than anybody ever considered! He could probably outplay your starter JaBust right now!

  5. The awesome thing is how focused the team is on Rich Gannon. I mean, if you don’t prepare to play defense against that guy he’ll throw for a ton of yards/tds on you.

  6. what a classless organization.
    the only guy to give you any cause for happiness in the last two decades and you’re barring him for some comments he made, that, (gulp), are TRUE?
    yikes, i feel for the raiders. very poorly run indeed.

  7. They didnt want Gannon to show up and look better at QB than the dumbass the Raiders having playing. Move over Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus is coming to sit with you in history.

  8. AL DAVIS is so PETTY. You make yourself look so petty and immature when you hold these grudges. >> I HOPE you read this.

  9. Instead of moving the Jags or Chargers the NFL should strip all Raider front office personnel, auction of the team to someone in L.A. and use the funds to send Al Davis to a nice retirement community or buy him an actual blackhole from one of those new space realitors.

  10. Al Davis and his very small inner circle of cronies have been in bunker mentality mode for quite some time. The last time he and his minions stayed off the radar was when Gruden and the previous regime were manning the front office. And in true Al Davis fashion, he couldn’t stand all the adulation and praise that Gruden and Co. were getting for revamping the team, which of course led to his trade. A trade which of course backfired in the grand scheme of things when you consider what happened during the Super Bowl against the Gruden-led Bucs.
    Al Davis has never been able to get away with his scheming moves, whether they be in the front office, against the media or with regards to personnel decisions. A lot of the former “greatness” of the Raiders was in due to the fact that he had a GM making decisions. He had Ron Wolf in the ’80s doing the best he could with Al constantly meddling at the last minute. And even under Gruden, Al would rear his ugly head at the last minute. That’s the only explanation for Sebastian Janikowski in round one.
    Jerry Jones is no better. The “greatness” of the Cowboys is largely Jimmy Johnson’s baby.
    It’s called karma. It’s real.

  11. If anyone actually needed further proof what a joke Al Dufus has turned us into.
    Please sell the team you stupid clueless jackass. But keep Herrera. He seems to be doing a good job changeing you diaper and putting a new clean drool towel across your lap.
    “The Greatness Of The Raiders Is In Its Future” As soon as you, Herrera are no longer part ot it.

  12. John Herrera, the 21st century version of Al LoCastle.
    Herrera may be a ass, but he has a fine-ass daughter who was a Raiderette at one time.

  13. If Goodell had the balls David Stern has, something would’ve been done about this runaway train, and Herrera would be doing the only job he seems qualified for — flipping burgers at McDs.

  14. hahahahahaha, and seymour snapped too? now we get to see seymours true colors, and the reason he was traded-blackballed from new england. the pats alreay gave his number to a scrub.

  15. Gannon didnt need to go to facility to find more reasons why the Raiders are terrible. The field of play provides plenty of clues.

  16. They should have locked Tavris Jackass out and let Rick in and QB
    The raiders might not have looked that bad

  17. they have a lot of nerve saying gannon couldn’t enter the RAIDERS facility. they have no class, the raiders have suck’d since rich left. russell is the worst QB i’ve ever seen ,since i’ve been watching the raiders from 1989. they’ll never get back to the playoffs with him ,let aLONE a winning season. i’m still wondering why they let jeff.g go ,he 10 times the QB , RUSSELL IS. well another long season for raider fans, intil they get let russell go. thank alot AL, YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO BRING DOWN A NATION !!!!!!! DAVE FROM B-MORE

  18. That was a good play by Gannon. He is one of the worst announcers ever, speaks English like it’s a third language, and is still smart enough to make Al Davis look bad.

  19. The Raider organization actually believes in what they are saying. They’re delusional. It’s not for publicity or anything of that sort, just downright apeshit crazy.
    You’re going the wrong way!
    How would they know where we’re going?

  20. Speaking of off-the-wall comments from the inner circle crazies, how long before we hear a few venom-filled words of wisdom from Mz. Trask? If she’s still around, she’s usually good for a few bitter, cynical quotes a season, no?

  21. What do Vince Young, Tavaris Jackson and Jamarcus Russell all have in common…….?

  22. president of bench jamarcus fan club says:
    September 30, 2009 11:17 PM
    “What do Vince Young, Tavaris Jackson and Jamarcus Russell all have in common…….?”
    There is a “c” in either their first or last name? What did I win?

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