Good news, bad news for Rams passing game

Let’s start with the bad news, because that’s just how things are usually done.

Rams wide receiver Laurent Robinson will miss the rest of the season with a fractured fibula and high ankle sprain.

And now for the good news: Rams quarterback Marc Bulger only has a bruised rotator cuff, and the team hasn’t ruled him out for this week’s game.  (Well, at least we think that’s good news for Rams fans.)

There was some fear that Bulger tore his muscle, but no structural damage was found.

The Rams will likely consider starting Kyle Boller this week regardless of Bulger’s health, after Boller provided a spark to the offense on Sunday.  The injury could make the transition to Boller a little easier, and make it easier to go back to Bulger eventually.

Robinson, meanwhile, continues to suffer from the injury bug in his young career.  And while he’s not a big name, his loss is significant for the league’s 27th-ranked passing attack.  (St. Louis is dead last in yards per attempt.) 

Robinson leads the team in receiving yards with 167 yards, more than double any other wide receiver.  Last year’s leading receiver, Donnie Avery, and Keenan Burton will be asked to step up in Robinson’s absence.

11 responses to “Good news, bad news for Rams passing game

  1. That’s good news? Holy crap. If I was a Rams fan I would be hoping for Marc Bulger to be out for the year and all of forever. That dude sucks.

  2. I agree with you! Mark Bulger is done in this league! He is in my opinion the worst qb ever! He holds on to the ball to long, he can’t run with it, when there is no receivers available.
    He always checks down and doesn’t look throw the ball to the open man. I think Kyle Boller had more yards then Bulger in the second half, then Bulger had in the past 3 games!!!!
    Bulger was benched last year for good reason! HE IS DONE

  3. Look at the receivers. That’s why he sucks. The guys can’t get open to save their lives. Robinson was the only one doing anything.
    Trust me, Bulger is the least of the problem. The only reason Boller is a better option right now is because he can run. That gives him a few more seconds behind that o-line, which can’t pass protect. Bulger has been beaten like a rag doll the last few years.

  4. As a Rams fan, that sounds like bad news and piss poor news. Bulger has a QB rating of 70.6, so he is looking up (slightly) to see the Kordoza Line. I like Bulger, but he needs an offense that has NFL quality receivers and an offensive line that can pass block. The Rams have neither. At least Boller can scramble a wee bit. Let’s hope they get at least one win this year.

  5. Rams win that game against the Packers if Robinson doesn’t go down. Rams were within 6 points in the 3rd quarter and Kyle Boller couldn’t find ANY receiver to throw to ball to. Robinson was getting open often in the first two quarters and would’ve given Boller a bigger target (6’1) than Avery/Burton (5’10/5’11ish). This is the biggest lost for the Rams of the season. As for Boller, if you go to and catch up on some of the summer’s “Nick’s Mailbags”, I’ve been asking for Boller over Bulger since the off-season. Last game Boller got into was a game in which McNair (R.I.P.) went down after being completely inept on offense. Boller came in, lit the other team up (I don’t remember the team, but if I remember correctly it was a solid defense), and I think McNair saw his starting QB gig going back to Kyle Boller so he comes back in and wins the game after Boller came in and got them two scores. Even last season, Boller went down early in training camp for the season, and that’s the reason Joe Flacco took over the starting gig in Baltimore. (In Flacco’s defense, I think he was outplaying Boller either way.)

  6. I thought the good news would be Ruvell Martin would be available from injury. I think he’s a stand-up guy and a pretty good possession receiver that I’m sorry was cut by my Packers. Hopefully he can provide some benefit to you Rams fans soon.

  7. @Lightsout
    “Rams win that game against the Packers if Robinson doesn’t go down”
    Maybe the most ridiculous comment I’ve ever seen on PFT…How about the defense not being to stop GB when it counted or turning the ball over what, 3 times? Saying a player being injured is the sole catalyst in a loss is asinine.

  8. Bulger being injured is the best thing to happen to the Rams in a long time….He couldnt hit dirt if he fell off a camel!!!

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